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Darren Kirkland Lifetime Achievement


British skier Darren Kirkland was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Diamond Race by IWWF region E &A Racing Council

for his unparalleled success, longevity and commitment to our wonderful spot.


Darren’s Response

Hi Vera, just to say, thank you so much to you and all the members of the E&A council. It is still a great feeling to be recognised by all of you, who without all your efforts behind the scenes there wold be no racing. Thank you all so much for your continued effort and support to my ski racing family and myself. Thank you all once again and hope you will share this message with the rest of the council world wide !! Darren Kirkland xxx

World Championships – F2 Boat infraction ruling pending appeal

After the completion of the the post race F2 boat inspection conducted by Mercury Marine in Belgium, Boat #17 has been disqualified from the 18th World Water Ski Racing Championships in Tenerife / Canary Islands / Spain (September 2013).

World Championship Racing Rules

The 2013 IWWF Racing Rules are available for download below.

Teams participating at the 2013 World Championships should be familiar with this rule book.

Click to download

IWWF Racing Rule Book 2013

Europe & Africa Racing Rules

The 2013 E&A Racing Rules have been ratified by the E&A Racing Council. Edited by Vera Van den Bossche, Thea Klarenbeek & Jules Leysen E&A Racing Council members and thanks to all officials that helped with the updates.

Any new or re-worded rules are indicated in red.

Electronic verions of these rules are available at, E&A (Racing and

  • This booklet covers E&A Racing rules only
  • For World Championship rules, go here
  • For National races, refer to your individual country

Updated January 2013

Download the rule book


E & A Rules

Europe & Africa Rules for 2012

The Europe & Africa Racing Council has published the E&A Racing Rules for 2012.

Note that any new or re-worded rules are indicated in red.

Click here to download

2012 E&A Racing Council Members

Courtesy of Vera Van Den Bossche, below is the list of (re)elected Council members as voted at the E&A Congress in Thessaloniki (Greece) on January 28th, 2012. Click here to open and print the list with contact details.

IWWF Names Chris Stout & Natalia Berdnikova – Athletes of the Year

On 11th January 2012, the IWWF announced (here) that Australian Chris Stout from Racing and Belarusian Tournment skier Natalia Berdnikova had been selected as 2011 IWWF Athletes of the Year.

Competitor’s Corner – News Bulletin n°1 – 2012

Click here to open and download the first EAME Competitors’ news bulletin for 2012.

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Howard Smith Calls it a Day

After 50 years as a member of Penarth (Wales) Water Ski Club and nearly 30 years as a judge, Howard has called time on his involvement in the sport of water ski racing. He will still be renewing his membership but will no longer be judging at National or International events.

Vote here for Wakeboarding to be one of the Sports @ the 2020 Olympic Games

Click here to vote !

Which sport will join the Olympic Games programme?

With the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently announcing its shortlist of sports vying for inclusion in the 2020 Summer Olympics, SportsPro is asking its readers, which one of the eight contenders will be added to the programme for the 32nd Olympiad?


While baseball still remains as popular as ever in America, the IOC clearly deemed it to have less appeal on the world stage when, in 2005, it announced that baseball, like softball, would make its final appearance at the 2008 Games in Beijing. Despite making the latest shortlist, the sport is unlikely to be chosen so soon after being excluded, but will the IOC be convinced enough by the new bid to perform an uncharacteristic about-turn?


Softball’s high proportion of female participants may be its advantage over other sports in the list, mainly because the IOC is looking to increase female involvement in the Games. In fact, while the IOC noted the sport’s lack of global appeal for its exclusion from the programme, many were shocked by its decision, considering its well-publicised commitment to gender equality. Though softball has the support of Australian Olympic Committee president, John Coates, will the sport gain enough backing from other members of the board to see it reinstated on the Olympic roster?


The International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) was recognised by the IOC in 1967 and, since then, it has grown to include over 90 member nations and organise a number of international competitions. Of the eight sports vying for inclusion, wakeboarding is the only watersport and its popularity is growing worldwide. IOC president Jacques Rogge said the sport “provides great entertainment for the spectators and adds further youthful appeal,” but will that be enough to see it included in the 2020 programme?


Squash’s campaign for a place on the 2020 sports programme has been led by one of the sport’s legends, six-time World Open champion Jahangir Khan. President of the World Squash Federation (WSF) until 2008, Khan believes that, while squash has been trying for inclusion for several years, it should be included “on merit.” Now, the WSF has turned to Vero Communications, run by public relations strategist Mike Lee, who previously worked on the successful summer Olympic bids for London 2012, Rio 2016 and the Qatar 2022 football World Cup bid, as well as the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Having narrowly missed out on the 2012 and 2016 Games, will it be a case of third time lucky?

