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Federations Rally to Support Skiers for Worlds

Whilst the IWSF Racing Council choose not to remove rule 3.03, National Federations have jumped to the rescue to save their skiers from the constraints that this rule poses for international skiers.

Patrick Donovan, Executive Officer of The British Water Ski, recently wrote to the IWSF and has helped secure Darren Kirkland’s right to ski with the team of his choice at the 2009 Worlds (read the article).

The Austrian Federation has also secured the same right for their skier Kathrin Ortlieb and the Spanish Federation is currently following suit to secure rights for three of its skiers.

This is excellent news for world class skiers and an example of National Federations that are helping their athletes. The sad fact remains that the IWSF has wasted the time and effort of so many people by enforcing a rule for a purpose it was never designed, and has hindered the careers of athletes and international teams.

The landscape of international water ski racing has changed from the landscape of yesteryear; and the sooner the whole IWSF wakes up to that fact and ceases to make competitors jump through hoops, the better it will be for the sport.

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