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Photos Captured – 63rd Catalina Ski Race

The Worlds greatest ski race has been captured by photographer Scott Shanklin & fellow shooter partner Daren Van Ryte. Between them they have captured over a 1,000 images. A few samples of the images shot by Scott & Daren

Team Nordic sweep 63rd Catalina Ski Race

Carlos Rosas has provided a link interviewing Men’s overall winner Todd Haig and Ladies winner Erin Saunders from Team Nordic 63rd Catalaina Ski race champions

Catalina 2011 – Full Official Results

Thanks to Ken Vaughan, below are the full official results from the 2011 Catalina Water Ski Race.

Prestige and wackiness at Catalina Water Ski Race – LA Times

Link to LA Times story from Catalina 2011

Link to LA Times Pics from Catalina 2011

63rd Catalina Ski Race Top 3 positions

16th July Long Beach to Catalina Island and back. The 63rd Catalina Ski Race .66 boats on the start grid. Weather conditions perfect.As the engines started to roar a shiver went down my back..

Catalina Live Feed Cancelled

13 July Update:
River Dave has confirmed (on the unfortunate cancellation of the planned live feed for Catalina 2011 and writes …

“We have everything set in motion, and this Carmageddon deal with the 405 freeway happened. Long story short we have everything in place and ready to go, but we can not get a frequency from the FCC to broadcast from the Helicopters back to the Hotels. No frequency = no live feed. It was suggested that we record the race and broadcast it, but again with no frequency, the announcers can’t see the race for the audio etc..

I would like to say, this isn’t one of those we threw in the towel deals. SpotonDL has fought, clawed, bribed, borrowed, and begged to try and make this happen. A frequency is never impossible to come by, but with this news deal, every news agency in town is here, and the LAPD took the rest of the frequencies.. We even went so far as to talking to main guy at the FCC for the west coast, and tried to run it in a 2 hour window to no avail.

It is completely out of our hands at this point. All sponsors of the feed will be refunded their money, checks returned etc.. Any additional costs will be absorbed by CSR and myself.”

28 June Update:
The long beach boat and ski club are proud to announce the catalina ski race will be live on

Projected start time for little boats at 8:53am

Announcers Sandy and Rick will be bringing the action with their amazing commentary.

Good luck to all competitors.
Ken Vaughan


24 May:
The 2011 Catalina ski race will be broadcasted live via the internet . The infamous broadcasters Sandy ” The Sandman” Schwartz  &  Rick “Parker Oil” Fuscardo  are yet again in the hot seat for the 63rd Catalina Ski Race.

Scott Brooks Live from the Catalina Water Ski Race

Follow Scott Brooks at the Catalina Water Ski Race From Wednesday 13th July with all the up to date events as it happens . If you can’t be at Catalina and want to know what is happening this is the place to watch it !

63rd Catalina Ski Race – Entry Forms

63rd Catalina Ski Race is taking place at Long Beach CA July 16th

63rd Catalina Ski Race 16th July 2011

The 63rd Catalina Water Ski Race

The 63rd Catalina Water Ski Race will be held on July 16th, 2011.

The official poster is shown below and the official web site for the great event is at


Britians  Jake Frame Junior 2010 British Champion is looking for a ride in this years Catalina Ski race.

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