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Kurt Brooks Selected for GB in Training @ Ghent

Kurt Brooks has been announced as an F2 Skier For Team GB at the World Championships later this month. This is Kurt’s 1st year in Men’s F2 skiing behind a Force 21 with Dell Estall driving and Martin Brooks observing.

Practice @ Genk (for Rnd 2 of Worlds)

After Saturday’s practice day in Ghent where round 1 of the Worlds will be held, teams moved to Genk where round 2 will be held, for a practice yesterday.

Stout in Practice @ Ghent (for Rnd 1 of Worlds)

Australia’s Chris Stout and driver Robbie Wright (GB) came face to face with the grey walls and the boilling water of Ghent yesterday. The vertical walls and tight turns below are what will face every team competing at the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships in Belgium later this month. 

Steve Flament’s Kruibeke Photos

Steve Flament has posted his photos from the recent race at Kruibeke in Belgium here:

Weston British National Photos

Keith Slater has now published his photos from the Weston-Super-Mare British national races at – Below is a small selection of Keith’s shots from that weekend:

Kruibeke, Belgium Race Photos

Guy594 Photography was at Kruibeke in Belgium yesterday to capture the day’s racing. He shares a selection of shots with us below and you can see 100s of others at:

Gregory Dumetier in Action

Guy594 Photography of Belgium caught Gregory Dumetier getting some airtime on a Belgian canal.

Gregory Dumetier

Gregory Dumetier

You can see more Guy594 ski racing shots at

2009 Qld State Titles Photos by In Tha Zone Images

Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images was on the edge of the Clarence to capture the action at the 2009 Queensland Titles at Grafton recently.

Category 5 QLD Team Sport New Racing Overalls

Aussie F2 Worlds skier Kylee Jones competed in the Open Womens Marathon at the Qld state titles recently. She was encouraged to do this by the team of “Category 5” from QLD – so she agreed on the condition that Shane Helson (Japs) and John Vesley sported their new racing overalls. So here are the girls boys below in true blue Dame Edna Everage fashion.

Cardiff National Photos by Neil Pallender

Neil Pallender was at Cardiff and he shares his photos with us via his Flickr account.

South Australian State Championship Results

The South Australian State Championships were held over the weekend of 6th and 7th June at Berri Waterski Club.

Olen BeNeLux Cup 2009 Photos

Luc Vermeiren captured some sensational shots at the recent Olen BeNeLux Cup 2009. You can see them all at

Cardiff National Photos by Keith Slater

Keith Slater captured two days of racing on camera at the recent round of the British national water ski racing championships in Cardiff. Below is a small selection and you can see all of Keith’s shots via the links at the bottom of this page.

Under 10s Await Wisemans Ferry Race

A few up and coming young Aussie skiers were caught on camera at Wisemans Ferry this weekend as they awaited the start of the Under 10’s 2 -up race.

Buby Bertels Gets Airtime

Two shots below of Buby Bertels in action and getting some air on a Belgian canal.

Allhallows Shots by Neil Pallender

Neil Pallender has posted a pile of great shots that he took at last weekend’s British nationals in Alhallows. Click any image below to go to his Flickr library.

A Taste of Viersel – by Luc & Pepe

Well known for being some of the most treacherous pieces of ski racing water in the world, Viersel is the ultimate test of a skier (and crew) and fittingly hosts the final round of the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships.

Photos from Beringen race in Belgium

Courtesy of Tom Vets who observes with the F1 Ghostbuster Women’s Team in Belgium, below are a few shots from the weekend’s race at Beringen, Belgium.

A Weekend with Stouty n Weaves

Aussie photographer Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images was on the water and on the banks of the Hawkesbury for the 2009 Sydney One-Up Bridge to Bridge race. Rob wrote the following words and sent in a selection of superb shots for readers.

