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Worlds Results – Round 2

Download full official results here

Rnd 2 results for Jnr Boys & Girls are not included in the Excel spreadsheet for some reason. I will question this and it will be resolved on 15 May

Junior Boys
1st Rory Brien (AUS)
2nd Brady Hoggins (USA)
3rd Cameron King (USA)

Junior Girls
1st Mallory Nordblad (USA)
2nd Trudi Stout (AUS)
3rd Adelaide Cox (NZ)

F1 Men
1st Jason Walmsley (AUS) 01:05:04,09
2nd Daniel Campbell (AUS) 01:05:34,47
3rd Karl Brooks (GB) 01:05:49,77

F2 Men
1st Brad Raine (USA) 01:06:46,95
2nd Chris Stout (AUS) 01:06:47,64
3rd Rick Powell (NZ) 01:11:20,77

F1 Women
1st Ann Procter (AUS) 00:50:15,26
2nd Kim Lumley (GB) 00:50:39,32
3rd Katelin Wendt (USA) 00:51:38,51

F2 Women
1st Tania Teelow (AUS) 00:51:56,36
2nd Lori Dunsmore (USA) 00:52:38,92
3rd Emma Carson (AUS) 00:53:13,45

Download full official results here

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