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Burnin wins 2012 Barrie Beehag








Well an action packed day of racing, saw Burnin from Queensland take out the overall Barrie Beehag event in a time of 22:53.87.  The team Gary Holzwart (Qld), Brian Griffin (Echuca, Victoria) & Andrew Griffin and Richard Sower (Qld) were competing in the Unlimited Inboard / Outboard class, beat all the Other boats for the honour of winning the 2012 Barrie Beehag ski race.

150 boats and crews attended briefing and started preparations for a great day of racing on the sunny Saturday morning.

The first boat to front the starter was Hellrazor, last year’s winner.  As the starters flag dropped the boat steered by Mark Cranny went to take off, when there was a large ‘pop’, – the team floated to the side.  It was later revealed that a transmission had malfunctioned and that ended the team chances of another win in the Barrie Beehag.

The next team on the water was Elm Street with Danny Timewell driving, Peter Strike observing and skiers Troy Baren and Justin Cadden. They had a smooth start and they made the turn around in a time of 11:48.

The Syndicate did not attend the event, but their skiers Kevin Vahtrik and Danny Cropper instead skied behind Gassa who took off in position 9.

The fourth boat away was Noel Griffin’s Blazen towing Grant Turner and Mark Weaver, they made half way point in at time of 25:31, but did not make the return leg.

In Superclass the winner was 99 Psycho Clowns with Daniel McMahon and Ian Baker in the boat and skiers Michael Kelly and Wayne Mawer in a time of 23:28.34.  Second was local boat The Mistress with Leo Welch and Chris Gelle in the boat and skiers Zac Welch and Ben Gulley in a time of 23:28.62.  Very close racing.

Unlimited Inboard / Outboard was won by Burnin, with Omen Racing Second in a time of 24:11.51, with Thundernuts third.

Super Slak Racing won the 8 Litre class towing Dylan Stevenson and Cameron Mitchell in a time of 24:36.18 and a new class record.

Evinrude Ace racing won MOC expert in a record time 27:47.02, Darren Spencer and Anthony Nott were in the boat with skiers Shane Floyd and Gerard Atkins.

Ultra Trouble Maker towing Ray Ball and Jason Cartledge beat their current record in this class with a time of 24:15.56.

SMOC Expert saw the team of Alien Force towing skiers Dale Linaker and Ben Pearse complete the course in time of 29:31.90.

Messy Racing, Sky High and Saintn all broke records in the 200hp Outboard class.  Messy racing’s time was 30:14.96 with Tony & Georgia Mithen in the boat and skiers Nathan Evans and Clinton Stratton.

Under 19 / Boys and Girls, saw the Chief team of Todd Newman and Luke Simpson in the boat and skiers Tyron Naismith and Brandon Togni complete the course in a time of 26:42.03 to win their class.

Pigs Arsenal with skiers Sean Stevens and Jackson Hammond won the Junior Boys / Girls class in a record time of 25:14.99.

The 70 mph class saw the record broken by the top three boats of Thunderstorm, The Irrigator, Roughnutz.

60mph class saw Harrasment take the winner’s trophy in a time of 37:58.08 from Totally Against the Grain in a time of 38:45.32

Overall a great day of racing.  There was a delay in the turnaround of the event at Torrumbarry, this was due to removing stranded boats off the water and technical issues.


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