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Racer of the Fortnight – Wayne Mawer

What team are you from / do you ski with?

I have just joined the 99 Psycho Clown Team and I also ski with team Juggnaut from Cairns

When did you start ski racing?

I had my first ski race at age 6 at Lake Tinaburra which is 1 hour from Cairns

Where are you from?

Cairns, North Queensland, which is 1800 km North of Brisbane.

Do you get much on water training there?

If I had a boat & crew I could go every day , I live 5 minutes from the boat ramp

How do you prepare for each race?

For a major race I would always make sure I give myself time to prepare,(fitness) & then a couple days before I would start to carbo load & start to hydrate, then on the morning make sure I have a good breakfast and keep well hydrate.

What classes do you like to compete in most?

I like competing in the open classes

Which race venues do you enjoy racing at the most and why?

I like venues that dish out different types of conditions, I did the Grand Prix race in Melbourne 4 weeks ago and the course they set out was great.

What sort of titles / championships do you have under your belt?

In the open division I have 2 World titles, 2 Aussie title, 2 Diamond Races, 1 European Championship, 1 Catalina Win, 8 Green Island Classic Wins, 2 Cooktown Classic wins

Who’s been your biggest influence on your ski racing career?

Biggest influence would have to be My dad, Roy. Through my career I have meet and been Influenced by a lot of different people, from these people I have taken what I saw was their strength & learnt from them.

What’s a memorable moment, ski racing, that you would like to share?

10 years ago I would have said wining my first World Title, But that was topped in December last years, when I saw Sunny ( my son) race his first race, I found a new meaning of being proud.

What are the challenges for you each race?

Being able to get the best out of myself under different circumstances

What drives you mentally to train and grow as an athlete?

The number one motivation for me is I am always striving to become better and still to this day its my number one motivator.

What are your goals for 2011 and beyond?

At the moment I am just want to start skiing more, I’ve had about 4 races since the 2009 world titles, and now that I am teamed up with the Clowns, I am very excited for the next 12 months

Would you like to thank any supporters or sponsors?

I would like to thank Maherajah water skis, Bob has really been a great support and made my journey very enjoyable . I would also like to thank Wing Wetsuits, they have supported me now for almost my whole skiing career.

Thanks to Wade Bennet in the preparation of this Profile



Racer of the Fortnight – Fran Hynes

Fran Hynes is the Chief Judge at the 2011 World Titles

How many years have you been involved in ski racing?

Quite a while & have enjoyed it… I have been around since one of the first major event held in Victoria at Lake Eildon with Tom Wyld, Barry Hynes, and Jim Reid involved.

What roles have you done within ski racing?

Nearly everything, but the skiing! As a volunteer I have worked in all facets of judging from the buoy boats, technical assistance, organisation of events, Chief Judge, on juries and even working in the canteen.

You are the Chief Judge for the worlds this year in Australia. What other world events have you judged in?

I have been a judge at the world titles now for the last 10-12 events. These have been in many different roles from technical assistance to assistant Chief Judge and this year Chief Judge.

What do like most about being involved in ski racing?

I enjoy the friendship that I have been fortunate to make to the make through the participants in Australian and overseas. There has been great satisfaction in watching the junior skiers and competitors travel through the ranks and encourage a new generation of ski racers.

If someone was to become involved in ski racing as an admin role / judging role, what advice would give them?

An official should always be approachable & take the time to listen all sides of an argument / discussion before voicing an opinion. It is wise to bounce ideas / solutions that are beneficial to the sport with a fellow administrator, whilst keeping the confidence of the competitor. There will have heart aches, but the rewards of friendship and seeing the best for the sport are beneficial. Be aware that not everyone will agree with your actions, but have confidence in yourself and the sport, because in the end that is what we are working for,

What are you looking forward to most when you travel to Morten Bay for this years event?

