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Road to Belgium – QLD Fundraiser

Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images was at the fundraiser in QLD on Saturday Night. The shots below were taken at Michael Souwer`s “Crimsafe Headquarters”.

Pico, Dipple, Mawer & Hook do Green Island 1990

Neville Fry of Cairns, Australia shares this piece of archived footage of the 1990 Cairns to Green Island Ski Race.

Puddingstone Fun Day USA – 9 May

On 9 May, America holds a Puddingstone Fun Day sponsored by Goldsmith Construction with some social races geared towards entry level competition and just having a good time.

Four British National Races in May Coming Soon

The British water ski racing season has kicked off on a local level and national races are about to commnece on 3rd May at Lyme Regis.

NZ Win Trans Tasman Challenge to make it 3 in a row

Brad Dutton from New Zealand reports on the the New Zealand Junior Ski Race Team which has recently returned from Australia with their hands still firmly gripped on the Trans Tasman Cup.

Karl Brooks Ski Training Camp Report

The Karl Brooks Ski Training Camp took place recently at Lake Mead near Las Vegas, USA. Karen Brooks has published this report.

The Drown Bridge Race – Eguzon France – update

France will once again host an international water ski race in the country town of Eguzon. Last’s year’s event was a great success and the 2009 race promises to be even better. More news will follow in due course.

The Giro del Lario could be back

One of the great international classic water ski races in the world is rumoured to be on its way back.

How to spread the news about water ski racing

A green Share this icon like the one at the foor of this post now appear in every post on the site. This is an opportunity to share your favourite water ski racing news, photos and movies with people outside of racing who probably don’t visit

Nads Vs Formula 2 – US Movie Footage

Jeff Barrus of Goldfinger Racing Productions has once again produced an outstanding piece of water ski racing footage in this 4 minute reel of movie action captured during a recent US F2 race.

de Weerts Hopping at Harderwijk Holland

Brothers Dylan and Roy de Weert were caught bunny hopping in a two-up fun-race at Harderwijk in the Netherlands recently.

Filthy, Ball & Stout Do Newcastle Australia

Jason Walsh shared these shots from Newcastle where Filthy, the legendary Ray Ball and Chris Stout were racing recently.

Video of Wayne Mawer in 93 & 95 Green Island Race

Neville Fry has just shared this great piece of movie action with us. It’s footage from the 1993 and 1995 Green Island Water Ski Race with Wayne Mawer skiing behind Ray Hall and Peter Sharp’s ‘Legless’. Neville said; “Legless and Gotta Be Crazy were the main stepping stone for Wayne’s real taste of success in the unlimited classes.”

Stinga wins The Edge Mildura 100

Stinga, with Greg Houston driving, Kevin Boylan observing and with skiers Grant Patterson & Daniel Campbell, took out The Edge Mildura 100 over the Easter weekend in a time of 32:35

All results can be downloaded from the Mildura Ski Race site now.

Avis Supports The Karl Brooks Fund

Avis is now supporting the Karl Brooks fund and has already loaned a complementary 7 seater vehicle to the Karl Brooks training camp in the USA this month.

Video of Clifton Challenge Race South Africa

Below is a short aerial video from the popular annual Clifton Challenge water ski race in South Africa – 22 March in Cape Town.

Former World Champions

I’ve had a request to open a discussion thread on former World Champions. You can find a list of all the World Water Ski Racing Champions to date here.

NSW State Titles – Entry Change

Ski Racing NSW has made a change to the total number of events an Unrestricted skier can enter at the 2009 NSW State Titles to be held at Port Macquarie in May.

Karl Brooks Ski The Dream Training Camp – Lake Mead

With just over a week to go – Karen Brooks , Martin Brooks, Kurt Brooks, Scott Brooks, Scott Gibbons, Sam Clapson, Jack Lynch, Daryl Tyndall, William Newland, Billy Smith, James Smith, Kristian Bartley, Alex Benny, Amy Clarke, Lucy Gale are all off to Las Vegas!

Boaties & Skiers Reunion Dinner – Club Forster Australia

On 18th July 2009, there will be a boaties & skier’s reunion dinner at Club Forster. Bruce Robberd has sent in the following flyer with full details.

Boats wanted for Australian skiers in Worlds

The Belgian world championship organising committee has been asked if they can help with boats for the following Australian skiers:

Logistic Info – 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships

Vera Van den Bossche writes …It is with great pleasure that I send you herewith our “Logistic Info Bulletin” containing all information on our beautiful country “Belgium” , where to go, what to do… etc.

AMENDED – 2009 Belgian Ski Racing Calendar

Vera Van den Bossche has issued an amended version of the 2009 Belgian water ski racing calendar. Click on the calendar below to open a full size printable version.

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28,504 hits in March for

28,504 hits in March for – 13,868 were unique visitors, 6,705 first time visitors and 7,163 returning visitors. The NZ Worlds in 2007 saw the biggest spike in stats when hits were over 5,000 per day.

Lloyd Woolman & Rhys Duggan on the Murray

Ben Pearse captured a bunch of great shots down on the Murray. Lloyd Woolman was the main act and Rhys Duggan closed the performance.

Presenting the 2009 Australian Worlds Team on Video

Neville Fry captured the proud moment for the members of the 2009 Australian National Water Ski Racing Team and Wayne Mawer has shared it with us.

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