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Southern 80 Media Release

Well there are 2 weeks to go to the biggest ski race in the world- the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 February 10th – 12th.

People from all around Australia travel to Echuca / Moama to participate in the Southern 80, one of the prestigious events on the ski race calendar.

10% of the competitors come from the Echuca-Moama and the majority of competitors coming from Victoria  (see map for indication of where competitors are travelling from)

The first boats on the water, at 8:30am on Saturday are the social boats. This will see Sportspage be the first boat from Torrumbarry in the Unlimited Inboard class. They are favourites to win this class.

The Unlimited Outboard class and Twisted from Queensland will be leading the way from the new boat, Optimus Prime, which will keep them honest.

5.2 and 6L will see Bandit first away and then 2 Leg Boats will be hot on their heels.

SMOC and Sonic Boats, Alien Force and Bustin Out are the first 3 boats away.

Stock 6 Litre social, the smallest class of the weekend, will see Hollow Point, Team Clog, Wasted Nights and Rocket race for the podium.

Open Women’s Revival and Pigs Arsenal are the lead boats.

Saintn and No Fear lead the field in the 200HP Outboard class.

Saturday afternoon races and Veterans are on the water at 12 noon, with Syndicate leading the way. This year they promise no aerial acrobatics and are towing Danny Cropper and Kevin Vahtrik.

The current record holders in Senior Social are Revival with Darren Purdon and Stuart Cox skiing they will lead the 18 boats in this class on the water.

Junior Social and Rush towing, Shantelle King and Jack Harrison lead the class.

Sub Junior Social, the Under 13 skiers and Labdance and Coldys are the first teams away in this class.

70 mph Social, Supa Duck and Pumped Up lead the field.

60 mph social is the biggest class for the event and with 42 entries it will be closely contested.

Disabled – there are 6 competitors. Wade Bennett will be a favourite to win but they are all superstars.

Tadpoles are the kiddies under 10. This year there are 4 sets of siblings; Kayne and Bryce Horne, Jaymi and Jack Clancy, Megan and Archer Hammond and Matilda and Lucy Proctor. Great to see the future of ski racing is looking strong.

Bakers Blitz and last year’s winner Hellrazor will race down the river at 3:30pm.

The Presidents Dash will see Agitator lead the way.

Presentation of Saturday’s events will be at the conclusion of the races.

Best spot to catch all the entertainment is at the finish line at Victoria Park. A weekend pass is $30. Available at the gate on the weekend or online now at .


Sunday the action hots up again on the river.

Starting at Torrumbarry the 200hp expert class are on the water at 8am. Saintn, No Fear and Sky High look to be the teams on the finish podium.

Junior Boys there will be Rush, 99 Psycho Clowns and Wild Turkey to lead the way.

Junior Girls will see Revenge followed by Still Sparken, leading their class racing down the river.




70mph expert again is a hotly contested class. Any of them win could win from the field of 25.

Sub Junior Boys and Mickey D, Robertson Racing and Coldy’s lead the field away.

60mph expert again another big class with over 40 competitors.

The Superclass and Unlimited Inboard along some other classes, starting order will be decided on the finishing order of the Bakers Blitz and Presidents Dash the day before.

Unlimited Outboard could possibly see two twin rigs fight it out in Cyclone Racing 2 and 2 Wild.

8 Litre expert and Ultra Trouble Maker, Kryptonite and Kamikaze fought for their position in the presidents dash the day before, who will be in front of who on Sunday – will be reviled on the weekend.

MOC Expert and Evinrude Ace Racing, Twisted and Category 5 are the first away in this class.

SMOC Expert and Sonic Boats will be at it, to take the record.

Stock 6 Litre could see Pure Gold, The Sting 2 or Hallow Point on the podium at the end of the day.

F2 expert and Thundernuts will be out to make it 2 years in a row.

5.2 Litre and 6 cylinder class will see the Kelly boys in More Mojo and they will be chasing the record set in 2003 by Summertime Blues of 40.08 minutes.

Open Women and Revival leads this class with Prime Time and Out of Control not far behind.

16-19 Boys, Stinga towing current World Junior Boy champion Jack Houston along with Ben Hackett, and with Frantic will have gained their starting positions from the Presidents Dash.

16-19 Girls Tayla Wrights and Madison Boyer lead the field behind Strictly Business.

At the conclusion of racing there will be presentations at Victoria Park area.

