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Terry Bennett – up to 1982 plus 2007 podcast interview

Commencing Trial Skiing in 1966, he teamed up with Peter Ward behind Wally Hackett’s “Thunderbolt” which was a leading ski team for many years. Terry’s greatest achievement was to set a World Endurance Record in 1970 when he skied 538.1 miles in12 hours, 15 minutes and thirty seconds. Wally Hackett’s â”Thunderbolt” and Jim Irish’s “Chuckwagon” were the two boats used for the attempt. The necessary officials for this event were Bill McLaughlin, former World Water Ski Union President Alan Clarke, Gerald de Saint Salvy, Ray Carroll, Roy Ashpole and George Bell, who were just a few of the old time personalities of the ski world. Peter Ward started off with Terry on the attempt, but ended up misjudging one of the turns and ended up on the bank. Terry still actively skis, but has concentrated his greatest endeavours into Administration. Terry also was instrumental in introducing the Australian wrap to ski racing.

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In 1971, Terry took the first ski racing team to America on what was then known as the Expo Tour and this was instrumental in Australia becoming involved on the World and particularly in the American Racing Scene and was a great lift to their standard. These tours still take place and Australia, from their participation, are regarded as Region 5, having the distinction of skiing in the American Championships as one of their regions. Terry was responsible for establishing the region 5 racing format in Australia. He is the President of the N.S.W.W.S.A., a member of the A.W.S.A. Board of Directors and a member of the Australian Ski Racing Technical Committee. In 1973 life membership was granted of the N.S.W.W.S.A. Also Terry was the Team Manager for the Australian Ski Racing Team in Italy at the World Titles in 1981.



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