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7 x IWWF Racing Council Projects

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) Racing Council has a number of projects underway in an effort to improve international water ski racing. The following projects were agreed at the IWWF Racing Council meeting in Belgium in July 2009:

1) Create standard IWWF Racing judges test
Owner: Louis Simard

  • Finalize standard test for ALL international racing judges
  • Update the “Role and Responsibility of Chief Judge”
  • Coordinate with Secretary General to constantly update the judges to remain current with rule changes and modifications.
  • Coordinate with region presidents to ensure updated test has been completed by all IWSF Racing Judges.
  • Ensure all nominated judges for a world championships have passed the updated test.

2) Explore the idea of using racing bibs at the World Championships
Owner: Ann Procter


  • Racers from each country will wear the same color bibs at the World
  • Championships for easy identification. Similar to snow skiing and bicycle racing.
  • Have a designated color big for the overall points leader in each division at the World Championships. Similar to the “yellow jeasey” in bicycle racing.


  • How would the bibs work with current skier equipment? Must be easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Should not hinder skier performance.
  • Possibility of allowing personal sponsor and / or event sponsor logos on the bib.

3) Re-establish Giro Del Lario
Owners: Jules Leysen & Vera Van Den Bossche

  • Work with Italian organizers to reestablish this iconic race.
  • Work with Italian Federation to once again become involved in racing.
  • Possibly establish a European Grand Prix circuit to include Giro Del Lario.

4) IWWF Hall of Fame Nominations
Owner: Mike Waterman

  • Become familiar with IWWF Hall of Fame criteria and selection process
  • Establish a list of possible racing candidates. Should be the very best, not just the good. Can be from any category (competitors, pioneers, officials).
  • Narrow list of nominees and submit to racing council for final consideration.

5) Technical Committee
Owner: Greg Dutton

  • Keep an open dialog between competitors in all regions, federations and individuals who participate or who have interest in participating in the World Championships as it relates to technical rules, engines and hull configurations.
  • Begin manufacture involvement in ski racing. How can we make it more advantageous for manufactures to be involved.

6) Secretary General
Owner: Meryl Lee

  • Rules – keep an understandable history of how each rule was written and why.
  • Maintain communication with IWWF web site and the associated links to all federations who have a racing web site. Update as needed.
  • Coordinate rule book printing as needed.
  • Assist in proper communicate amongst committees.

7) Historian
Owner: Glen Coles

  • Collect and organize all information on International Ski Racing, from at least 1973 to present.
  • Prepare world championship date to include organizing groups, teams who have competed, individual accounts and interviews with participants who have played a substantial role in ski racing history.
  • Create media package for all future organizers.
  • Keep historical archives of all past Racing Council Meeting Minutes.
  • History to include all major ski races around the world and their impact on world competition.
  • Create history on boats and mechanical innovations that are unique to water ski racing.


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