Road to Belgium – QLD Fundraiser

Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images was at the fundraiser in QLD on Saturday Night. The shots below were taken at Michael Souwer`s “Crimsafe Headquarters”.

de Weerts Hopping at Harderwijk Holland

Brothers Dylan and Roy de Weert were caught bunny hopping in a two-up fun-race at Harderwijk in the Netherlands recently.

Filthy, Ball & Stout Do Newcastle Australia

Jason Walsh shared these shots from Newcastle where Filthy, the legendary Ray Ball and Chris Stout were racing recently.

Dutch Dream Drama

Kim Lumley rescues driver after Dutch team “The Dream” barrel rolls in Belgium. Action captured by Luc & Pepe

Kurt Brooks captured by Brooke Gray

Brooke Gray has shared these two shots which she took of Kurt Brooks in action with Nick & Wendy Feros.

Parker USA shots from Daren Van Ryte

12 superb shots by Daren Van Ryte from the recent racing at Parker USA. See Peter Proctor, Lacey Nordblad and others captured in action.

Who’s this racer getting some airtime?

If you can recognise who this actioman on a race ski is, post your thoughts in the comments section below.

More Southern 80 Shots

Chris Grabyn has published his shots of the 2009 Southern 80 at

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

Top Gun

Top Gun



Aussie World Selection Shots – Wisemans Ferry

Rob Storum was right in the thick of the action again and shares these sensational shots that he captured at Wisemans Ferry on the weekend when Australia’s best fought it out as the Aussie World selection races draw close to their end.

Skier & Boat Photos: Aussie C/Ships & World Selections 3&4 @ Lake Charm

Below are a selection of the boat and skier shots from In Tha Zone Images at the recent Aussie Titles / World Selections Race 3 & 4 at Lake Charm in Victoria. Rob Storum gives a special thank you to HB Promotions for getting him down for the Championships and to Brian Nutley and Ian Pearse for getting the lines he needed.

Sydney Bridge Shots from Multiverse

Chris Grabyn of Multiverse has shared his shots of the action on the Hawkesbury the other week at the 2008 Sydney Bridge to Bridge. A selection is below and you can find dozens more at

Sydney Bridge to Bridge Photos

Rob Storum of InThaZoneImages shares Hellrazor’s story from the weekend’s Bridge in Sydney. If you look at the third image, that`s how close second place was with about 2 mins remaining in the race – they eventually won by 11 secs.

Aussie Selection Race Shots

Rob Storum of captured a fair share of rough water action at the first two Aussie World Team selection races last weekend in Gosford NSW. In the order they appear you can see: Kurt Brooks, Thunder & Burnin, Lauryn Eagle, True Blue, Grant Turner and Paul Robertson.

US Open shots by Daren Van Ryte

Daren Van Ryte was at the US Open taking shots of the event and managed to grab a few nice Bunny Hops that he will send in shortly. Here’s one of the Cole brothers for starters.

Cole Water Ski Racing

Cole Water Ski Racing

Grafton Shots of Burnin

Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images shares photos of the recent winning team “Burnin” at last weekend’s Grafton Bridge to Bridge in Australia.

Chris Stout & Grant Turner in Action

Maria Harrod took this sensational shot of two superb skiers in action at Grafton Australia recently.

NSW water ski racing championship Shots

IN THA ZONE IMAGES from the NSW water ski racing championships RD 2 – 2UP RACE , Wiseman’s Ferry Australia.



70 Years Skiing the Hawkesbury

On 30/31 August at Governor Phillip Park, Windsor, NSW a fascinating photographic exhibition is being staged. It takes a look at water skiing on the Hwakesbury as far back as far as 1938 – from Reggy Johnson to Jason Walmsley.