Sport Climbing

While many in the climbing world doubt whether the sport will actually be included in nine years time, merely being considered by the IOC is widely regarded to be a huge step forward for the multi-discipline event. In 2007, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) was recognised as the world governing body for the sport, giving the newcomers the necessary organisational backing in the face of widespread criticism. Amongst other things, huge costs to build venues, a lack of popularity and doubts about broadcasting appeal have been outlined as reasons why the sport will not be included come 2020. However, despite its opposition, the sport remains popular in Europe and is growing rapidly, so will it be chosen when the IOC meet to announce the winner in Buenos Aires, 2013?

Roller Sports

In its review of roller sports’ previous bid for Olympic inclusion, the IOC cited the sport as having relatively low worldwide reach, little media appeal and small revenues for its failure to include it in the London 2012 programme. On the plus side though, the sport would cost little to stage, as it requires no new facilities, and would appeal to a younger audience. Roller speed skating, one of the sport’s sub-disciplines, is currently present at events like the World Games, the Pan-American Games, the Asian Games and the Mediterranean Games, but will roller sports win over the Olympic committee skeptics?


Despite being put forward, along with squash, to the final two in the selection process for the 2012 Games, karate missed out on being included due to receiving just a third of IOC member votes, well short of the two thirds required for inclusion. Over the years, the sport has been championed by Ticky Donovan, who helped Great Britain to five consecutive World Team Championship victories. According to him, “it’s the tenth most popular sport in the world and there’s 50 million people training now. We should have been included in the Olympics many years ago – it’s long overdue.” Do you agree with Donovan?


As taekwondo is to South Korea and judo to Japan, so wushu is to China. Based on traditional Chinese martial arts, wushu is a full-contact discipline and would make for interesting viewing for foreigners who haven’t ever seen any action. But, despite the sport’s novelty factor for many, its obscurity and vast array of styles and judging criteria will most likely see it overlooked by the IOC, especially with the better known karate in the running. One proponent of the combat sport is film star Jet Li, himself a former Chinese wushu national champion. According to Li, realistically wushu will not be included for many years to come, but will the IOC take a gamble on the lesser known martial art?

*source – Sports Pro Media

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Competitors’ Meeting to Elect New E&A Athletes’ Rep

Please note that on Saturday June 25, 2011 at 14.00 h a brief competitors meeting will be held (at Viersel in Belgium) to vote for a new E&A Athlete Representative, as Kim Lumley, who we
thank for the efforts taken, has decided to end this nomination due to new family circumstances.

17th I.W.W.F World Water Ski Racing Championships Bulletin 1

The 1st official bulletin for the 17th World Water Ski Championships to be held at Moreton Bay Australia is due to be released very soon. 

IWWF Racing Rules 2011

The IWWF Racing Council have provided the following racing Rules for 2011…

Kim Lumley Writes to European Ski Racers

Kim Lumley has asked for the following message to be circulated:

E & A Competitors Meeting Minutes

Courtesy of Vera Van Den Bossche (E&A Racing Council Secretary-General) below are the minutes of the Competitors meeting held at Arcos de la Frontera in Spain during the recent European Water Ski Racing Championships.

Message from Kim Lumley to European Racers

Dear All European Ski Racers,

An E&A meeting will be held during the week of the European Championships in Spain. I will be putting my report together next week, please let me know if there is anything you would like me to address?.

Kind regards
Kim Lumley

+44 7768 916865

7 x IWWF Racing Council Projects

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) Racing Council has a number of projects underway in an effort to improve international water ski racing. The following projects were agreed at the IWWF Racing Council meeting in Belgium in July 2009:

IWSF Racing Council’s New Approach

Now that Dusty Schulz has taken the reigns as Chairman of Racing on the IWSF Racing Council, a far more pro-active approach is being taken to help progress the sport on an international level.

IWSF Racing Council – What’s Happening?

The IWSF Racing Council hosts a “Competitors’ Meeting” at each World Championship event. This gives teams a rare chance to discuss their sport with the committee that is charged to take the sport forward throughout the world. To date, there seems to have been no public communication on the time, date and venue of this meeting in Belgium.

The IWSF Racing Council is expected to confirm the time, date & venue of the 2009 Competitors’ Meeting. The sooner this is communicated, the less competitors will be inconvenienced at the Worlds. N.B. The Racing Council’s own meeting has already been confirmed.