I will be great to renew friendships and seeing some exciting competitive racing on the water.
Having been involved in all division of water skiing, attending world titles and involvement in numerous events including the Moomba Masters, I am proud and humbled to be chosen in the role of Chief Judge for the World Titles in Australia and I am looking forward to seeing great safe racing on the water.

Racer of the Fortnight – Emma Duckworth

Emma Duckworth and her F2 Crew


Emma Duckworth

What team?

Team V-Maximize

Where are you from?

Auckland, New Zealand


Clinical Research Manager

What class do you compete in?

I observe in F2 Mens, Open Mens, Masters, SMOC and Sub-Juniors

What titles / championships do you have under your belt?

Various NZ and Trans-Tasman age group titles as a skier. That’s going back a few years now though!
As an observer, have picked up most NZ titles, including mens open a few times. I also have three 3rd place race medals at Worlds – one for the 4th race in 2003 in Junior Boys and then for races 2 and 4 at the 2007 Worlds in Mens F2. Those were particularly special being the only medals NZ has ever gained outside of Juniors.

What is a memorable moment, ski racing, that you would like to share?

The first race start at the 2007 World Champs in NZ that I was co-chair of the organising committee. It was pretty special bringing all those boats and competitors to NZ. Although standing on the podium for our two 3rd placings in Men’s F2 races came pretty close.

Biggest influence on your ski racing career?

Quent Swayn and Tom Curren – legends of NZ ski racing who really set the bar for attitude in NZ.

Which race / venue do you enjoy racing the most? Why?

Lake Taupo, New Zealand. The most beautiful place in the world, with really trying conditions. It’s never flat, and the hard fresh water can throw anything at you.

What are the challenges for you each race?

To not miss a thing. To be as on to it as I can at any moment and do the best job for my skiers.

How do you prepare for each race?

By following the same routine. Know what you need and what works for you and your skier.

What kind of training do you do and how often?

My Worlds skier and I prepare with Crossfit training ( – this is intense broad training like no other. As well as on the water training whenever we can.

If a younger or newer competitor was coming through the ranks what piece of advice would you offer?

For observers I always offer the advice of anticipating each move before it happens. Don’t wait for someone to take advantage or for your skier to wave up or down – think ahead of the game.

Supporters / Sponsors?

Team VMaximize is sponsored by Mainfreight and Trojan Trailer parts.

Team VMax

Is there a race or title that you want to win most ? Why?

Bryce Newton Memorial 100 Mile Classic on Blue Lake in Rotorua New Zealand. Because this is the ultimate race in NZ, and I have come 2nd seven times!

Racer of the Fortnight – Jack Houston

Aussie Ski Racer, Jack Houston, took some time out of his busy training schedule, to sit in the Racer of the Fortnight hot seat and answer some questions about his stellar career so far and what’s next for the current, defending, Junior Boys World Champion.

What team are you from / do you ski with ?
Team Stinga Racing / Tuff-e-Nuff

When did you start ski racing ?
When I was 8 in 2002

Where are you from ?
I am from Wilberforce, Sydney, NSW.

Do you get much on water training there ?
Only about once a week. Botany Bay is where I do most of my on water training

How do you prepare for each race?

I have a set routine in the morning, which involves 3 Weetbix when I get up. Before a race, I like to isolate myself from everyone else, I have a certain warm-up and stretching session and I eat a packet of red frogs and a banana.

What classes do you like to compete in most ?

Junior Boys, Social Men, F2.

Which race venues do you enjoy racing at the most and why ?

The Hawkesbury River, because its basically my home and Botany Bay because this is where I do mostly all of my on water training.

What sort of titles / championships do you have under your belt ?

I have won 5 NSW State Titles, 6 Australian Titles and 1 Junior Boys World Title.

Who’s been your biggest influence on your ski racing career?

