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Diamond Race- Interviews & Racing Videos & Results

After almost 3000 plays of the Racing video in less than 24 hrs, I’ve also now published a 10 minute ‘interviews & presentations’ video from the Diamond Race where 2005 World Champions Todd Haig and Kim Lumley secured well deserved wins. It was an incredible race with a record number of competitors taking part (around 90). My sincere thanks to Vera and Stefan for their help. Many thanks to Wim Lamot for the photos below.

Just briefly …Chris Stout led the full first lap before Wayne Mawer crept ahead and dominated 1st position until he suffered mechanical problems at the 30 minute mark. Haig took ownership of the number one position for the rest of race whilst Darren Kirkland and Dimitri Bertels fought it out for 2nd and 3rd. Kirkland finished just ahead of Bertels but the Belgian had a 10 second buffer to play with as he started a grid behind Kirkland which meant the Mens F1 results were; 1st Haig, 2nd Bertels, 3rd Kirkland.

See more photos here by Wim Lamot

and here by Luc@s & Pepe

Video 1 – 11 minute video of the racing
Video 2 – 10 minute video of interviews & presentations

The 2008 Diamond Race from Robbie Llewellyn on Vimeo.

Diamond Race Interviews & Presentations from Robbie Llewellyn on Vimeo.

Men F1
1st Todd Haig (USA)
2nd Dimitri Bertels (BEL)
3rd Darren Kirkland (GB)

Men F2
1st Yves Verboven (BEL)
2nd Dave Vansteelant (BEL)
3rd Tim Lisens (BEL)

Men F3
1st Michael Glenet (BEL)
2nd Jack Lycnh (GB)
3rd Sander Baerts (BEL)

1st Patrick Dom (BEL)
2nd Glenn Manchett (GB)
3rd Marc Mossiat (BEL)

1st Brady Hoggins (USA)
2nd Billy Smith (GB)
3rd Yolien Bormans (BEL)

Ladies F1
1st Kim Lumley (GB)
2nd Sabine Ortlieb (AUT)
3rd Sylvia De Spiegeleire (BEL)

Ladies F2
1st Katharina Hebenstreit (AUT)
2nd Lori Dunsmore (USA)
3rd Natascha Vansteenlant (BEL)

Euro-Kids B
1st Christian Ortlieb (AUT)
2nd Jake Frame (GB)
3rd Victoria Hummel (AUT)

Euro-Kids A
1st Michael Foestel (AUT)
2nd Hailey Van de Ven (BEL)
3rd Thomas Smith (GB)

Results with the 1000 points calculated for first European skier

Full results will be available at Belgian web site

Photos below by Wim Lamot
F1 Men

F1 Women

EuroKids A

EuroKids B


F2 Women

F2 Men

F3 Men


Photos by Wim Lamot
See many more photos here

and here from Luc@s & Pepe

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