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The 59th Catalina – LIVE on the Net

The 59th Annual Catalina Water Ski Race will be broadcast LIVE on the Internet for the first time in history!

NOTE: As soon as the URL for the live feed is available, it will be published on


We have contracted On Call Communications ( to feed the live show from the Jumboscreen to satellite and Astream ( to encode and host the signal for us. They will provide a link that we can put on the and web sites for any computer user around the world to click on and see the race. We can also provide the link to and any other web page you want. If you would like the link on your company web site, just have your Web Master email us.

We are looking for a sponsor to be the title sponsor of the internet broadcast so we can display their company banner above the media viewer throughout the race broadcast. It is about a $4,000 budget item and we think it is well worth the value to bring the race to the skiers in Australia and the UK who have been asking for it.

jumboscreen_sponsors.JPGOur production team making the LIVE Jumboscreen show possible and even better than last year is Phase One Productions ( and Western Technical Services ( WTS is one of the Catalina Water Ski Race’s biggest supporters and has even brought in the assistance of Helinet Aviation and NBC to make sure we have the resources necessary for the LIVE production.

We have a First Class team donating much of their services and equipment to make this amazing event happen on our limited budget.

Again this year we are getting our Jumboscreen from

Another bit of fun news… one of the skiers, Janine Doherty is getting married right before the trophy presentation and her vows will be carried LIVE on the Jumboscreen and internet as well.

Many exciting firsts at this year’s 59th Annual Catalina Water Ski Race with LIVE Jumboscreen and internet broadcast.

– Jeff and Ren at Goldfinger Racing Productions

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