My father has been my biggest influence on my ski racing career. When I was younger I was inspired by him winning all of these races like the Bridge to Bridge, driving the boat ‘Stinga”. One day I wanted to ski behind him and win some races of my own, so I stepped on a race ski, raced my first race and won. It also happened to be my first National Title too.
I loved the feeling of winning so I kept at it and my ability grew and grew as well as my love for the sport. This then got me to achieving my goal of getting to the top of winning a World Championship.
Without my father pushing me along I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I am sure that I have the same influence on him because if I weren’t racing, he wouldn’t be either.

What’s a memorable moment, ski racing, that you would like to share?

The most memorable moment for me was in 2009, winning my first ever World Championship. I will never forget the fourth race at Viersel, when I crossed that line, the pride that I felt was like nothing else, because I knew that I had truly achieved my goal.
That moment was even more special because I had my family and my close friends by my side throughout my whole campaign.

What are the challenges for you each race?

Well being the current World Champion, my biggest challenge is my competition. All of my competitors are out to get me on the water and beat me.
It is almost like I have a big target on my back, and I have to make sure that they don’t reach that target.

What drives you mentally to train and grow as an athlete ?

The feeling of winning keeps me going because there is nothing better than winning in my eyes and if I don’t feel like I have skied well or have gotten beaten. I will go to the gym the day after and train as hard as I can until I feel like I am ready to do my best again.

If a younger or newer competitor was coming through the ranks what piece of advice would you offer?

I would try to stress to them that it is important that no matter how big your goal may be, if you put the time and effort in, you can achieve that goal.

Do you have some hidden talent ?

I do! I can play the guitar and I can draw fairly well too. But other than that I am not too good at anything else.

What are your goals for 2011 and beyond ?

My ultimate goal at the moment is to win the 2011 World Championships in Queensland and to become the first Skier to win two Junior World Titles in a row. I have already achieved my first step of being the number 1 skier for Australia in Junior Boys.

Would you like to thank any supporters or sponsors?

I would like to thank DC Waterskis, Wizard Wetsuits and Coldy’s for supporting me. Without them my Worlds campaign would not be possible.
Also my family and the Keys family for taking me training, also the Boylan family for their contributions.

** Footnote..- Jack has just won Intermediate Mens @ Catalina 2011, backing up from his win last year in Juniors. He has also won the SRNSW Male Skier of the year for the 2nd time in a row.

…Some movies of Jack in action..

Team Stinga Racing @ the 2009 Belgium Worlds (part 1)

Team Stinga Racing @ the 2009 Belgium Worlds (part 2)

Jack and Ben Hackett behind Team 50/ Tuff e Nuff @ the 2010 Mildura 100

Jack and Ben Hackett finishing Grafton Bridge to Bridge 2009

Gosford World Team Selection Race 2008

*Photography kindly contributed by Linda Keys, Rob Storum, Vanessa Eyles, Billy Lacroix, Craig Coffey, Kate Houston

Racer Of The Fortnight – Jake Frame

Great Britain’s Junior skier 17yr old Jake Frame sits in the hot seat for this edition of Racer Of The Fortnight.  Jake is busy preparing for the World Championships in Australia

Racer of the Fortnight – Justin Cadden

Justin is an Installation Manager and at 36 years of age, started Ski Racing when he was around 12 -13 years of age. His first race was in 1987 at Mildura skiing Adam Carne.

Influences in Ski Racing

Early on, Justin’s parents were a big influence as they encourage him to have a go and took him all over the country to the different ski races.
Gordon Johnson the driver of Osprey taught Justin, all about winning and being competitive on the water, which has held in good stead for ski racing today.
His wife Jacqui and daughter Ruby are significant influence now, as they dictate what he can and cannot do.

What Justin has won over the years.

Southern 80 a couple of times behind Hellrazor (2002)and Top Shot (2000).
An Australian title in Seniors behind True Blue in 2010. Numerous Victorian & South Australian titles and point score events. A US national as a kid.

What is Justin’s favourite race?