NSW Titles Rnd 1 – Photos by Mike Kemp

Mike Kemp of Ultimate Image Capture secured a superb can of action at the NWS Titles last weekend at Wiseman’s Ferry, Australia. More at Ski Racing NSW

NSW Titles Rnd 1 – Photos by Rob Storum

Thanks to Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images for this great bunch of action shots taken at Round 1 of the NSW State Titles at Wiseman’s Ferry, Australia on the weekend. More at Ski Racing NSW

Weston National Results & Photos

Thanks to Sue Fleming, below are the results from the British National Water Ski Racing Championships that took place at the holiday seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare on Sunday 27 July.

Diamond Race Photos

See the incredible Diamond Race photos here:

by Wim Lamot

by Luc@s & Pepe

See more photos by Wim
By Wim Lamot

See more photos by Luc@s & Pepe
By Luc@s & Pepe

Catalina Photos on sale

Daren Van Ryte took a heap of photos at the 60th Catalina and you can see them all at the web sites listed below.

Euro Championships Photos

Official photographer Carl Broadis has some fantastic shots of the European Water Ski Racing Championships for sale at

Diamond Race- Interviews & Racing Videos & Results

After almost 3000 plays of the Racing video in less than 24 hrs, I’ve also now published a 10 minute ‘interviews & presentations’ video from the Diamond Race where 2005 World Champions Todd Haig and Kim Lumley secured well deserved wins. It was an incredible race with a record number of competitors taking part (around 90). My sincere thanks to Vera and Stefan for their help. Many thanks to Wim Lamot for the photos below.

Bunny Hops & Airborne Shots

After Howie Hook sent in Wayne Mawer’s bunny hop a few months back, there’s been a flood of great bunny hops and airborne shots coming in. Here they are, all on one page. Keep them coming in and please name the photographer too. Click any photo below for more details.

Jake Frame’s Airborne Shots

Britain’s Jake Frame was captured in action twice by Keith Slater.

Brett Dominguez’s Bunny Hop

Brett Dominguez was skiing behind Thundernuts on the weekend at the South Australian State Titles, Murray Bridge. Photogapher ‘Jase’ was posied to capture Brett’s bunny hop and the photo below shows the take off point and air time. Click the photo to enlarge it.

Sam Clapson’s Bunny Hop

Britain’s Sam Clapson was captured in action at the 2008 Allhallows National by Keith Slater.

Will Newland’s Bunny Hop

Britain’s Will Newland was caught in act by sports photographer Keith Slater.

Adam Murfet’s Bunny Hop

Britain’s Adam Murfet performs for the camera at Hunstanton’s first club race of the season on 13th April. Click photo to enlarge.

Kylee Jones Gets Air Alongside Ann Procter

Australia’s Kylee Jones is caught hopping off the water as she skied behind Se7en with World Champion Ann Procter at a Wisemans Ferry 2-Up event. Mike Kemp of Ultimate Image Capture captured the action. Click the photo to enlarge.

Bobbette Macmillan Airborne

Bobbette Macmillan was caught in the act at Round 5 of Region 5 by Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images. Thanks to those who put a name to the photo. Click photo to enlarge.

Jack Houston Gets Some Air

Australia’s Jack Houston gets some air at Round 5 of Region 5 and Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images captures the moment. Click photo to enlarge.

Ramsgate Webcam & Weather

BBC Weather in Ramsgate

The image below is of a live web cam at the port of Ramsgate. Click here or the image to enlarge.

Kelly Nulens’ Airborne Shot

Belgium’s Kelly Nulens was caught getting some air. I’m waiting for the name of the photographer who was there to capture the moment. Click the photo to enlarge it.

Sam Frey’s Bunny Hop

America’s Sam Frey pulled off this superb bunny hop. I’m waiting for the name of the photographer who did an excellent job of capturing the moment.

Roy Frey’s Bunny Hop

America’s Roy Frey pulled off this superb bunny hop. I’m waiting for the name of the photographer who did an excellent job of capturing the moment.

Katelin Wendt’s Bunny Hop

America’s Katelin Wendt pulled off this superb bunny hop. I’m waiting for the name of the photographer who did an excellent job of capturing the moment.