IWSF Racing Council to Raise Funds

At the IWSF Racing Council meeting in July 2008, the Racing Council agreed to create a raffle which would raise funds to help cover the costs incurred by officials, and to help event organisers.

This is a superb initiative and whilst no details of the raffle have been publicised yet, the IWSF Racing Chairman Glen Coles will naturally ensure that actions agreed and minuted in July, will be performed and communicated within the sport.

Extract from IWSF Racing Council Meeting Minutes

The idea is this, to create a raffle for a round trip for two to the Belgium 2009 worlds etc. or take $5000 in US dollars. Each member of council will sell 15 tickets, which would bring in $16,500 and remaining balance is $10,000 after expenses.

The council could use the money however they deem necessary for travel expense or to federations events. The whole idea is to have the council stand alone and the money could be put to good use for the federation or organizers of the event to not have pay officials at the specified events and put it back in to encourage them to put on a World event. Any number of things could be done with the money to help with research development etc.

Robbie Llewellyn thinks this is a fantastic idea. This needs to somehow be shown that this is going to help competitors in the long run.

Glen Coles states that it runs in many places there are some complications. Every country is going to have difficulties with procedures.

Robbie suggests solution to have US – Pan-Am to run this promotion since it is legal in the states.

Dusty asks how to move forward with this proposal. Do we advertise how many tickets are sold, or keep it open so you could sell more. Extra money raised would be given to each federation for a ski school and junior development. Do this every two years as a regular theme. The key to make this grow is to get outside ski racing. Suggestion out there to do a 50/50 split for the donations and public relations from the council to raise money for the competitors. Right now the council only gives their time.

Greg Dutton suggests to double the amount of tickets required to help raise more money.

Jules Leysen would like to make contracts with sponsors for the IWSF to help offset costs. Pay the organizer to help the council set things up at particular events.

Possible to work with sponsors for the top three races around the world and set them up at each event. VIP areas. Do you forget the raffle and just do that. Jules Leysen suggests that you do both raffle and sponsor arenas.

Start with the raffle for 2009 worlds and then lead to getting sponsors for the 2010 Diamond R ace as a start. As a summary everyone is on board to start with raffle and work towards starting the process.

Kick off the raffle and show what council is doing for the sport. Put a ceiling on the amount of tickets of 300. The money needs to be divided evenly to every region and designate how and where the money was spent. An accounting report needs to go back to the council.

IWSF Racing council should be able to set up our own account and submit a Treasurers report to the IWSF.

Accept proposal that the world racing council set up an account for the raffle and each council member will sell a minimum of 15 tickets.

Motion: Dusty Schultz
Second: Mike Waterman

The split is a 50/50 split for all proceeds. They are going to target the 2010 diamond race with sponsors.

Dusty will facilitate and organize raffle and name it WRC Development Fund and start a non-profit company with an account set up. It is agreed that council will sell 165 tickets. But could sell up to 300. The expenses stay the same and the 50/50 split gets larger. Then with the split we will entertain that they can apply for grants for the ski school. Should be at an international event.

Athletes rep. Ann Procter will pull the ticket out for the winner at the Southern 80 in February 2009.

Robbie suggests that if all tickets are sold, start another raffle after.

Download full copy of minutes here

Federations Rally to Support Skiers for Worlds

Whilst the IWSF Racing Council choose not to remove rule 3.03, National Federations have jumped to the rescue to save their skiers from the constraints that this rule poses for international skiers.

Kirkland Gets Exception Over Rule 3.03

Months after the IWSF Racing Council dictated that Chris Stout, Peter Procter and Darren Kirkland could not ski with the teams of their choice at the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships (if selected for their national teams), international pressure has resulted in an about-turn for Britain’s Darren Kirkland.

Racing Council Meeting Minutes (July 2008)

The IWSF Racing Council hosted a two day meeting at Long Beach USA this year. The minutes have been circulated the IWSF Federations and they are also available below.

World Racing Council Minutes – Long Beach USA 2008

World Racing Council Minutes - Long Beach USA 2008

World Racing Council Minutes - Long Beach USA 2008

2009 World Championship Rule Book

Months after the Racing Council met at Long Beach to make amendments to IWSF Racing Rules, the rule book to be used at the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships in Belgium has not been published.

No words from Racing Chairman

There have been a lot of emails, web site posts, phone calls and meetings about the IWSF’s decision to prevent some of the best ski racers in the world from skiing with teams of their own choice. In my opinion, this ridicules the sport and the skiers who put their hearts into building a good team when the opportunities come along, and the crews who plough their hard earned money into the sport.

Talk to Your IWSF Reps

If you want to see some of the world’s best water ski racers not be dictated to by a committee, talking to your respective IWSF Racing Council members is something that you might like to consider.