Southern 80, for the atmosphere it provides along with the challenges on the water.

Advice to up and coming Ski Racers

You need the right equipment (ski, helmet, wetsuit, etc) and the dedication to be at the top of what you are doing.


Strictly Marine, Wizard Wetsuits, DC skis.

Highlights in Ski Racing

The 2002 Southern 80 winning behind Hellrazor, skiing with Steve Rowe with Mark Cranny & Greg James in the boat.

Teams involved with

Gassa, Strictly Business Racing.

Worlds Aspiration

Would like to be a world champion, but realises that maybe the run has been left a bit late. This year has seen too many boat dramas for a real shot in the F2 worlds

Racer Of The Fortnight – Austria’s Kathrin Ortlieb

Round 1 of the European Cup kicks off on the River Danube Vienna Austria June 10th Kathrin’s home country . We put Kathrin in the hot seat for this edition of Ski Racer of The Fortnight

Racer Of The Fortnight – USA Skier Katelin Wendt

American F1 Ladies Ski Racer Katelin Wendt aged 24yrs from Huntington Beach California is preparing for two major events in 2011 Catalina & the World Championships. We put Katelin in the hot seat for this edition of Ski Racer Of The Fortnight.

Racer Of The Fortnight – Britains Russell Cox

 Russell’s racing career started over 30 years ago. There’s 1 race which he has yet to compete in , The Catalina Ski Race. Russell says “I can’t wait to do it, in true Miami Vice style !” We put Russell in the hot seat for this edition of Racer Of The Fortnight

Racer of the Fortnight – Brad Dutton

Racer of the Fortnight – Brad Dutton

25 Apr 2011

Brad Dutton from Hamilton, New Zealand is the our new Racer of the Fortnight.

Brad works as a Part & Accessories Manager at Rollos Marine , based in Hamilton NZ – a family business owned by Brad’s parents.

Brad competes in a number of classes as a driver, observer and skier. He is looking to go to the 2011 worlds as an observer in Women’s F2 & Junior Girls.

Brad has a number of titles and championships under his belt, they include: NZ National, North Island & Series Champion at Under 13, Under 16 and Under 19 level as a skier. NZ National and Series Champion as an observer in Under 13 Boys, Under 19 Girls, Ladies Open and Ladies F2 in the last 2 seasons. Went to the Worlds in 2003 as a Junior and gained a podium in round 4 and 4th overall. Come 2nd 3 times in the 100 Miler – The worlds longest circuit ski race.

Memorable Moments

Winning the Trans Tasman Challenge as team captain against Victoria in Australia.
Skiing the NZ Bridge to Bridge behind Aussie boat Noizworks with Cara Johincke, going the quickest i’ve ever been.
Gaining a worlds medal in the 2003 Worlds when i got 3rd in Junior Boys in Round 4.
Winning the Karen Cartmer Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to Ski Racing in NZ.

Biggest Influence on Ski Racing Career

Definitely my father, Greg, Drove for me most of my races in my ski racing career. Taught me how to drive and supported me financially

Race / Venue which is special

The NZ Bridge to Bridge is probably the most special to me because it is in my backyard and my parents business sponsor the race and has been a big part of my life for many years.
The 100 Miler is probably my favourite circuit race held at the Blue Lakes in Rotorua – such a picture perfect venue and such a gruelling race.

Is there a race or title that you want to win most ? Why?

The NZ Bridge to Bridge – Just because its the Bridge
The 100 Miler(been 2nd 3 times and 3rd twice) because it is the longest most gruelling race we have here in NZ and possibly the worlds.

What sort of training do you do?

At the moment I am not skiing as much but still try to do a bit of training – mainly Mountain Biking and a bit of social skiing, planking etc. Did a lot more gym work when i was skiing competitively all the time.