Mallory Nordblad’s Bunny Hop

America’s Mallory Nordblad pulled off this superb bunny hop. Cameron King was behind the camera and captured the moment at Lake Elsinore, California.

See other bunny hops and airborne shots here

Lyme Regis, GB – Results & Photos

Keith Slater’s Lyme Regis shots are now available on his web site.

Wayne Mawer’s Bunny Hops

Katelin Wendt captured this great shot of former Racing & Wakeboard World Champion Wayne Mawer as he made a guest appearance at the 2007 Diamond Race. Click the photo to enlarge it. Read more on Mawer here.


Howie Hook has just sent me a superb shot of 1997 World Water Ski Racing Champion Wayne Mawer doing a bunny hop on his race ski.

Click image for full version and ‘the take-off point’

Howie writes; I found this old photo from the early 90’s in Cairns. We were out on a fun run to Fitzroy Island (more)and Wayne was pulling off a series of monster jumps as we rounded Cape Grafton! ( this was not even one of the bigger ones!!) – Take note of the splash that marks the launch point!! (only seen in the full version of the photo)

But I thought it would qualify as a contender for the best “Bunny Hop” shots. – I used this shot as reference for the Tee Shirt for Wayne’s World Title Campaign in 1997.

H2O Graphics

Read about Wayne Mawer

See other Bunny Hops here

Scott Brooks’ Bunny Hop

Scott and Kurt Brooks were out training at Stone Water Ski Club last weekend and Kurt had the camera handy as Scott pulle off this great bunny hop.

Click the photo to enlarge it.

Boylan & Cropper Bunny Hop Together

Kevin Boylan and Danny Cropper teamed up together behind Top Gun at Gosford in 1990. Check out the superb shot below with Kevin on the left of photo and Danny on the right as they pulled off these bunny hops together. Click the photo to enlarge it.

Troy Hall’s Bunny Hop

Aussie Troy Hall gets some air and Australia’s Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images captures the moment.

Jack Whitton’s Bunny Hop

Aussie Jack Whitton get’s some air and Australia’s Rob Storum of In Tha Zone Images captures the moment.

British National, Allhallows GB – Results & Photos

The first round of the British Championships took place on Sunday at Allhallows. Official results are below and Keith Slater was there on the water capturing the action.

Rod Hawkins Airborne

Britain’s Rod Hawkins was captured getting some air off the coast of Lyme Regis (location of the movie “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”) by photographer Keith Slater in 2001.

Ivy Jennes Airborne

Belgium’s Ivy Jennes was caught in the act of getting some air on a canal by Claude Herman.

Airborne Aussie is Luke Keys

After a bunch of people posted below, I think we can safely say that Luke Keys is the guy who Mike Kemp of Ultimate Image Capture captured in action here at the 2007 NSW State Titles.

Jason Walmsley Airborne

World Champion Jason Walmsley was caught whilst airborne during the 2007 NSW State Titles by Mike Kemp of Ultimate Image Capture

Southern 80 Shots by Ultimate Image Capture

Mike Kemp of Ultimate Image Capture has shared a great selection of shots of Blazen, Drippin Wet, Grant Patterson & Daniel Campbell, Hellbent, Justin Cadden & James Buser, Kristofer Knights & Aaron Sawtell, Stinga, Tania Teelow & Kylee Jones, Temper and Top Gun.

Danny Cropper’s Bunny Hops and airborne shots

Danny Cropper (DC Waterskis) was caught getting some air at the 2007 NSW State Titles by Mike Kemp of Ultimate Image Capture

Tim Dubois’ Bunny Hop

Tim Dubois captured whilst airborne during Catalina.

Tania Teelow – Airborne

Tania Teelow was caught getting some air in the final race on the Hawkesbury River at the 1988 World Titles, which she went on to win.