Results and updates will be twittered all throughout the weekend at

For further information about the event visit  or phone the Moama Water Sports Club on 03 54806754


Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Top Gun

Top Gun

Picture from Ultimate Image Capture

What class are you competing in: Bakers Blitz & Veterans

Hull: 21 foot Connelly

Motor: 570 CI, Twin Turbo

Driver: Russell Lewis

Observer: Clifford Bamford

Skiers: James Buser & Mark Weaver

Achievements in 2011 – 2012 season so far: 3 races, 3 fourths

Webpage: Top Gun Ski Racing

What is the most challenging aspect of the Southern 80? Getting to the end safely

What do you love the most about the Southern 80 – that makes you keep coming back? Great ski racing weekend event,the town really provides great hospitality,but more importantly we want to win the race.

Where is the team from: Picton NSW, Port McQuarie NSW, Belconnen ACT and Cairns Qld.

Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80? Top Gun



2012 Harbour Master Tribute – Stephen Robertson We Salute You

Shots from the 2012 Harbour Master Tribute – “Stephen Robertson We Salute You”


Harbour Master Tribute 2012 Saturday January 21st, 2012 was a day that all of Ski Racing had an opportunity to pay homage to Stephen Robertson, WC9901, The Harbour Master. At 8am, in Stephen’s backyard, 31 boats and skiers congregated off North Head to follow a path up the coast to Lion Island. And back. That exact 50 mile journey is the training choice for many of the Robertson family. After completing the course, there are many of us who now understand that skiing in the unforgiving ocean, is one of the ingredients that makes the Robertson Family the mentally rich family that they are. A robust mental state of mind is but one ingredient to make a champion like Stephen Robertson. Without world class ability, mental strength would deliver only part of the result. Regularly skiing behind a single engine outboard, on a short ski, up or down the NSW coast, is what developed Stephen into the mentally historic and champion skier we remember him as. On a couple of occasions previously, Stephen invited those who rated themselves, to make the run with him. The very first invite brought the best of the best to his playground, and from that day in October 2009, the offshore training events became a massive talking point and created a thirst among skiers for more runs like it. Reports in the days leading up to the Harbour Master Tribute were that the ocean would be kind, and while she didn’t stand up on both her back legs, the ocean gave us a definitive insight as to what she was made of. For those who put both feet into a ski that day, or sat in a drivers or observers seat, were very quickly reminded of how this wasn’t an ordinary rodeo. This was going to be tough. Just the way it was supposed to be. Once the WC9901 tribute flag was dropped all 31 boats aimed for Lion Island. Included in the field were past and present world champions, regular super class and unlimited skiers, weekend warriors, and genuine friends and supporters of the tribute. Everyone completed the journey. Chris Stout took the flag in a little over 50 minutes, and Brock McMillan, age 11, crossed the line in a little over 2 hours. A truly humbling moment was to watch the one that Stephen rated the most come over the line. Tracey Robertson, our hats go off to you for so many reasons. From 70 foot princesses to 19 foot signatures, support boats bobbed around the ocean, paying tribute to a legend of our sport. Most spectators and participating crews returned to the Watsons Bay Hotel to spin yarns of the gruelling 50 mile session. Stephen’s biggest supporters, his Family, joined everyone at the Hotel where, bravely, Mr & Mrs Robertson presented the participants with a speech that brought the crowd to its knees. It’s not easy to get a ski race crowd quiet, especially when at a bar, but when Mr Robertson spoke, the entire place listened. It was with the greatest respect that all in attendance took in what was said. While we discuss and de-brief how we can make this an annual tribute, a sincere thank you is pointed at the entire Robertson Family for allowing so many of us to pay homage. While we were out there on the water, we never lost sight of why we were there. There are many more people who need thanks, but the most important thanks needs to go to Stephen himself. It’s a thank you for starting the offshore training days. It’s a thank you for showing us how to become champions. It’s a thank you for inviting us to your backyard. Never forgotten – WC9901.

Paul Robertson pays tribute to his brother Stephen by placing a picture of him on the front of his helmut

Chris Stout first home behind team "Sacrifice" Driver: Jason Waldon Observer: Brendan Stout

Over 30 boats line the beach at Watsons Bay to pay tribute to the great man

Eguzon France – 29 July 2012

The 2012 European Cup race in Eguzon, France will take place on 29 July 2012.

The organisers have just released the event poster and the web site will be updated in due course, with information about the 2012 weekend of racing.

