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Ski Racing Australia, be proud. Fundraiser for Misty raises more than double the original target !

Special mention must go to the huge amount of support shown over the weekend and indeed the previous 3 weeks, for sick Hawkesbury region 3 year old, Misty Colwill, who is bravely fighting Cancer.

Kevin Boylan, Lumpy and Wade Bennett, joined forces and raised a small fortune to help the family get through this hard battle and to let them know that they are not alone.

Thanks to your generosity and goodwill, we managed to not only hit the original $5000 target, but more than double it, with over $10,600 raised !

Along with presenting Misty’s Dad with the huge donation, at the Hawkesbury 120, to go towards her Chemotherapy and the bills that come with that, the crowd were then treated to watch both Dave Coldy and Darren Osmotherly have their heads shaved as people bid for further action from the guys.

Kevin Boylan said ‘Thank you very much to everybody who contributed to Misty’s fundraiser. We would like to finalise everything by this Friday, cheque’s are accepted, made payable to Misty Colwill and can be posted to me 257 Tizzana Road, Ebenezer 2756
If you require any further information please call me on 0409367251 or 45799304.
Thanks again for all your generous donations.’

Please continue to help show that we aren’t just people that race up and down the River, we care about our community as well.

If you can help this happen further, please call Kevin Boylan or email and lets see Misty and her Family’s lives made easier, to fight this battle for life.

Let’s keep the love coming !
Thanks to all !

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