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Round 3 is tomorrow (Friday) at Antwerp

Today is another rest day and teams will be participating in a parade this afternoon in the city of Antwerp. Let’s hope the heavy rain clears up for that.

Tomorrow will be a long day:

10:30am: Juniors

3:00pm: Womens

8:00pm: Mens

I shall send out the usual Twitter updates throughout the day and photos and videos should be posted at the end of Friday and Saturday morning.

Tuesday’s race at Genk was the roughest race many of the skiers had ever done. In contrast, round 3 at Antwerp promises to be the fastest race of the series but it won’t be flat by any means. It’ll be fast as far as Belgium canals go!

These races require first class driving ability, a boat that can turn on a sixpence and an observer with all their wits about them. I give a lot of credit to the way most drivers have safely driven these courses so far and I take my hat off to a few who are driven a truly sensational race and are a shining example.

There’s a lot at stake in these final two races. In Mens F1 it will be Wayne Mawer on pole 1 with Todd Haig on his outside, then Stout, Kirkland and Bertels all on that front grid. It’ll be a fast 1st lap but remember the guys are on short lines too. Mark Cranny used White Noise at round 2 after some cause for concern over a part in Tru Blue. Let’s see if he goes back to Tru Blue for tomorrow’s race.

Stay tuned for another blistering day of world championship racing.

If you are in Belgium and would like to write a race report, just send it through to me and I will happily publish it.

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