Chris Stout’s Bunny Hop

After a unanimous vote, Aussie Chris Stout gets named as the guy who looks as if he’s wearing sunnies at the Diamond Race whilst pulling off a bunny.

Steve Morley’s Bunny Hop

Steve Morley pulled this bunny off the Murray in 2006 whilst doing Mildura 100. Nicole Mitchell caught him in the act.

Natalie Scott’s Bunny Hop

Britain’s Natalie Scott hops off Windermere in 2007.

Paula Newland’s Bunny Hops

Britain’s Paula Newland is seen here hopping off the River Tamar in Plymouth. Top ski racing photographer Keith Slater caught her in the act around 1999.

Chris Gelle’s Bunny Hop

Australia’s Chris Gelle hopped off the Murray at 120mph behind Hellbent whilst on his way to winning the 2008 Mildura 100 outright with Jason Walmsley.

Kurt Schoen’s Bunny Hop

America’s Kurt Schoen pulls off a bunny just before Easter at the Parker race this year.

Corbin Heinbuch’s Bunny Hop

Corbin Heinbuch pulling off a bunny hop amongst a gaggle of boats at the 2005 US Nationals/Open. Scott Atkinson of USAWS (USA Waterski) and editor of “The Waterskier” magazine captured the moment.

Stefano Gregorio’s Bunny Hop

Italy’s Stefano Gregorio perms a bunny hop in the early 90’s.

Todd Haig’s Bunny Hops

America’s Todd Haig pulled this bunny out of the hat at the 2006 US Open in San Diego and Daren Van Ryte was captured the action.

Mike Avila & Sam Moss’s Bunny Hops

America’s Mike Avila performs a superb bunny hop on a fun ski a few years ago. Incredibly, it was even after he hurt his arm.

Carlo Cassa’s Bunny Hops

Carlo Cassa on his way to winning the 1998 Catalina Race.

Chris Stout’s Bunny Hop

Aussie Chris Stout pulls his bunny out of the hat and an MPC crew member captures it at the Hawkesbuty 120 race.

Tim Lisens’ Bunny Hop

Tim Lisens of Belgium performs his bunny hop on a canal in 2004. Kevin Malot captured the action.

Darren Kirkland’s Bunny Hop

Darren Kirkland’s Bunny Hop at the Lyme Regis National in 2001. Captured in action by Keith Slater.

Michael Förstel’s Bunny Hop

11 year old Michael Förstel of Austria performs his bunny hop at last national race in Marbach on the Donau. He also went on to win the race.

Parker shots by

Peter Procter, Mallory Nordblad and Marshall Cole enjoyed overall wins at the Parker Marathons on 8 & 9 March. Full results are at

Marc Avella’s Bunny Hop

After Wayne Mawer’s bunny hop shot was published, Kirsten Frost of Nature Photography captured a long bunny hop by Spanish Junior skier Marc Avella.

Havasu Shots by

Daren Van Ryte of was at Havasu on the weekend capturing America’s best (and a few visitors) in action. Below are a bunch of shots which Daren has kindly provided for publication.

In Tha Zone Action Photography Site Launched

Rob Storum is a sports photographer from Sydney Australia who runs the company “In Tha Zone Images” (Action Photography). He has now launched his web site at

New Aussie Photography Site

Chris Grabyn of NSW has launched a new photography website for ski racing at

Thanks to Ultimate Image Capture

A number of photographers (professional and amateur) have been very generous by providing their photos for use on this and other web sites to help promote ski racing. You can see a list of them at the bottom right of this web site.

Torquay GB National Photos

Brad Cannings has provided this link for some great shots taken by PhotoCornwall at the Torquay British national recently.

Catalina Photos by OC Photographics

Dan Van Ryte captured the Catalina action in a compendium of superb shots. You can review them at – When you are there, click on “Gallery” then scroll to the bottom of that page.


All the photos that were on the old site will be here soon.

In the meantime, you can still visit the Photographers’ sites listed in the far right column towards the bottom.

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