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10 Things to do when Racing

DC Water SkisDanny Cropper of DC Waterskis writes; here are 10 things to do when racing:

1. DON’T walk up to a new crew and say “just go flat out, I’ll be right!”

2. Eat and drink before a race.

3. Stretch or warm up and cool down before and after racing.

4. DON’T think about other things, other than skiing.

5. DON’T get your capabilities mixed up with your ambitions.

6. Concentrate on skiing not other boats, its the observers job.

7. Bend your legs, it makes rough water heaps easier.

8. Adjust your rope according to the race and conditions.

9. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

10. Enjoy yourself. Ski racing is fun and rewarding.

Danny CropperDC Waterskis

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