Glen Coles & Meryl Lee – What Are they Doing?

Do you know what Glen Coles & Meryl Lee are doing to progress water ski racing? If so, support them with your comments (insert them below) because I and many others have no idea what they are doing.

In July I approached Dusty Schulz and asked him to recommend to Glen Coles that he resigns ‘gracefully’ as Racing Council Chairman after over 25 years as Chairman. Dusty refused.

I then approached the IWSF Racing Council at our meeting at Long Beach in July and proposed that Glen Coles steps down as Chairman. I actually asked them all to think hard and put their hands on the hearts when they voted. The majority felt that Glen was doing a great job of running the sport. So my proposal gained insufficient support.

After 9 years on the Racing Council, my view is that Glen Coles and Meryl Lee are the people who really need to be removed from the IWSF Racing Council. I have resigned as it is almost impossible to make and radical changes with people like them at the helm.

The survey that was originally started has been attacked by someone who can vary their ip address and vote many times. But people still have ample opportunity to express their views by taking this vote by posting comments below and including their names.

Contact your IWSF Racing Reps Direct

Your IWSF Racing Council Representatives have their contact details published on the IWSF web site here – you can write to them personally if you wish to address any issues with them directly.

Public Opinion is Clear – will the IWSF Listen to a 90% Majority?

207 votes cast in 3 days. An overwhelming 89.4% of people (185) in ski racing who voted, want to see Peter Procter, Darren Kirkland and Chris Stout, be allowed to ski with the crews of their choice, if selected for the 2009 World Water Ski racing Championships.

10.6% of people support the decision of the IWSF Racing Council, some of the voters are Racing Council members.

Below are the opinions of 57 people who expressed opinion on the matter, many of whom have extraordinary experience in this sport.

So do we have a governing body of sport that does what it wants? Or do we have a governing body that is able to sit up, and take notice of its competitors, think, and then admit “we got it wrong – let’s support the people who make this sport possible and let’s make progress”? – Let’s see.

