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European Championships Update after 2 Rounds

Courtesy of Wim Lamot, below is a brief report from the 1st & 2nd rounds of the 2010 European Water Ski Racing Championships in Spain.

Last Saturday the water conditions where bad, it was rough water with white topping. Today was totally different, flat water.

Where are very pleased that Darren and the team got his 2nd 1000 points.

So Stout was first, congratulate for this achievement. Darren was close behind 2nd.
Like last Saturday they put everybody on 2 laps at least. So it was really up tempo and working for boat, drivers, skier Normally Weckx was 3rd but wasn’t 100% sure about it

For the Ladies.
Great skiing by again a ‘Stout’ who got here 2nd win in a row. Lena, in really good shape got here 2nd 1000points on here sleeve, Unconfirmed, Vicky was third. She had a bad start and also took a dive.
Kathrien Ortlieb was not in this race because of mechanical problems.

The weather was 42°C & sunny

2010 European Water Ski Racing Championships

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