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Rachel Casson’s 170kph fall in 1991

One of Britain’s great Women’s ski racers in history is Rachel Casson. At the 1991 Worlds in Darwin Australia, as she was about to win one of the Women’s rounds, she took a horrendous fall at 170kph. Rachel wrote this about the video that she posted on her Facebook account recently …

“This is my ski racing crash that I had in Darwin in 1991. It still makes my stomach turn over now, and believe me on occasions my body is a tad achy but would I have changed things?

No I don’t think so as I loved my skiing with a passion. It gave me a purpose in my life and has helped me to see the truth about alot of things. Life is not a dress rehearsal its the real thing.

Live every day to the full and find the joy in that which you have.”

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