1. My name is Kurt Schoen, I skied in several World Championships in F-1, and not one was I able to have my racing crew travel with me to another country to ski. I skied behind foreign drivers and boats, and always had a observer who never observed for me once and I still accumulated points for the country in which I am a citizen. They always counted on my points and it did not matter who I was skiing behind. It’s a ski race, let the best skiers ski and battle it out for the world championship, not the crews. Take the politics out of the sport that is already dying from the committee that maybe goes to one race a year, but are making decisions on new up and coming skiers that are chasing their dreams. Mon, 10/6/08 8:09 AM
2. Who are these people who dont even race, trying to dictate how teams (who pay for the sport!!!) should compete. Mon, 10/6/08 7:46 AM
3. Its a skiers race. what next …boat and engine and ski should be from the same country too! Mon, 10/6/08 7:44 AM
4. if thier the best they need the best crew and people they trust. they may not have the funds to suport a full overseas team including importing boat then exporting it back. Mon, 10/6/08 4:25 AM
5. its a skiers race Mon, 10/6/08 2:59 AM
6. There is far too much politics in sport. Please bring back the good old days of teamwork and common sense! Mon, 10/6/08 1:29 AM
7. Only if crews from their own country are not available. Mon, 10/6/08 1:02 AM
8. Its a whole team effort to make the worlds Mon, 10/6/08 12:02 AM
9. Everybody should have the right! Sun, 10/5/08 11:21 PM
10. If they make the team and only then, let them race with whoever wants to tow them. But they must represent Australia! Is it un-australian to ski for another country if you have an Australian passport?????? Sun, 10/5/08 10:49 PM
11. I remember a certain Aussie Womens Skier who won the Title in Long Beach Skiing behind an American boat AND team… Nobody complained then ( at least publicly) Why the shift in rules? Let them SKI dm-USA Sun, 10/5/08 9:27 PM
12. Why can’t an American or an Australian trophy in the European Championships? If these were truly a championship, why are results and finishes just allowed for the Europeans?? and if an American or an Australian finish in the top three, why are they not allowed to collect a trophy, much less than stand on the podium? Sun, 10/5/08 7:38 PM
13. The whole point of Water ski racing is that it is a TEAM SPORT!!!! The World Championships is about the TEAMS (both individually and as a whole) representing their countrY’s to win the Gold. If any skier can ski with any crew that defeats the entire purpose of this being a TEAM SPORT. The driver and observer are part of the team at least one should be from that country. The rules already allow for one of the crew members to be from a different country and simply abandoning the rule would be a disgrace to the World Championships. After all, in the Olympics you don’t see rowing teams substituting rowers from other countries simply because they are better. You must make do with what you have got. How hard can it be? Australia and England have large groups of participation and it should not be a big deal to find an observer from that country!!!! Sun, 10/5/08 5:46 PM
14. The Worlds are for the skier, so they should be able to ski behind the boat they choose Sun, 10/5/08 3:08 PM
15. I think just for the safety, skiers should be able to compete with the teams that take care of them and there best intrests. Good luck guys, John Peckham Sun, 10/5/08 9:42 AM
16. Thats their team!!! Sun, 10/5/08 2:32 AM
17. This decision is not just affecting top F1 skiers, there are a number of F2 skiers that have no competitive boats/ crews within their countries and would rely on GB/ European boats & crews. Do we make seperate applications or lobby for an overall scrapping of rule 3.03. BUT WE MUST DO SOMETHING. Boat 18 Sun, 10/5/08 1:52 AM
18. any skier should have the right to ski with the crew they want, it doesn’t matter who they are or what country they are from. there were plenty of skiers at the NZ worlds last year skiing behind boats from other countries. Sat, 10/4/08 11:45 PM
19. I would like to understand the rationale behind the decision – it makes no sense currently. Sat, 10/4/08 1:44 PM
20. If I can recall, the 2005 worlds worked well with skiers using teams from differing countries? The sport needs a overhaul in many aspects and this is one of them. Sat, 10/4/08 11:07 AM
22. When the world’s competition first started there was more money around,wereas now a lot of teams own the boats two or 3 ways.I as an observer and owning half of the boat would not take to kindly to being turfed out of the seat when I own half of the boat.I think when Glen and Dusty were younger it might have been different. Sat, 10/4/08 5:54 AM
23. yes, their three and all the other skier with the same situation. Olivia from Spain Sat, 10/4/08 3:51 AM
24. Others did it in previous World Championships Sat, 10/4/08 3:13 AM
25. What a joke, again pushing people away from the sport they love. Politics has a lot to answer for, maybe the IWSF council should take a look at what the RYA have done to powerboat racing in this country by making bad decisions about rules. Sat, 10/4/08 2:08 AM
26. Its the skier who is representing his or her country and as a driver who has driven for skiers from USA,Australia and Belgium I drive for them pride regardless of me being from Great Britain. Greg Bassam. ps yet another rule coming from officials not competitors. Sat, 10/4/08 2:05 AM
27. as long as the points go to the skiers country Sat, 10/4/08 1:52 AM
28. stupid decisions like this are ruining our sport. I think we all need to talk to these people when we see them at the races Fri, 10/3/08 11:23 PM
29. yeah its so stupid the council is a bunch of dumb ass’s there is no one in the sport anymore because of you ideots i think its stupid this sports going to fall apart and it already is what the hell does it matter if they race with another crew its racing you don’t win money this sport is just stupid now if they dont get to have who they want for the crew i don’t think people should even put money into this sport this is absolutely bull shit. you guys are just affraid of competition. wow to think when i tell people how amazing ski racing is i should be telling them it’s nothing but a selfish no good sport who has asshole running in maybe we would have people in this sport if people new how to work as a team instead of shoving everyone out i hope the worls has a shitty turn out because thats about how shittty this sport is i wont event go to worlds now as a junior girl they don’t dissereve to have me race for them peter darren and chris stout disserve to race with who they want who ever is telling them no disserves to get the crap beat out of them you just ruined the sport. take that and shove it. sincerely chelbe kinslow Fri, 10/3/08 10:38 PM
