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Racer of the Fortnight – Emma Duckworth

Emma Duckworth and her F2 Crew


Emma Duckworth

What team?

Team V-Maximize

Where are you from?

Auckland, New Zealand


Clinical Research Manager

What class do you compete in?

I observe in F2 Mens, Open Mens, Masters, SMOC and Sub-Juniors

What titles / championships do you have under your belt?

Various NZ and Trans-Tasman age group titles as a skier. That’s going back a few years now though!
As an observer, have picked up most NZ titles, including mens open a few times. I also have three 3rd place race medals at Worlds – one for the 4th race in 2003 in Junior Boys and then for races 2 and 4 at the 2007 Worlds in Mens F2. Those were particularly special being the only medals NZ has ever gained outside of Juniors.

What is a memorable moment, ski racing, that you would like to share?

The first race start at the 2007 World Champs in NZ that I was co-chair of the organising committee. It was pretty special bringing all those boats and competitors to NZ. Although standing on the podium for our two 3rd placings in Men’s F2 races came pretty close.

Biggest influence on your ski racing career?

Quent Swayn and Tom Curren – legends of NZ ski racing who really set the bar for attitude in NZ.

Which race / venue do you enjoy racing the most? Why?

Lake Taupo, New Zealand. The most beautiful place in the world, with really trying conditions. It’s never flat, and the hard fresh water can throw anything at you.

What are the challenges for you each race?

To not miss a thing. To be as on to it as I can at any moment and do the best job for my skiers.

How do you prepare for each race?

By following the same routine. Know what you need and what works for you and your skier.

What kind of training do you do and how often?

My Worlds skier and I prepare with Crossfit training ( – this is intense broad training like no other. As well as on the water training whenever we can.

If a younger or newer competitor was coming through the ranks what piece of advice would you offer?

For observers I always offer the advice of anticipating each move before it happens. Don’t wait for someone to take advantage or for your skier to wave up or down – think ahead of the game.

Supporters / Sponsors?

Team VMaximize is sponsored by Mainfreight and Trojan Trailer parts.

Team VMax

Is there a race or title that you want to win most ? Why?

Bryce Newton Memorial 100 Mile Classic on Blue Lake in Rotorua New Zealand. Because this is the ultimate race in NZ, and I have come 2nd seven times!

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