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Update – Catalina Ski Race 2015

Update – Catalina Ski Race 2015

23 Mar 2015

The race committee has decided to scrap the handicap system due to the negative feedback we have received. Sportsman Class will allow up to 400 HP outboards.

Important Information – 2015 Catalina Ski Race

Updates for the 2015 Catalina Ski Race.

Race date: Saturday July 18th 2015.

Introducing for 2015 – “SUPERCLASS”. For boats 21.3’ (6.5 meters) or under (Boats will be measured per IWWF Racing Rule 5.01). Engine rules are unrestricted. Fuel must be Gasoline, Race Fuel or Aviation Fuel only. No Alcohol, Nitro-Methane, Nitrous or Oxygenating fuel additives allowed. For 2015 the SUPERCLASS will be open to any age or caliber skier. For 2016 and beyond participants will complete an application as well as an entry form for consideration by the Race Committee. Only teams with the proper qualifications will be accepted.

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