30. These days where participation in ski racing is so low. The world council needs to accept and adapt to the many changes in our sport. It is rediculous to deny these skiers a chance to compete. I think if we keep running off people like that the council won’t have to worry about rules in the future because there won’t be anymore competitors. Fri, 10/3/08 9:48 PM
31. I am glad to see that they are strong enough to stand up against Iwsf. This is my career and if you don’t like, STIFF. Fri, 10/3/08 6:07 PM
32. It would appear that some of the decision makers have forgoten what has happened in previous worlds and interesting to see jon cole voted against did he not pull ann to win in nz ? Fri, 10/3/08 3:28 PM
33. It is a water ski race not a boat race, the Water Skiers put their life on the line every time they ski, it should be their decision who they ski behind. In swimming we have Australian Coaches training Chinese Swimmers. The World is a small place. Wake and smell the roses not your Moet. Neville Fry Fri, 10/3/08 3:24 PM
34. The world championship is a national team event, not an individual event. Skiers are chosen to represent their national team. Fri, 10/3/08 2:46 PM
35. “Australian Ski Racing Officials are a Joke!”. Fri, 10/3/08 2:33 PM
36. I don’t think this exception should be made just for the 3 names mentioned since Australian selections haven’t even begun. However, I do believe the rule should be changed to allow a skier to team up with the boat, driver, and observer of his choice from any country. Ski racing is falling apart all over the globe. Rigid thinking and outdated rules like this will not help. Rules are needed, and the ones in place must be enforced, but lets start thinking outside the box and get this sport going in the right direction. Fri, 10/3/08 2:19 PM
38. If you do not allow this to happen F1 ski racing will not exist. Surely it is safer for the skier to race with the team they have trained with. Fri, 10/3/08 2:11 PM
39. The sport needs to support the likes Peter, Darren and Chris in their pursuit of their dreams. We have limited crews with the resouces to be able to tow these great skiers. We should be proud that our competitors are so willingly to work with each other regardless of nationality. The water ski racing fraternity needs to send a strong message to the IWSF ski racing council and ask them to re-conside their decision. Glen Coles Who? What an absolute joke ? Do you ever see him at Ski race in Australia ? No Fri, 10/3/08 1:57 PM
40. how old are some of these people??? get real!!! the two ausies are about 80 year old. they live in a different world. they havent been in a ski race in years and they are past it and should admit it. how can these idiots come to races when they dont even bother with the ski racers. robbie and others you must get rid of this shit from skiracing and we are behind you all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JD Fri, 10/3/08 1:26 PM
41. The whole idea of a race / championship is for the best of whatever sport to have the opportunity to be a champion. I think not only should Peter ,Darren ,and Chris be allowed to ski with which team they choose but , there should be a Wildcard race to allow skiers such as Wayne Mawer, who possibly do not Qualify with their own Countrys selection system , but wouldnt the sport be deprived should He and others not just be given one chance to be allowed to compete in a World Championship!! I believe that to be World champion means the best in the World ! Sadly not if Top Skiers are refused the opportunity to compete. Paul Thompson Fri, 10/3/08 1:06 PM
42. Yes, this is a SKIER’S race, he rest of the team should be incidental ! Fri, 10/3/08 11:50 AM
43. It is of paramount importance that any skier should have the freedom to choose their own crew regardless of nationality. Fri, 10/3/08 11:42 AM
44. If the IWSF can’t see sense then get rid of them and form our own body to govern the sport, and get away from the archaic rules. Previous racers have competed before at world level with international crews, why’s this suddenly being imposed now ? Fri, 10/3/08 11:19 AM
45. this question shouldn’t even be asked Fri, 10/3/08 10:36 AM
46. Yes Y!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not, Fri, 10/3/08 10:15 AM
47. Aren’t the Worlds about representing your country? Fri, 10/3/08 9:51 AM
48. how about mr schulz and the iwsf do waht the competitors want and not waht you want. you had your days so stop standing in the way of young people Fri, 10/3/08 9:44 AM
49. These “teams” were put together with the rule (3.03) being inplace from the first Worlds. Just put an Australian observer in the seat now and be done with this. they will have 10 months to get compatable by July 2009. Dusty Schulz Fri, 10/3/08 9:30 AM
50. Yes, this is a Water ski race not a boat race. They should be permitted to ski with whom ever they choose. This sport is to small and shrinking to impliment these kind of outdated rules. We need to look forward not behind. Carl Johnson Fri, 10/3/08 9:21 AM
51. I think everybody has a right to chose their team. When someone from europe goes to the catalina or bridge to bridge they mostly ski behind a crew that isn’t from Europe!!! and nowbody complains then. At the Europeans this year nowbody complained that Chris,Brady and Waine competed!! Everybody was happy that they were there. This has to be a joke!!! I know they still have to get selected, but they have to make a decision soon because what’s the point of training behind your worldcrew if you’re not alouwed to enter the worlds with them. Everyone wants to make a good result and that only works with a good crew. I think the federation forgot this Fri, 10/3/08 6:42 AM
52. Of course they should… why ever not??? Fri, 10/3/08 5:57 AM
53. This is surely a joke. If it isn’t then the IWSF have there heads somewhere other than in ski racing! Fri, 10/3/08 5:55 AM
54. 1 of the most opportune things to ski well is a good crew, you need a crew where you feel comfortable, so if your crew is overseas… so what! let them ski! Ski Racing is 4Fun, let those guys have fun with the crew they want. They builded up some experiance with each other. greetz Fri, 10/3/08 5:49 AM
55. Without a doubt, it wouldnt be a world competition if the best teams were not put forward. The IWSF have been building up pressure and friction with competitors and take no prisoners when it comes to the rule book. Its wrong. Fri, 10/3/08 5:37 AM
56. I think the IWSF need to take a long hard look at them selves over this decision, hopefully the federations of the individuals concerned will make serious representation to the IWSF and have it overturned. Fri, 10/3/08 5:27 AM
57. this is 2008 not 1968. let skiers, drivers and observers decide their team – not people who havent raced in years or EVER. who are these idiots!!!!!! Fri, 10/3/08 5:19 AM

