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Unofficial Results from Worlds Race Day 1

Round 1: Sunday 11th September

Since this post was made, the OFFICIAL results have been published here

Unofficial results
Note that 3rd Open Mens was Ben Gulley but is now Troy Hooker

Men’s Open
1st Chris Stout (AUS)
2nd Pete Procter (AUS)
3rd Troy Hooker (USA)

Men’s F2
1st Mark Weaver (AUS)
2nd Grant Turner
3rd Andy Anderson (USA)

Open Women’s
1st Katelyn Wendt (USA)
2nd Erin Saunders (USA)
3rd Adelaide Cox (NZ)

Women’s F2
1st Leanne Campbell (AUS)
2nd Lena Feringa (BEL)
3rd Trudi Stout (AUS)

Junior Boys
1st Jack Houston (AUS)
2nd Trevor Wendt (USA)
3rd Jake Frame (GBR)

Junior Girls
1st Kelsey Feros (AUS)
2nd Yolien Bormans (BEL)
3rd Taylor Wright (AUS)



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