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Back-up Plan Kept World Informed

Because Round 1 was cancelled on Saturday due to high winds, the professional camera crew were not available to attend the unscheduled day of racing on Sunday.

With some quick work by Wade Bennett & Adam Bailey of SouthSide Promotions, a live feed was set up with the use of a laptop & free internet service (as no professional camera kit was available). It kept 100’s of viewers around the world updated with Dave Bishop & his team providing superb live commentary throughout the day.

This is something that has never been provided at previous worlds but today’s affordable & easy to use technology now makes it possible for any water ski race event to be broadcast live across the world at almost no expense.

However it still needs people to make it happen & former superclass racer Wade Bennett did just that – just hours after being released from hospital having undergone an operation.

From Monday, the professional camera crew will be back on site and we can look forward to more superb live coverage from the 17th world water ski racing championships.

A big thank you to all the people who are doing something to make this world championship event happen & who are at Moreton Bay, sharing it with the world. And of course to the teams on the water who have worked so hard to have the opportunity of representing their countries.

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