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Mary McMillan Will Ski in the 50th Bridge to Bridge

David McMillan has today announced the tremendous news that his 80yr old grandmother Mary will now compete in the 50th Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race in NSW Australia.

David wrote:

I would like to advise that due to the efforts of the Bridge to Bridge’s major sponsor Nick Feros from Feros Group of Hotels and Cliff Priest, Mary and myself attended a meeting at 5.00pm yesterday at the NSW Water Ski Federation with Meryl Lee and Jan Thurgar who represent the Federation.

This meeting was instigated by Nick and Cliff in an attempt to work together to find a solution to allow Mary to ski. I confirm that many issues were discussed at great length, but in the end I am happy to say that Mary will be allowed to ski in the Bridge subject to signing an “Agreement” with conditions, the main one being that we will start in the last grid of the first group and will only be allowed to travel up the River till a certain time or designated point, then we will pull over and wait for the Super Class Boats to come through. We will then be allowed to finish the rest of the race.

I have to say that this was not an easy negotiation and I thank all concerned for taking the time and putting in the effort .I know that certain people are not happy with this outcome, however I strongly believe that the majority of the ski racing fraternity will be pleased to see Mary be included in this Race as she rightfully deserves to be.

We cannot thank the hundreds of people that have taken the time to email your support, together with the support we have also received from the Social Network Websites, I have no doubt that this meeting would not have occurred if it wasn’t for the efforts of the wider ski racing fraternity and we thank you again for taking the time out of your busy lives to help this cause.

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I will say that I am still extremely disappointed with how my Grandmother has been treated by certain people, however this treatment has been far outweighed by the fabulous support from the majority of ski racing, Australian and Oversees communities.Once again I would like to thank the major sponsor Feros Group of Hotels who was instrumental in this meeting taking place. I now feel that Mary can prepare and enjoy the lead up to such an important milestone and achievement in her life without all the undue stress that has been associated with this experience.

Once again thanks to ALL for your efforts and support.

David McMillan

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