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Kurt Brooks GB – New Skier in F1 with Ravenol Team Germany Racing for 2011

Team Manager André Schürle has announced that he and Team Germany are proud, with one of the most well known families in water ski racing – The Brooks Family from GB; to have begun a new partnership for the future.

André added; “On Saturday, 16 October, we organised the first training sessions with Kurt and Martin on the Rhine in Speyer, Germany“.

The 2011 team will consist of:

Formula 1
Driver: Andre Schürle
Co-Pilot/Observer: Martin Brooks – Sebastian Tietz
Skier: Kurt Brooks

Driver: Andre Schürle
Co-Pilot/Observer: Sebastian Tietz
Skier: Russell Cox

During 2011, Team Germany Racing aims to take part in the European Cup, Catalina USA, and the World Championships in Australia.

Ravenol Team Germany Racing

Kurt Brooks

Kurt Brooks

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