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European Championships – starts this weekend

The 2008 European Water Ski Racing Championships are about to take place in the same format as in previous years, which is virtually identical to the World Championships. Most people arrive in Ramsgate GB on 4 July in readiness for the opening ceremony on Saturday and the first of four rounds of racing over the course of a week kicking off on Sunday.

Diamond Race- Interviews & Racing Videos & Results

After almost 3000 plays of the Racing video in less than 24 hrs, I’ve also now published a 10 minute ‘interviews & presentations’ video from the Diamond Race where 2005 World Champions Todd Haig and Kim Lumley secured well deserved wins. It was an incredible race with a record number of competitors taking part (around 90). My sincere thanks to Vera and Stefan for their help. Many thanks to Wim Lamot for the photos below.

2008 Diamond Race

Results & Videos here

We’ve just arrived in Belgium for a weekend of racing and festivities at Viersel. Of course it’s the Diamond Race where almost 90 teams will arrive today and tomorrow from all over the world. This is also Round 2 of the 2008 European Cup. You can watch a 10 minute video of the racing online at on Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, you can see another online video of a previous Diamond Race at the Diamond Race Web Site

Vienna Video & Results

On Monday I returned from the first round of the 2008 European Cup in Vienna where Austria hosted a superb event and over 60 teams teams from Europe, USA and Australia enjoyed a tremendous day’s racing on the River Danube in glorious 31’c sunshine.

World Championship Race Length Survey

Ann Procter has asked competitors to express their thoughts with her about World Championship race duration (more here). You can also take part in the survey below.


Length / Duration of World Championship Water Ski Races

They are currently a good distance

They should be longer

They should be shorter

View results

Peter Procter Wins San Francisco Bay Race

Courtesy of Chelbe Kinslow, the results of the new San Francisco Bay water ski race held on 14th June from Pittsburg to the Brothers Island Bridge and back are:

1st place: Peter Procter

2nd place: Chris Stout

3rd place: Carl Goldsmith

4th place: Jason Walmsley

5th place: Marc Avella

6th place: Roy Frey

7th place : AJ Herrera

8th place : Janine Seaton

9th place: Craig Elder

Karl Brooks Jnr. Ski Clinic – USA

Justin Frank writes …the first Karl Brooks Jr. Ski Clinic was a great success! We had junior skiers of all ability levels participating over the weekend, some who have only competed in one race and others who have been racing for most of their lives. The common goal that the participants shared was that everyone learned something new.

Ann Procter Seeks Competitor Feedback

IWSF Athlete’s Representative Ann Procter is reaching out again to racing competitors all over the world, in an effort to gain their feelings within the sport. Ann is doing this so that she can represent the world’s competitors as best she can, when attending the next IWSF Racing Council meeting at Long Beach in July.

Ann writes; “if there is anything that competitors would like discussed at the meeting, they can contact me. I would also like some competitor feedback on the length/ duration of world championship events. Do competitors think that the races are too long, too short or a good distance?

You can email Ann at:

You can also take part in the survey below


Length / Duration of World Championship Water Ski Races

They are currently a good distance
They should be longer
They should be shorter

View results

Free online poll

Welsh Speaking Ski Racer Needed for TV

I am looking for a current or retired “Welsh speaking” ski racer in Wales who can participate in an S4C extreme sports TV show.

Diamond Race Bakery

Due to popular demand, a warm bakery will be available on-site for those using the camping area from 08:00am on Sunday 29 June at the Diamond Race.

Diamond Race Bakery - on-site

2009 World Championships – Bulletin #1

Courtesy of Vera Van den Bossche, below is bulletin #1 for the 16th World Water Ski Racing Championships which will be held in Belgium from 18-26 July 2009. This includes the provisional programme of events.

Fred Williams Racing Reunion

Bruce ‘The Roadrunner’ Robberds wants to let all NSW Australia Racers know that Fred Williams is organising a reunion of former and current boat and ski racers at Forster.

Fred Williams

Written in 1982 – When one talks of the history of water ski racing in Australia the name Fred Williams is constantly mentioned. Fred’s involvement for some 31 years has contributed to him being one of the best known personalities in the world of water skiing.

This Weekend – Vienna – European Cup Rnd 1

This weekend (22 June) over 60 international teams from Europe, USA and Australia; such as Wayne Mawer, Dimitri Bertels, Darren Kirkland, Dave Sewell, Chris Stout, Ben Gulley, Sabine Ortileb, Kim Lumley and Vicky Leysons, will race in the first round of the 2008 European Cup in one of the world’s most beautiful cities – Vienna, Austria.

Bob Wing – up to 1982

The ‘Wing’ name is synonymous with water skiing all over the world and I couldn’t even begin to try and name the family’s accomplishments. However in 1982, Bob Wing wrote a great book called ‘Waterskiing in Australia’. Some time ago, Bob kindly gave me permission to reproduce articles from his book here on You can see a list of all that I’ve reproduced here.

Bob has done a lot more in the decades that have followed his book, but below is a 1982 article about Bob and his accomplishments at that stage, along with his own introduction to his book.

Thank you Bob.

Robbie Llewellyn

Water Skiing in Australia – 1934

In 1934, during the month of either July or August, Edward Arthur (Ted) Parker of 18 Schofield Avenue, Earlwood, became the first person in Australia to water ski. The epic event occurred in Hen and Chicken Bay, Sydney Harbour, behind a three pointed boat powered by a 22 horsepower Johnson outboard motor.

Terry Bennett – up to 1982 plus 2007 podcast interview

Commencing Trial Skiing in 1966, he teamed up with Peter Ward behind Wally Hackett’s “Thunderbolt” which was a leading ski team for many years. Terry’s greatest achievement was to set a World Endurance Record in 1970 when he skied 538.1 miles in12 hours, 15 minutes and thirty seconds.

Bunny Hops & Airborne Shots

After Howie Hook sent in Wayne Mawer’s bunny hop a few months back, there’s been a flood of great bunny hops and airborne shots coming in. Here they are, all on one page. Keep them coming in and please name the photographer too. Click any photo below for more details.

GB Racing Reporters Wanted

Julia Olinski and Alison Smith are already submitting information to British Water Ski’s “Waterski & Wakeboard Magazine”.

They are now looking for more people to provide them with news, views, information and photos from the British water ski racing events.

Jake Frame’s Airborne Shots

Britain’s Jake Frame was captured in action twice by Keith Slater.

Brett Dominguez’s Bunny Hop

Brett Dominguez was skiing behind Thundernuts on the weekend at the South Australian State Titles, Murray Bridge. Photogapher ‘Jase’ was posied to capture Brett’s bunny hop and the photo below shows the take off point and air time. Click the photo to enlarge it.

Brixham, GB – Results

Courtesy of Sue Fleming, the results from the third round of the British Championships which took place on Sunday at Brixham are available here.

Sam Clapson’s Bunny Hop

Britain’s Sam Clapson was captured in action at the 2008 Allhallows National by Keith Slater.

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