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Karl Brooks Jnr. Ski Clinic – USA

Justin Frank writes …the first Karl Brooks Jr. Ski Clinic was a great success! We had junior skiers of all ability levels participating over the weekend, some who have only competed in one race and others who have been racing for most of their lives. The common goal that the participants shared was that everyone learned something new.

Whether it was learning how to ski wrapped up, freeboard, finless, palin, jumping the wake, or single skiing for the first time, everyone learned something. The kids were also given new DC bridles and were taught how to make them from start to finish, thanks you Danny Cropper for making this possible.

There is a long list of people to thank for helping us achieve what we have this year, from the supporters of the golf tournament, to all of you who attended and helped at the ski clinic; THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your efforts and time are greatly appreciated and we could not have achieved this without you!

I like to think that Karl would be proud of what we have accomplished in the last year since his passing, and I know for sure that Karl was watching over us in our first of many ski clinics held in his name. Thank you Karl, because none of this would have happened if it were not for you. You will continue to touch the lives of many.

We here at The Karl Brooks Memorial learned a lot from this endeavor, and moving forward with the knowledge gained we anticipate holding another clinic later this year open to all ages on September 6th at the marine stadium. More information will follow as the event evolves.

Justin R. Frank

23 April 2008
America’s Justin Frank writes; “Todd Haig and I are currently generating an interest list for kids who want to attend our first junior water ski clinic June 7-8. The clinic is free to all participants and will no doubt be a memorable experience“.


Junior Water Ski Clinics
Ages: 10-16
Location: Park Moabi, Needles, CA
When: June 7-8
Price: FREE

Download – Junior Water Ski Clinic.doc

Download – Clinic Itinerary.xls

About the Junior Water Ski Clinics:
The clinics will be a weekend long event comprising of ten to sixteen kids between the ages of 10-18 years old, with abilities ranging from kids who recently learned to ski, to kids who are currently racing and want to improve their abilities. The purpose of the clinics is to teach kids the fundamentals of the sport and what it takes to compete at the world class level.

We want to teach them play skiing, racing, physical conditioning, how to practice good nutrition, and even how to deal with adversity on and off the water. Meeting places will be organized to pick up the kids the Friday before the clinic begins; we will then caravan out to our campsite on the Moabi River (just up river from the Needles Bridge).

Activities will be run off of the beach front campsite with multiple boats. We will return by Sunday evening. An Itinerary of the daily activities and additional details will be provided as the first clinic approaches.

For more details contact:
Justin Frank:
Todd Haig:

Download – Junior Water Ski Clinic.doc

Download – Clinic Itinerary.xls

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