Advice to a younger competitor

Be Humble in victory and defeat and let your skiing do the talking. Ski Racing is 90% mental.
Its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.
No Guts, No Glory

Supporters & Sponsors

Parents, Rollo’s Marine, Bullet Boats NZ, Yamaha Motor NZ, DC Skis,

Racer of The Fortnight – Belgium Junior Robin Marien

16 Year old Robin Marien dominated the Juniors at the 2010 European Championships held in Arcos De La Fontera Spain.

Racer Of The Fortnight – Richard Kirk

Britains Multiple F2 Champion Richard Kirk dominated the Formula 2 series in 2010 . As The UK prepares for the 2011 racing series, we put Richard aged 35yrs  in the spotlight for this issue of ‘Racer of the fortnight’

Racer of the Fortnight – Cameron King

20 Year old American Cameron King lives at Manhattan Beach, California, and when he’s not ski racing, he’s studying Architecture at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.

Racer of the Fortnight – Steven Morley

Steven Morley

Steven started in the sport of water ski racing as a youngster in late 1980’s with his father Colin and Mum Carol, as they travelled with the ski racing scene. Over the years he has competed in most events in Australia and few overseas.

A bit about Steven

Steven is a Car Dealer, in Echuca, Victoria, Australia. He is married to Serena and a proud father of Jack 4, Ruby 2 & Milly 6 months.
In the river races, Steven partners James Buser and they ski behind Top Gun with Russell Lewis doing the driving, and with Chris Gelle in the observer’s seat. They compete in Superclass.
In the lake circuits, Steven competes in many events such as his age events (Senior Men’s, Open Men) F2 and this season has had a go at Social Men’s, but “it is scary shit skiing on those small skis”.

Ski Racing Career

Steven started skiing in 1986-87 season. His first Southern 80 was skiing behind Azatak with Harley Nicholls and Andrew Hunt in the boat and skiing with Scott Clever. In 1988 again fronting up for the 80 but this time behind Too Low 4 Zero with Dad, Colin driving and with Darcy Duggan observing whilst skiing with Justin Cadden, again in the Under 13 class.
Teaming up with the Thundernuts crew in 1991– Michael Dominguez, Eugene Bonollo and skier Brett Dominguez, saw the start of a lifetime friendship between the Morley & Dominguez families that is still very strong today.
A highlight in the early years of racing was winning the 1992 Southern 80 as a 16 year old, competing in the 16-19 Boys class in a time of 33:34, with the Thundernuts crew.
1991 /92 season, saw the Thundernuts crew win the Southern 80 and the Mildura 100 and the title of the King of the Murray.
Over the years, as Steven progressed through the different age classes from Under 13’s to Seniors where he skis now, there were trophies for winning point score series, Victorian and South Australian state titles along the journey.
Racing along Steven in those days was his mate, Brett Dominguez. There was a rivalry between them, which saw close racing on the water, pushing each other to develop their skiing ability further, but when it came time for the rivers – they put that aside and skied together. Off the water they were and are best mates. There were many bunny hop competitons along the way – some of which you can see on the Bunnies page.

In 1997 after a ski racing injury, Steven retired from the sport of water ski racing for a while. The 2001 / 02 season, saw Steven lured back to the sport to observe for the Blown Budget / Thundernuts crew. His invaluable experience on the water helped him to be an excellent observer, always looking out for the skier.

Michael & Brett Dominguez encouraged Steven back onto the water in 2002, to ski with the Blown Budget crew. This time Tim Dominguez was in the boat and with Brett & Steven skiing there was a determination in the team to win the Southern 80 yet again. This was achieved in 2003 in a time of 31:42 ( a bit faster than the 1992 time, they played it smarter!). This was probably the most memorable moment for Steven. The 1992 win, although a joy, Steven was too young to really appreciate the win.

