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Congratulations to the 2010 European Champions

The quiet lake at Arcos de la Frontera in the Andalucian hills was brought alive with the roar of almost 100 ski racing teams representing various European countries. At the end of four fast rounds of racing, the event produced a new cast of European Water Ski Racing Champions who will reign for the next two years.

Many congratulations to the following 2010 European Water Ski Racing Champions who, along with their committed teams, have proven themselves in competition, to be Europe’s best water ski racers.

Mens F1: Darren Kirkland (GB)
Mens F2: Dave Vansteelant (BEL)
Mens F3: Neil Coppens (BEL)

Ladies F1: Lena Feringa (BEL)
Ladies F2: Katharina Hebenstreit (AUT)
Ladies F3: Gitte Van Gool (BEL)

Juniors: Robin Marien (BEL)

Seniors: Gerrit Pontzeele (BEL)

EuroKids A: Samantha Clark (GB)
EuroKids B: Marvyn Praschinger (AUT)

Country Trophy: Belgium

Trudi & Chris Stout (F1) from Australia were guest skiers and together with their GB crew of Robbie Wright & Chris Cole using Nico Bertels’ boats, they won 8 out of 8 races.

You can download full results here

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Below is the start of the final round of Mens F1 &2

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