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Euro Championships – 10 July Update

We have just witnessed a tremendous race from F1 & F2 men in the first round of the European Championships. Chris Stout led the field with Wayne Mawer close behind. In 3rd position we saw Dimitri Bertels and Darren Kirkland just behind him.

Thanks to Kelly Ireland for the photos
Thanks to Sue Fleming for the results

Stout & Mawer battle it out

Mawer pulled ahead of Stout in the 2nd third of the race and went on to win the race overall. Stout’s boat lost power two laps before the end and forced them into retirement. Bertels was on hand to finish 2nd and Tommy Klarenbeek took 3rd. Darren Kirkland’s handles broke and although he got going again, he lost any chance of a finish in the frame.

Wayne Mawer in-charge & in-flight

In F2, we saw Tom Tim Lisens of Belgium lead from start to finish whilst 2nd and 3rd positions changed regularly throughout the race. In the end we saw Lisens win with Steven Van Gaeveran 2nd andRichard Kirk 3rd.

Cameron King in action

F3 was another exciting race with Britain’s James Hutchinson winning. Seniors was won by Patrick Dom who led from start to finish.

EuroKids A & B went ahead and I am awaiting results.

Christan Ortileb winning EuroKids B – photo by Cameron King

Juniors and Women’s did not go ahead due to rough seas.

Racing continues in the morning.

Official Results Here

The turn

F2 skiers in battle




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