The Origin of Rule 3.03

The Racing Council has been using Rule 3.03 for a purpose for which it was never intended.

Matthew Northover (Former observer of Darren Kirkland) explained why, after he spoke, a few days ago with the man who introduced the rule with Terry Bennett in 1978 – John Hoiles of Whitstable, UK.

Matt writes …Having read all the recent comments regarding Rule 3.03, I thought it would be helpful to contact John Hoiles who in 1978/79, along with Terry Bennett formulated the Rule Book which in essence still stands today.

John explained that the thinking behind the Rule was purely in the interest of safety and nothing to do with the Team trophy. It was thought at the time, prior to the first World, Skiers from around the Globe would converge at Whitstable, without their boat or crew and be allocated a Team upon arrival (so the speak). Both John and Terry felt, that it would be dangerous for this to happen, as the possible new crew would not know the capability of the skier and therefore this rule was created.

Sadly, the Racing Council over the years have not reviewed Rules which were made some 30 years ago.

—end of Matt’s Comments—

Perhaps it’s now time that the IWSF admits that it has failed to implement the rule for its true purpose. Perhaps it’s time to remove a rule that was fit for purpose 30 years ago but which is not fit for purpose in the 21st century.

The 1st IWSF Racing Council Chairman John Hoiles, did what was right for the sport in 1979, along with the help of the wonderful Terry Bennett. Let’s see Glen Coles, the 2nd IWSF Racing Council Chairman (in his last year of Chairmanship) do what is right for the sport for 2009.

Team Hopes of Three Great Athletes Ruined

Thirty years ago, international teams in ski racing were few and far between. These days, it’s not unusual to see skiers from different countries teaming up with crews from other nations. Sadly, some people who run this sport are still stuck in the old days and their old ways, with little appreciation of progress. They can’t see that they are out of touch with a new world of water ski racing.

My Resignation from the IWSF Racing Council

After nine years, I have decided to walk away from the IWSF Racing Council as I no longer wish to be associated with some of the poor decisions that are being made which affect water ski racing and the hard earned careers of our athletes. My resignation letter below was sent to the Racing Council and the IWSF President and Secretary General today.

I shall continue to contribute to the sport and there are some extremely exciting international developments simmering in the background that I will write about at the right time in the near future.

Read how the IWSF Racing Council is killing the hopes of the worlds’ best racers

Resignation from IWSF

Resignation from IWSF

Related article

Mike Waterman asked me to reconsider my decision and below is my reply.

2nd Oct 2008

Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, despite support from you and a few others to initiate change, the majority of the Racing Council has not supported that change. There are too many people stuck in their old ways, who are too out of touch or who don’t wish to speak out to do the right thing for the sport and its athletes. A Chairman  for over 25 years who rarely goes to a ski race? Come on that’s ridiculous!  But somehow the majority of Racing Council members believe that is a good thing for ski racing (recall the vote at Long Beach).  That’s just one example of the sport’s governing body living in the past.

To be frank, it is now an embarrassment to be associated with the decisions and poor management that we are now witnessing.  The collective decision of the IWSF Racing Council in its wisdom, is now steering the sport in reverse gear over a cliff top. I won’t be part of that and I won’t be party to ruining the opportunities given to some of our best athletes.

My involvement with the IWSF is over. However my involvement with something very new and exciting for ski racing is just beginning.  The IWSF has not been prepared to embrace change, so the change will now happen without the IWSF.

Best regards,

IWSF Racing Chairmanship

18 July update – subsequent to the notice below, a vote was taken by the IWSF Racing Council this week and a majority voted for Glen Coles to remain as Chairman of the IWSF Racing Council.

IWSF Racing Council Meeting

18 July update – during two days of IWSF Racing Council meetings at Long Beach this week, many items were addressed, changes made, new ideas discussed, some to be implemented and others to undergo more discussion before decisions are made. More details will be made available when the minutes are published, but overall, the meeting was  productive.

World Championship Race Length Survey

Ann Procter has asked competitors to express their thoughts with her about World Championship race duration (more here). You can also take part in the survey below.


