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2010 Southern 80 Spin Out

Take a look as this team spins out in this year’s Southern 80 on the Murray at high speed. Nicely captured wholey dooley!

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Posted on YouTube by aerocert — 18 February 2010 —
This clip was taken by my daughter I just happen to be the observer in the boat and Uncle Steve is driving. Up to this point we were 33 minutes into the race 10 to 15 seconds up on the boat in front and 50 seconds up on the boat behind. (Ashkv8 verified) Unsure of the cause other than a trim issue as the boat started to porpoise just as it was setting up for the LH corner. As you will see from the slow mo at the end of the clip it did correct itself however it was then travelling at 90 deg to the river and heading straight for the bank and some 20 spectators. Only option was to pull hard left as a RH correction would have taken out the crowd. Fast thinking by the driver averted a major incident where I am certain many people would have been hurt. Driver should be commended for committing to spinning the boat to avoid the bank and spectators.

My role in the spin was to hang on and try and stay in the boat as ejecting was not something I was looking forward to. The only problem was that in staying in I made contact with the driver and Steve now has a broken LH fore arm. A small price to pay considering what could have eventuated. Sorry to the Skiers Craig and Ray. Looking at being our best time down the river with 36 minute finish. Although we would not have won based on the finish time of Mojo. (Well done to the Kelly’s) it would have been a personal best for the little 1850 Bullet.

Better luck next year.

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