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Ann Procter Seeks Competitor Feedback

IWSF Athlete’s Representative Ann Procter is reaching out again to racing competitors all over the world, in an effort to gain their feelings within the sport. Ann is doing this so that she can represent the world’s competitors as best she can, when attending the next IWSF Racing Council meeting at Long Beach in July.

Ann writes; “if there is anything that competitors would like discussed at the meeting, they can contact me. I would also like some competitor feedback on the length/ duration of world championship events. Do competitors think that the races are too long, too short or a good distance?

You can email Ann at:

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Skier shot above by Ultimate Image Capture

It is important that competitors from all countries take some time to think about the sport and then communicate their thoughts directly to Ann, who was elected last year to formally represent competitors within the IWSF. If there are any items that you would like presented to the IWSF Racing Council, now is the time to write to Ann about them.

You can email Ann at:

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