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Diamond Race Participant Info

Vera Van Den Bossche has issued the official 16 page participant information pack for the 2010 Viersel Diamond Race.

Download the 2010 Diamond Race Participants’ Information Pack

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Letter from the Organising Committee

The International Viersel Diamond Waterski Race is known all over the world. One thing is as hard as a Diamond: the racers love to compete in Viersel. Competing in the Diamond Race is like competing in the Olympics. Winning that same race is … the End.

We want you to compete in that race. Make it once again your race !!! As you know, we do our best to organise this “Jewel”. And a jewel you can win. The Diamond Award 2010 will be given to the winner of Formula 1 Men’s Racing. The other “best three” will be rewarded with a special golden hanger as usual. You know what to expect from the Organisation of the Diamond Race, so do not hesitate and book your best Racing weekend of the year. And, as this is the 25th edition of our Race, we plan to make a very special edition of it. So, be there!

In this map you will find the necessary information for competing in this race. If you need any more info, please do not hesitate and contact the Secretary General’s Office :

Vera Van den Bossche : – tel./fax +32 3 252 83 79
Our website:

This 25th Diamond Race will give you all the Racing-excitement you are looking for. As all of you know, the Diamond Race is a very special race. Everybody stands a chance to win it. But in the end…only the “best” gets the Award. So, be prepared for a trip through hell and back.

We hope that all the races will be hard and exciting. As usual this will result in a fair and sportive outcome. Not every team can leave with the special “Diamond-trophy” but we are convinced that every participant will look upon his or her achievement with content after the races will be over. Participating is sometimes better than winning?

We expect you all at the Viersel Diamond Race 2010 on June 26 and 27 of this year.

Sportive regards,
The Organising Committee

Diamond Race 2010

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