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32nd Catalina – looking back at 1980

Ted Hoffman has just sent me the line up for the 1980 Catalina with yours truly listed as a Junior Boy. The British Water Ski Federation sent an official team to the 32nd Catalina Water Ski Race which was made up of:

Gary Brooks (1st Outboard)
Liz Hobbs (4th Open Womens)
Cliff Price (DNS Open Mens)
Jeff Price (2nd Veteran Mens)
Bill Rixon (3rd Open Mens)
Martin Brooks (DNF Junior Boys)
Robbie Llewellyn (2nd Junior Boys)

There were 144 boats lined up at the start. After getting lost in the fog, Aussie Robbie Woods won the race overall for the 2nd time in 58:48 behind Bill Myer’s 21 ft Hallett. Matt Johnson was less than a minute behind and he and Woods became the first skiers in history to complete the Catalina race in less than an hour. In the Womens’ Joannie Martini had made a comeback after a few years off and won with a time of 1:04:59.

It’s great to look back on the names from years gone by and I’ve attached the line up that Ted sent me along with a photo of Bill and I collecting our trophies after the race.


Top (left to right) : Mick Tester, Bill Rixon, David ‘Bunny’ Howell
Bottom: (left to right): John Wakefield, Robbie Llewellyn, Gary Porter


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