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63rd Catalina Ski Race Top 3 positions

16th July Long Beach to Catalina Island and back. The 63rd Catalina Ski Race .66 boats on the start grid. Weather conditions perfect.As the engines started to roar a shiver went down my back..

Here are the top 3 winners

Open Men

1st Todd Haig 50.13.90

2nd Peter Procter 50.19.22

3rd Stephen Robertson 52.08.96

Womens open

1st Erin Saunders 59.52.67

2nd Chelbe Kinslow 1.15.05

Intermediate Men

1st Jack Houston 55.43.59

2nd Cameron King 57.43.24

3rd Marc Avella 58.11.57


1st Jack Harrison 1.18.48

2nd Deke Douty 1.58.46

Over And Back

1st Don Kennedy/Chris Kennedy 1.09.08

2nd Marshall Cole/Jon Cole 1.10.18

3rd Scott Brooks/Ringo James Hogben 1.17.50


1st Cal Meissen 1.31.20

2nd Paul Thompson 1.45.09

Mixed Double

1st Lori Dunsmore/John Kompaniez 1.14.34

2nd Bob Grande/Cheryl Ruston 1.26.20


1st Luke Keys 1.03.22

2nd Joel Massey 1.17.41

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