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Italy Reunion – 40 Years of Water Ski Racing Italy

Italy Water Ski Racing 40 Year Reunion

Guido Bollen writes tells us that some prominent water ski racers (Carlo, Stefano, David, Piero, Antonello, Marina, etc…) have put their hands together to organise a reunion to celebrate a special occasion of 40 years of water ski racing in Italy. To meet again with all water ski racing friends we have not seen for many years.

Last week when Guido was in Italy these charismatic characters of water ski racing contacted him and it is the intention that water ski racers (from the past and present times) from all over the World participate in this event. Perhaps even to see a closed door re-opened to watch the re-emergence of infamous “GIRO DI LARIO” move back onto the international water ski racing stage.

This reunion will take place on Saturday November 29th, 2008 in the “Centro Nautico Garlate” and will be followed by a dinner in “Hotel Nuovo” at Garlate (both well know under to Giro de Lario fans).

You will find an invitation with information where to book below.

For further info contact Carlo Cassa ( ) – the international ambassador for this event!



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