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The Origin of Rule 3.03

The Racing Council has been using Rule 3.03 for a purpose for which it was never intended.

Matthew Northover (Former observer of Darren Kirkland) explained why, after he spoke, a few days ago with the man who introduced the rule with Terry Bennett in 1978 – John Hoiles of Whitstable, UK.

Matt writes …Having read all the recent comments regarding Rule 3.03, I thought it would be helpful to contact John Hoiles who in 1978/79, along with Terry Bennett formulated the Rule Book which in essence still stands today.

John explained that the thinking behind the Rule was purely in the interest of safety and nothing to do with the Team trophy. It was thought at the time, prior to the first World, Skiers from around the Globe would converge at Whitstable, without their boat or crew and be allocated a Team upon arrival (so the speak). Both John and Terry felt, that it would be dangerous for this to happen, as the possible new crew would not know the capability of the skier and therefore this rule was created.

Sadly, the Racing Council over the years have not reviewed Rules which were made some 30 years ago.

—end of Matt’s Comments—

Perhaps it’s now time that the IWSF admits that it has failed to implement the rule for its true purpose. Perhaps it’s time to remove a rule that was fit for purpose 30 years ago but which is not fit for purpose in the 21st century.

The 1st IWSF Racing Council Chairman John Hoiles, did what was right for the sport in 1979, along with the help of the wonderful Terry Bennett. Let’s see Glen Coles, the 2nd IWSF Racing Council Chairman (in his last year of Chairmanship) do what is right for the sport for 2009.

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