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GB Team Captain’s update on the World’s

Great Britian’s’Team Captain Barry Frame has issued the following update on Team GB competing at the World Championships

Karen, please see a brief update on events here, it has been quite manic and very time consuming with most of this family being in bed by 9-30 most nights.
Juniors; Jake had a great 1st race with a 3rd place, Toby had a fall but recovered and scored good points, 2nd race Jake fell very hard challenging Trevor Went eventually restarted and scored solid team points, Toby crashed big time at start and eventually got going with some points for team, 3rd race Jakes boat broke while on loan to USA Jake skiied with Superman and was 4th still suffering from 2nd race fall, Toby scored good team points, we are 4th in Juniors but with a finish from Jake Toby we can make 3rd overall.
Ladies Clare ended up in hospital with an operation required on her finger, hopefully she will ski Saturday, Paula has skiied well and delivered good points for F2 3rd race was a restart due to Dolphins on the course after 13 minutes restart with full 45min Paula was unable to finish the race due to electrical problems in the battery terminal.

Mens F2 Dave Sewell  Richard Kirk  & Will Newland are all skiing their best but f2 here is absolutely awesome Will has suffered back problems, Dave an ankle injury, Physio is absolutely ace we have done well with her, GB are 3rd overall in F2 and with Paula and Clare skiing Saturday we should retain that place.
Mens Open,well what can you say, Jack went out prior to our arrival practicing and injured his ankle beyond real repair he tried in 1st race but has been substituted now, Dan Elliss stepped up and lasted the 60minutes scoring valuable points for overall trophy, Russell is skiing excellent and scoring well punching above his weight but if you are in it you can get podiums which he did on 2nd race with a 3rd place podium, a fantastic boost for him, he crashed rather spectacularly in race 3 but restarted and scored for the team we are 3rd overall in team trophy Russell is also 3rd overall !!!
2days of rest now and really needed, by everyone, Saturdays racing will be very interesting with some categories very close.

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