Click here or  on the poster below to open and download it

Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Sportspage



What class/es are you competing in?   Unlimited Expert and Unlimited Inboard Social

Hull: Stephens

Motor:  565 Chev

Driver: Dean Johns

Observer: Aaron Martin


  • Unlimited Expert – Steve Rowe & Nathan Glynn
  • Unlimited Inboard Social – Darryn Williams and Paul Bruton

Facebook Page

Achievement in the 2011 – 2012 season so far: 20011 Barrie Beehag 8 Litre – 1st place in record time & 5th Outright

What is the most challenging aspect of the Southern 80? Corners

Where is the team from? Naree Warren Nth, Victoria

Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80? Dark horse in Sapphire Racing

Without a doubt this is the race that means the most to us to win.



1950’s Waterski Races at Lake Washington USA

Thanks to Geoff Watson for sharing this great piece of archived (silent) footage from the 1950’s

IWWF Names Chris Stout & Natalia Berdnikova – Athletes of the Year

On 11th January 2012, the IWWF announced (here) that Australian Chris Stout from Racing and Belarusian Tournment skier Natalia Berdnikova had been selected as 2011 IWWF Athletes of the Year.

2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Media Release

Planning and preparation is well underway for the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80.  All is set for a terrific weekend of racing on the water and plenty of entertainment on land – February 10th to 12th.

Friday, the weekend of excitement starts with the Coates Hire Breakfast with the Stars at the Kerribee Sound Shell, Cobb Highway in Moama.  Here a range of boats competing the in the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 will be on display, so that you can get a close up look at these magnificent pieces of art and have a chat with the team members.  A range of boats will on display from the Superclass ‘big boats’ of Hellrazor, Burnin, Sapphire Racing to the 60mph boats of Sir Walter, Em 4 Metal & The Wedge.  Food and drinks will be available onsite, so that you are able to enjoy a breakfast with the stars.

Saturday morning the Total Tools Static Display occurs in the main shopping area (Hare st) of Echuca.  Here the Superclass boats will all be on display with many other teams.  People can wander close to the boats and chat with the teams as they show off their pride and joy.

Whilst the Total Tools Static display is occurring, the Social classes are on the water leaving from Torrumbarry Weir.  They start at 8.30am with ‘Sportspage’ first on the water.  Boats should be arriving at the Victoria Park Boat ramp around 9.10am.  The Victoria Park Boat Compound has a $20 per day entry fee or a $30 weekend pass – these can be purchased now via or at the gate over the weekend.

The Victoria Park Compound is a fully catered site and no esky’s permitted.  There will be trade displays from boats manufacturers, Total Tools, Official Southern 80 Merchandise, Paint Ball activities, air brush tattoos and lots of other sites / activities for all ages.

On the main stage of the Victoria Park Compound will be the Moto X demonstrations featuring Jackson Strong, who landed the first ever front flip at the X Games in 2011 to win “Gold” in the ‘Best Trick’.  Also performing some of their aerial tricks will be Cam Sinclair who won Gold in 2010 and Silver in 2011 for ‘Best Trick’. Along with Bilko (Blake Williams) who won Gold and Silver in 2009 for the ‘Best Trick’.  They are amazing to watch as they run their moto X bikes, up and down, over and flip on the specially constructed jumps in the compound.  They will be performing several times over the two days, so come along and catch all the action.

At 12 noon on Saturday, the start line moves to the Five Mile boat ramp, Moama, where more of the social classes will race to the finish line at Victoria Park.  The Superclass boats and the Presidents Invitational Dash will also run from here, starting at 3.30pm.

The river is closed to all unauthorized navigation on Saturday and Sunday.  Full times and locations can be found on the Southern 80 web page – or on the Roads and Maritime Services web page

Sunday racing starts at 8am, with the first boat leaving Torrumbarry Weir, is ‘Rush’ followed by ‘99 Psycho Clowns F1’ towing Under 16 boys.  Racing continues all day from Torrumbarry along the full 80km to Victoria Park, Echuca.

Based on the finishing order from the Beechworth Bakers Blitz, the Superclass boats will leave Torrumbarry at 12.30pm for the trip to Victoria Park.

Results and updates from the weekend will be “twittered” on the Southern 80 Twitter page as boats cross the line.  Full final results will be available from the Southern 80 web page at the conclusion of presentations.

For further information regarding the event you can visit or contact the Moama Water Sports Club on 03 54806754.

Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Bullseye


What class/es are you competing in? 60MPH SOCIAL AND EXPERT

Achievements in the 2011-2012 season so far: 1ST PLACE HAWKESBURY 120 EXPERT 2ND PLACE HAWKESBURY 120 SOCIAL, 2ND PLACE BRIDGE TO BRIDGE

Where is the team from? THE HAWKESBURY

Any other comments Owner and driver Jason Martin is a Hawkesbury boy who grew up skiing on the Hawkesbury river at Lower Portland and competed in his first Bridge to Bridge as a skier in 1995 in Weekend Warriors. Jason has competed as a skier in all of the classic races over the years and since moving into the boat and purchasing Bullseye is racing in the 60mph class and loving it – except when he “breaks” – exceeding the speed limit !

Observer Natalie Martin is making this year a family event. Natalie is new to the sport as a competitor but has supported Jason in is his racing endeavours for many years.
Skier Ryan Dubois is Nowra boy, however grew up skiing on the Hawkesbury at Lower Portland. He was new to ski racing last season and is keen to continue. He is ready to race for another season.

Skier Craig Dodge is new to the team this year, however is well known to the crew. Craig is a local Hawkesbury boy as well and has competed as a skier in the Sydney Bridge to Bridge and actually beat Jason one year (a bit of team rivalry !). Craig is also Ryans’s uncle so the team is family friendly !

Team Bullseye is ready for the upcoming ski race season and is looking forward to some competitive races in our class – Driver Jason Martin says “its not as easy as you think staying as close to 60mph as you can!”


Australian Titles Results

Results from Day 2 of the Australian titles at Barmera are now available at Ski Racing Australia

Newcastle Harbour Australia Day Marine Spectacular – Only a few more places available !

Newcastle Harbour Australia Day Marine Spectacular – Only a few more places available !

12 Jan 2012

There are only a few places left open for (FREE!) entry in this event, in front of 3-400,000 people !

We only allow 24 boats to run in the Newcastle Spectacular and everyone runs together in 4 races, so it is a great day from the boat or the shore.

It’s also a great way to show your sponsors stickers on your boats in front of a large crowd.

Contact Ken Cheetham before the 21st Jan on
to secure a place for you and your team.

Australian Titles Results now available

Results from Day 1 of the Australian Titles at Barmera SA are now available at the Ski Racing Australia Website

All systems a go for the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80

Entries are now closed in the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80.  593 entries have been received for the event, with 1070 individual competitors travelling to Echuca – Moama, with the rest of their crews for the event on the 10th to the 12th February 2012.

Competitors are coming from over 430 towns all over Australia, including Western Australia, Far North Queensland and Tasmania to compete in the Biggest Ski Race in the world on our own Mighty Murray River.

The event which sees, crews of a boat, driver, observer and two skiers travel from Torrumbarry to Echuca on the Murray River. Some of the crews travel at an average of 150 kmph on a winding river – an amazing test of strength for man and machine.

The biggest class in the event (with the most entries) is the 60mph classes, where the teams are not allowed to exceed 60 mph.  In the social class there are 45 entries, whilst in the expert class there are 42 entries.  This popular class provides an adrenaline thrill for the team, but not at the speeds of the bigger boats. People often come into the sport via this class and then get hooked.

Last year’s winner Hellrazor will be the first of the Superclass boats on the water – when they compete for the Beechworth Bakers Blitz on Saturday afternoon.  Mark Cranny  from Dandenong, Victoria, who has won the race outright six times,  will again be teaming with Damien Matthews from Mildura, Victoria who has also won the race six times.  Damien has won it five times as observer with Cranny and also as a skier behind Island Cooler in 1990.  Their skiers are no strangers to winning.  Peter Proctor from Cronulla, New South Wales has won the event outright twice behind Cranny and it looking for a third. Michael Kelly, from Tivoli, Queensland, has been on the winner’s podium numerous times in the past couple of seasons, although not at this event.

The event starts on Friday morning with the Breakfast with the stars at the Kerribee Sound Shell, Cobb Highway Moama from 7am.  Here boats and their crews will be on display till 9am.  Food and drinks will be available.

Friday will also all boats safety scrutineered from 11am to 5pm at the Moama Water Sports Club Office in Annesley Street Echuca.  Friday night will see the official launch of the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 at the Corporate Compound at Victoria Park boat Ramp.

Saturday morning from 9am to 12noon the Total Tools Epping Static Display will occur in the shopping district of Hare street Echuca.  Here the many of the boats and their crews will be on display to catch a close up view of the teams and all their finery.

