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Cairns’ World Record Still Stands

On 2nd Feb 2008, along Stahan Beach on Tasmania’s West Coast, 121 water skiers were prepared for an assault on the world record of ‘most skiers behind one boat over one nautical mile’.

The record was set more than 20 years ago in Cairns, Queensland by 100 skiers, one of whom was 1999 World Water Ski Racing Champion Wayne Mawer.

The Tasmanian attempt has involved five years of planning and the construction of a 60 metre long boom. A 35-metre cruise catamaran lifted the skiers out of the water at a top speed of 40 kilometres an hour. The record attempt involved skiers ranging in age from 10 to 67 years old.

Unfortunately the boom snapped during the Tasmanian record attempt and Cairns still holds the record.

Thanks to Neville Fry in Cairns for the news.

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