Influences on Steven’s Ski Racing Career

Wayne Duggan: “ I spent a lot of time with Wayne as I was growing up, I listened to him”
Gavin Arnott: “ I mimicked his style and admired his skiing”
Michael Dominguez:” He worked hard to make things happen, whether it was driving all night to a ski race, doing engine development / practice on the Saturday. Then racing Sunday and to then turn around to go back home for work on Monday. Michael was a quiet achiever and a gentleman.”

The Southern 80 is Steven’s favourite race for a number of things. It is in his home town – Echuca. He has won it outright twice. There are challenges for the whole team in the event.
Steven said “ I have more of a appreciation of the Bridge to Bridge as I have got older, compared to when I was younger. It is a race of tactics and starting 10 wide is a challenge in itself. When I was younger I would ski as hard as I could for a long as I could, but now I am more aware of tactics and utilising my knowledge of the event to ski to my best.”

Training and Preparing for an event

Getting as much time on the water is an ideal way to prepare for an event. This year it has been somewhat of a challenge, as the Murray River in Echuca, has been in flood or had black water for most of the season. So trips with the family to Melbourne and Geelong to ski on the bay have been made over the season. Gym work about three times a week is also a vital part of Steven’s routine prior to an event.

Advice to younger or new competitors?

Utilise the 7 P’s and lots of preparation are very important.
Communication with your observer is vital, this extends to on land and on water. Your observer should know your style of skiing, your limits and strengths. They are a vital part of the team, as they are the communication point between the skiers and the driver.
If possible stay with one observer, they get to know your strengths and weaknesses better than you, and they know when to push you – they are the vital communicator in the team.

Supporters and Sponsors

Family is vital – Serena, Jack, Ruby & Milly
His sponsors are MAG, Harp of Erin, and Top Gun Ski Racing

Videos of Steven

All Hawkesbury Hot Shots 2010 Sydney Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race ( 1st Corner )
Top Gun 2nd Outright 2010 Sydney Bridge to Bridge water ski race
TOP GUN Ski Racing Team
Top Gun Ski Race Team website

Racer of the Fortnight – Michael Kelly

This fortnight’s featured ‘Racer of the Fortnight’ is Queensland ski racer Michael ( Mick ) Kelly.

Mick is exceptionally talented in all aspects of skiing, driving and observing.

Recently, as part of Noel Griffin Racing (NGR) Mick has shown his versatility on many occasions, taking numerous outright placing trophies from races all over Australia in Super Class skiing behind Burnin’.

There have also been many others in crew  positions, in this boat and many others, all over Australia, and indeed the World.

In events like the 2009 Belgium World Titles, Mick donned the Observers jacket, helping Chris Stout to a fantastic 3rd placing in F1 Mens,  just behind Wayne Mawer and Todd Haig on points.

The guys are focused on making the Aussie Team again in F1 for the 2011 World Ski Racing Titles, to be held near his hometown of Brisbane.

During the 2010 – 11 season he has also been driving NGR’s Burnin’ to wins in Junior Boys and in Veterans @ the H120, towing Shane ‘Japs’ Helson and Darren Apps. The guys grabbed a great 2nd placing,  just seconds behind the winner.

He jumped on the ski again to take out Unlimited Outboard with Joel Massey at the 2010 Sydney Bridge to Bridge behind 2 Wild.

Mick sat down and tackled a few questions for SkiRace.Net, as our ‘Racer of the Fortnight’.

  • Biggest influence on your ski racing career?

Noel Griffin without a doubt. From his humble beginnings, to the force he now is in ski racing, his love of the sport has never waned, which has been great to be around. He’s also helped me out more than I can begin to mention.

  • What team?

Technically I’m a freelancer now, just skiing with whoever will tow me, but I’d say my primary position is observer/driver/skier/trailer biatch/ rope put’er’on’a’rer /Pidge’s ski carrier  for NGR. Whatever needs doing.

  • Where are you from?

Ipswich, Queensland.

  • When did you start ski racing ?

I think my first real race was Under 16 Social at the Southern 80 in 95’.

