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How to Stay Up To Date With The Worlds

If you can’t be in Belgium for the Worlds, there are a number of ways you can stay up to date with what’s happening.

The official worlds web site
All official results will be posted here
1) A main news post will be made at the end of each day’s racing

2) A video of racing & interviews will be posted at the end of each day’s racing

3) Snippets of news will be posted on Twitter throughout the course of each day of racing. This will be up to the minute unofficial up to the minute details of how I see the racing from the commentary box. I’ll also be doing commentary at the event so there’ll be a limit to what I can send.

There are 3 ways you can get the Twitter updates:

i) Via a Twitter account (set one up free at and follow robbiellewellyn

ii) Via Facebook – all Twitter updates will appear immediately on my Facebook profile. You’ll need to be “my friend” on Facebook to see the updates.

iii) Via the far-right colum of the Home page of If the Twitter feed doesn’t appear, try refreshing the web page

Read more about the Twitter updates here

About the Videos

Roger Lincoln will be recording video footage at all of the races. Then together we will do a couple of interviews at the end of racing. The plan is that at the end of each day, Roger will edit and upload a video up to 30 minutes in length. has a premium Vimeo account so that the videos can be uploaded faster and at a better quality than usual.

A post will be made on and twitter whenever a new video is uploaded.

Remember that it’s not possible to interview, write about or post photos of everybody.

Australian Worlds Team Site
The Australian Team have a dedicated web site where their progress will be reported:


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