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Racer of the Fortnight – Justin Cadden

Justin is an Installation Manager and at 36 years of age, started Ski Racing when he was around 12 -13 years of age. His first race was in 1987 at Mildura skiing Adam Carne.

Influences in Ski Racing

Early on, Justin’s parents were a big influence as they encourage him to have a go and took him all over the country to the different ski races.
Gordon Johnson the driver of Osprey taught Justin, all about winning and being competitive on the water, which has held in good stead for ski racing today.
His wife Jacqui and daughter Ruby are significant influence now, as they dictate what he can and cannot do.

What Justin has won over the years.

Southern 80 a couple of times behind Hellrazor (2002)and Top Shot (2000).
An Australian title in Seniors behind True Blue in 2010. Numerous Victorian & South Australian titles and point score events. A US national as a kid.

What is Justin’s favourite race?

Southern 80, for the atmosphere it provides along with the challenges on the water.

Advice to up and coming Ski Racers

You need the right equipment (ski, helmet, wetsuit, etc) and the dedication to be at the top of what you are doing.


Strictly Marine, Wizard Wetsuits, DC skis.

Highlights in Ski Racing

The 2002 Southern 80 winning behind Hellrazor, skiing with Steve Rowe with Mark Cranny & Greg James in the boat.

Teams involved with

Gassa, Strictly Business Racing.

Worlds Aspiration

Would like to be a world champion, but realises that maybe the run has been left a bit late. This year has seen too many boat dramas for a real shot in the F2 worlds

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