  • What classes do you compete in?

Whatever I can ! I have skied in everything from Social to Super Class, and continue to drive and observe in whatever boat has a spare seat.

  • Supporters / Sponsors?

My Wife.

NGR. (Noel Griffin Racing)

Prop Industries.

DK Disc’s and Ski Fabrication.

  • Which race / venue do you enjoy racing the most?

Hard to pass up the Victorian river races, they’re always fun races, but I’ve always got a soft spot for Moogerah Dam in Qld. Nothing like a home ground advantage.

  • What titles / championships do you have under your belt?

Have won a few here and there, skiing and observing.

I have held a MOC Australian Title, and had a few Qld ones in Mens and Marathon under the belt in years gone by.

3rd in F1 Mens at Belgium Worlds observing for Chris Stout, would have to rank pretty highly though.

  • What is a memorable moment, ski racing, that you would like to share?

Any Qld Title race against Pidge (Grant Turner) springs up. They’re always a bit too close for my liking.

Towing ‘Special’ (Seanne Kelly) to a Qld Marathon Title win over some good competition comes to mind.

Also having to sit around for hours after the final race in Belgium to find out if we’d taken third or not is something I won’t forget.

Driving Burnin at the H120 and winning with the kids was pretty sweet too.

  • What are the challenges for you each race?

Biggest problem is that there are too many other talented ski racers out there to compete with.

Each race is different and the challenges vary depending on which position in the team I’m in at the time.

I have had a lot of ups and downs in skiing, and overcoming injuries or getting yourself back to the right standard for races after slacking is always difficult.

  • How do you prepare for each race?

I try and get as much on water work as I can, social skiing, the occasional bay run. Gym.

Again, it depends what job I’m doing. I like to have a clear picture in my head about the job at hand, the course and competition.

Observing wise I like to do a bit of research about upcoming races, who we’re competing against, the venue etc.

Then if I’m skiing … there’s nothing wrong with a few nerves.

  • If a younger or newer competitor was coming through the ranks what piece of advice would you offer?

Get your technique right, be prepared, take your time to develop your skiing skills and think about what you’re doing.

Don’t try and do it all straight away, you won’t get to be as good as Pidgeon overnight.

  • Do you have a hidden talent ?

Disc’n. Not sure it’s much of a talent, but will give myself and Pidge a wrap as some of the original gangsters of disc riding – far too much spare time’s been spent on them.

  • What are your goals for 2011 ?

The posts keep changing ! A month ago I would have said Grafton Bridge to Bridge, but that’s gone by the wayside for now. Probably getting Chris Stout to the Worlds is the main one, not that he’ll need much of my help, that man is a machine! Other than that just stay safe on the ski.

  • What other ways do you help promote or organize ski racing ?

I’m the Vice Captain of Ski Racing Queensland, and a ‘reporter’ for , just trying to get ski racing out to as many people as possible.

Some movies of Mick in action ..

Mick skiing behind 2Wild @ the 2010 Sydney Bridge to Bridge

Mick behind Burnin\’ 2010 Qld State Titles

Mick and Pidge do battle 2010 Qld State Titles

Behind Burnin with Tom Smith – Robinvale 2010

Mick and Tom finishing 2010 Southern 80 (3rd Outright)

2009 Barrie Beehag – Behind Burnin\’

Driving Burnin\’, Qld Series Day, Moogerah Dam

Burnins start Mildura 100 2010 with Mick & Tom skiing

* Thanks to contributing photographers,

Paula Newland – Racer Of The Fortnight

Britains F2 Ladies skier Paula Newland admits that being around boats and water skiing all her life just gets better as she gets older! We put Paula in the hot seat for the 1st of our fortnightly Focuses

New Site Feature – Racer of the Fortnight

The team has recently agreed on a new regular feature for the site. Every fortnight, a skier, driver or observer will be profiled and named “Racer of the Fortnight”.

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