Length / Duration of World Championship Water Ski Races

They are currently a good distance

They should be longer

They should be shorter

View results

Ann Procter Seeks Competitor Feedback

IWSF Athlete’s Representative Ann Procter is reaching out again to racing competitors all over the world, in an effort to gain their feelings within the sport. Ann is doing this so that she can represent the world’s competitors as best she can, when attending the next IWSF Racing Council meeting at Long Beach in July.

Ann writes; “if there is anything that competitors would like discussed at the meeting, they can contact me. I would also like some competitor feedback on the length/ duration of world championship events. Do competitors think that the races are too long, too short or a good distance?

You can email Ann at:

You can also take part in the survey below


Length / Duration of World Championship Water Ski Races

They are currently a good distance
They should be longer
They should be shorter

View results

Free online poll

IOC Decision – 2016 Olympic Games

IWSF President Kuno Ritschard writes about the International Olympic Committee’s decision not to include water skiing in the list of sports which will be further evaluated to become one of the two new sports at the 2016 Olympic Games.

IWSF/WADA 2008 Prohibited List

wada.jpgFollowing its approval by WADA’s Executive Committee on September 22, the 2008 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods is now available.

IWSF Hall of Fame

The International Water Ski Federation (IWSF) Hall of Fame is housed in the USA Water Ski Hall of Fame building in Florida USA but the IWSF Hall of Fame has its own list of inductees and criteria for nominations.

The USA Water Ski Hall of Fame is not to be confused with the IWSF Hall of Fame.

Information about the IWSF Hall of Fame along with a list of inductees is published by the IWSF here.

An article about Water Ski Racers’ success in the USA Hall of Fame is published here. The most notable Water Ski Racer inducted into the IWSF Hall of Fame is Chuck Stearns (photo below). Chuck is also inducted into the USA Hall of Fame along with Marsha Fitzgerald and Mike Avila.


Kuno Ritschard, President of the IWSF, addressed IWSF members in early 2007 in this letter.

Racing Council Casts Votes on Belgium Worlds Bid

Belgium Worlds 2009

America’s Dusty Schulz spent a number of days with Mike Waterman, Vera van den Bossche and others in Belgium last week, inspecting the proposed sites for the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships.

Dusty Schulz to Inspect Proposed Worlds Sites

At the IWSF World Congress held on Thursday 30 August 2007 in Linz, Austria, the IWSF had received a bid from Belgium for the 2009 World Racing Championships.

IWSF Congress Approves Belgium Worlds Bid

Today, Kuno Ritschard, President of the IWSF announced that the IWSF Congress has approved Belgium’s bid to host the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships unanymously, subject to the IWSF World Racing Council’s approval of the technical requirements.

Belgium Worlds Move Closer

The 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships moved one step closer to finalisation yesterday when IWSF President Kuno Ritschard confirmed that the IWSF Executive Board has made the decision to submit the Belgian bid to the IWSF World Congress.

Ann Procter – The New Athlete’s Representative

The new IWSF Athlete’s Representatitive for Racing is Ann Procter. As most people are aware, Ann is a three time Women’s World Champion and a one time Junior Girls World Champion.

Belgium Bids for 2009 Worlds

On 19 July, Belgium submitted its bid to the IWSF to host the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships. This meets the deadline date that was set by the IWSF Racing Council in May in New Zealand.

Athlete’s Representative Election

The election of the Athlete’s Representative for racing has been surrounded by some confusion, hence a delay in completing the election. Now that IWSF bylaws and procedures have been clarified, the Chairman of the World Racing Council Glen Coles has announced the following:

World Anti-Doping Requirements

The IWSF has adopted anti-doping rules to implement the World Anti-Doping Agency’s requirements for athletes. 

IWSF Athlete’s Representative – Election

As announced on 6 March, there will be an election for the position of Athlete’s Representative at the World Championships in New Zealand.

Worlds Chief Judge – Howard Smith

British media reports:  Howard Smith of Cardiff, UK has been selected as Chief Judge for the bi-annual 15th World Water Ski Racing Championships which are being held at Rotorua, New Zealand between May 10th and 20th 2007. Howard will be the first Welshman and only the 3rd British Official to have been selected in 30 years of World Championship racing.

2007 World Racing Council Technical Meeting

The 2007 World Racing Council Technical Meeting will be held in Rotorua, New Zealand on the 17th May 2007.

IWSF Competitors’ Representative for Racing

There will be a vote for the position of Competitors’ Representative during the NZ Worlds in May.

Kim Lumley currently holds this position and whilst Kim can be re-nominated, other candidates can also be nominated.

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