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Bronwyn Wing

Bronwyn Wing (formerly Wright) started skiing very socially at nine years of age at Lake Macquarie at Lake Lodge where she used to go with her parents for her holidays, and then socially at Narrabeen Lakes and then on the Hawkesbury River at Marina Tropicana.

At 13 years of age she became involved with the St. George Leagues Club Water Ski Club, but it was not until she was 17 that she went into her first ski race, which was the 1970 Bridge to Bridge. There she was successful in teaming with Margaret Hall to gain 2nd place in the Women’s event behind Ron Blunt’s ‘High Jinks’.

In January 1971, Bronwyn acquired the taste for Trial Skiing and teamed up with Marlene Beer behind ‘High Jinks’ to form a very successful ski team for quite a number oh years.

She won her first National Title in 1976 and was unbeaten through to 1982. The only time she failed to win the Titles was in 1981 when she withdrew with a broken hand. 1978 was her really big year when she won the U.S. Women’s National Title and set a Women’s record in the Catalina Ski Race of just 64 minutes. At the time, it was a shade behind the best ever time for the Men.

Then in 1979, Bronwyn established herself as the World’s greatest Women’s Ski Racer when she won five out of five races in the 1st ever World Water Ski Racing Championships in England.

In 1981 she defended her title at the World Championships in Italy. But having not long given birth to her son Joel, she wasn’t able to get back to her full strength and wasn’t successful in retaining the title.

In 1982 however, she skied as well as ever and annihilated the men by winning the SMOC series event. She was also undefeated that season in all the Women’s races.

Now married to Robert Wing, they operate Wing Wetsuits.

This article was reproduced from “Water Skiing in Australia”.
Courtesy of Bob Wing.
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