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Communications between skier & observer

DC Water SkisDanny Cropper of DC Waterskis writes; The line of communications between the skier and the observer should be simple and easy. Simple to convey and easy to understand.

Simple signals are the key to being able to get the message across and to get back to the job at hand, SKIING. Most of us know the main signals (slow down, go faster and “the two hands in the air”, take your boat and shove it). There are a few signals that you can maybe try in your next race but don’t forget to speak to your observer before the race and organise with them what you will be doing.

Firstly a time signal from the observer would be like a bent elbow over their head means half way or half time. Two hands above the observers head, like a clapping motion without touching together, means someone is catching up on you. From the skier, a hand, palm towards the boat meaning take it easy or just stay at this speed.

Any amount of signals can be used and made up but just remember “make them simple.”

Good communications is essential for building a good team.

Danny Cropper - DC Waterskis

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