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Waterskiing at Hunstanton Waterski Club

Roving reporter David Whiteley from BBC East programme Inside out joins Women’s World Champion Kim Manchett for some tips on waterskiing

The programme highlighted two up & coming skiers from Hunstanton Waterski Club Ben Manchett and Gina Robinson.

David Whiteley Reports

” Think of world champions in a sport like waterskiing and you tend to think of people training in hot climates in Australia or the USA. You don’t necessarily tend to think of world class waterskiers training in the North Sea off the Norfolk coast… but they do!

The Hunstanton Waterski Club is the training ground.. or water, for Kim Manchett from  Cambridgeshire. She’s the Women’s World Champion at waterskiing.

She last won the title in 2009, the next championships will be held in Sydney, in 2011. But for the moment Kim is recovering from an injury, so she’s taking the opportunity to train some young waterskiiers, with champion potential – and found time to give Inside Out presenter David Whiteley some advice as well.

Ben and Georgina, two teenagers who belong to the Hunstanton Waterski Club are just days away from their first major competition – the British Championships, and champion Kim Manchett is giving them some coaching guidance. It’s the biggest weekend in the waterskiing calendar. ”

Watch a clip from the programme

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