Saturday from 8.30am, will see the social class races start at Torrumbarry Weir for the trek to the Victoria Park Boat Ramp in Echuca.  The first boat away will be Sportspage.  The skiers in these classes are on social skies, much smaller than a typical race ski and boy can some of them ski!

Victoria Park Boat ramp is the place to be – entry bands are now available online at  Entry is $20 per day or $30 for a weekend pass.  No Eski’s into this area, as it is a fully catered for area, with trade displays and a Moto X Exhibition featuring Cam Sinclair, Blake Williams and Jackson Strong.

12 noon on the Saturday and the start line moves to the Five Mile Boat ramp in Moama.  Here more of the social classes, along with the Veterans and Senior Social classes start their events.  In the Tadpoles class there are 20 entries and three sets of brothers and sisters competing against each other.

Once these classes are finished,  the ‘Big Boats’ – the main attraction for the day, are on the water. There are 14 entries in the Beechworth Bakery Bakers Blitz and 16 teams in the Presidents Dash.  These boats are racing for their starting position on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning, racing starts at 8am, with the Expert classes (classes 14-20) on the water first.

The Superclass teams and the rest of the Expert classes leave at 12noon for the final run from Torrumbarry to Echuca.  Again Victoria Park is the place to be.

The Moto X Exhibition will again be at the Victoria Park compound on Sunday to keep people entertained till all the crews come home.  At the conclusion of racing the presentations of trophies to the winning teams will take place.

Results from the weekend will be “twittered” on the Southern 80 Twitter page as boats cross the line.  Full final results will be available from the Southern 80 web page at the conclusion of presentations.

You can pre-purchase entry bands and Official Race Programmes for the event via the Southern 80 web page –

For further information regarding the event you can visit or contact the Moama Water Sports Club on 03 54806754.

Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Wet N Wild

Wet ‘ N ‘ Wild

What class are you competing in?: Social women, Open Women, Disabled
Hull: Cyclone
Motor: 300xs Mercury
Driver: Peter Woolman
Observer: Jason McKenzie
Skiers: Zoe Stratton, Stephanie Barens, Sophie Woolman

  • Bryan Manning Signs Echuca
  • Advanced Installations & Fabrications
  • Facebook: Wet N Wild Ski Race Team
    Where is the team from? Echuca
    Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern 80? Blazen – Noel Griffin

    Official 2012 USA Race Calendar

    The American NWSRA has published its official 2012 Water Ski Racing Calendar for 2012.

    Click here to download it

    Competitor’s Corner – News Bulletin n°1 – 2012

    Click here to open and download the first EAME Competitors’ news bulletin for 2012.

    Click to open

    Howard Smith Calls it a Day

    After 50 years as a member of Penarth (Wales) Water Ski Club and nearly 30 years as a judge, Howard has called time on his involvement in the sport of water ski racing. He will still be renewing his membership but will no longer be judging at National or International events.

    2012 GB Racing Calendar

    Barry Frame has published the latest version of the British water ski racing calendar for 2012.

    Click here to download the PDF of the 2012 Calendar

    You can get information packs for each race in the 2012 series from the Cardiff Bay Race web site at

    2012 Robinvale Euston Ski Race – entry forms now available

    Information and entry form can be downloaded from the SRV website

    Team Profile 2012 Club Marine Southern 80 – Cyclone Racing 2

    Cyclone Racing 2

    What class/es are you competing in? Unlimited Outboard
    Hull Cyclone – Carbon fibre & Kevlar construction
    Motor 2 x Mercury 2.5 Litre fuel injected V-6, approx 380 H/P each, running either Mark 4 or Mark 6 quick-foot gear boxes
    Driver Peter Randall
    Observer Jason Disson
    Skiers Craig Gordon & Aaron Sawtell
    Sponsors Randall Group Pty Ltd – Construction & Management – Inverell; Disco Marine – Grafton

    Achievements in the 2011-2012 season so far:

  • 1st place Grafton B2B – unlimited outboard, 10th outright
  • 4th place in H120 Sackville Sprint Invitational, and 7th outright
  • 1st place Sydney B2B setting new record – unlimited outboard, and 11th outright
  • What is the most challenging aspect of the Southern 80? Averaging a high speed down the course against all the corners
    Where is the team from? Driver – Inverell, northern NSW ,Grafton, northern NSW, Sydney
    Who do you think will win the 2012 Club Marine Southern80? Hoping Blazen does with the new boat, but Helrazor will be the one to beat

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