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Temporary Live Feed Solution for Race Day 1

Those who logged on to the live feed before Round 1 was about to start will know that the quality was excellent, with sound and a chat facility for those watching to discuss things.

Because Saturday’s Racing was cancelled, Round 1 will be held on Sunday (Aussie time). However the cameras & camera crews were not booked for Sunday and are not available to cover the event.

As a last minute back-up plan, I’ve been chatting with Adam Bailey of Southside Promotions & Wade Bennett and hopefully we will have a solution that works well enough to broadcast the round 1 event.

There will be an attempt to create a live feed via a free solution that’s available to anyone. It’s called Ustream and we will have to see how things go just before 8am Moreton Bay time on Sunday. Perhaps we will only get Dave Bishops commentary feed, but even that would be great.

Wade has set up a channel for Sunday’s racing here: and I’ve also embedded it below. You won’t see or hear anything until the broadcasting starts, just before racing.

From Monday the camera crew will be back on site and the full video feed will be available again.

Free live streaming by Ustream

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