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Jeff Mirich Passes Away

Jeff Mirich, a long time NWSRA member, passed away from pancreatic cancer on Dec.11th ,2012 at the very young age of 56 yrs.old!! It’s been a long hard battle for all of us and we are just glad he is not in pain any more. We want to thank you all for your support and love during this difficult time. Thank you for the emails and phone calls. We would like to suggest that instead of sending any flowers, if you?d like, you can make a donation to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Research.

You can send cards to Char, Carey and Jeffrey at:

22700 Running Rabbit Ct. Canyon Lake, CA. 92587.

Jeff was a natural, very gifted athlete that could do anything he tried, without much effort!! He was an avid ski racer, boat racer, scuba diver, motorcycle rider…you name it, he tried everything and did everything to the fullest…AND with the BIGGEST smile you’ve ever seen!! Enjoying every second, inch, mile, race, ride that he was on!! Just an awesome athlete and lived life to the fullest til the very end!! Even a spontaneous Jeff moment ski ride to the Isthmus, Catalina, moor their boat at favorite spot, scuba dive all day and then sometimes ski back to Huntington Beach!! That was Jeff!! Full throttle!!

He and Char ski raced from 1984 to 1993. He participated in the Nationals in the Flatbottom class and the Outboard class. He skied the Catalina Ski Race several times, and competed in marathons with Char in the Double Up class. They both started the PolarBear Fun Run..(Winter Catalina Ski Ride(Race) on New Year’s Day) just cuz it was something to do after a New Years Drink!! haha!! Char made and did all the Ski Race video tapes for years…for all the Drivers, Observers, Teams with the funny input from Jeff!!

A memorial service for Jeff Mirich will be held after the Holidays per Char’s request. They’re thinking Jan. 4, 2013 in San Pedro vicinity, where he was born and raised. There will be a paddle out at Cabrillo beach prior to the service. We’ll let you know, soon…

Long Beach Water Ski Racing Reunion Sept 8

Back in July we heard that Andy Anderson is putting together a Water Ski Racing Reunion on September 8th, at Long Beach Marine Stadium. He has now published the event schedule below.

Click here to open a larger version of the schedule

Andy wrote; “There will be some fun, entry level type races in the morning and just a casual get together at a great location. This should be a great day and something that I hope gets some old faces interested in our great sport again.”

Download the flyer for this great ski racing reunion

USA Ski Racers Reunion

Ken Vaughan Passes away

It is with great sadness to hear that Ken Vaughan has lost his battle with cancer and has passed away the morning of August 3rd. Ken was Race Director of the most famous ski race in the world The Catalina as well as raising funds and organising events for the Catalina Ski Race Children’s Charity

Looking for 70’s racer Don Henderson

A letter from Ken Durham …I ran across, and was hoping that you may be able to help us locate a teammate who was also a National Water Ski Racing Champion in 1973 and 1974.

My name is Ken Durham, and I was (am) a member of the Undefeated 1974 Cal State Long Beach Varsity Rowing Team. We are preparing for a major reunion, and have been trying to get in touch with all of our team-mates.

However, we are having trouble locating Don Henderson, who at the time also was a distinguished water ski competitor with the NWSRA in Southern California. He is listed here as two-year champion in the “16-19 Boys” division. I know his brother John also raced, but have not run across his name anywhere.

Would it be possible to run a search announcement of some kind on your website? Having grown up in and around auto racing, I know that old racers of any kind a never completely out of touch with their sport – and maybe we can track down Don through a friend or former fellow competitor.

You can read a little more about our search at our coach’s website: .

Best wishes,
Ken Durham

Catalina 64 Photos by Daren Van Ryte

Daren Van Ryte of has shared a great selection of shots he took at last weeks’s Catalina.

Video – Before the Start of the 64th Catalina

Video 1

Video 2

Catalina 64 Results

The official results of the 2012 Catalina Water Ski Race will be posted on the Catalina race site here: but at the time I made this post they were not up yet.

In the meantime, here are the placings posted on the board after the race.

Click to enlarge

Peter Procter 2012 Catalina Champion

Track The Catalina Live

I’m not 100% sure of how this will work but will have transmitters in a number of boats taking part in the Catalina Water Ski Race tomorrow.

Log on to and track some of the top contenders during tomorrow’s race.

Catalina 64 This Saturday

Teams from around the USA and the world are arriving at Long Beach, California for the 64th Catalina Water Ski Race.

Top contenders such as Wayne Mawer, Todd Haig & Peter Proctor have been doing the early morning practice runs to Catalina and back since last week, along with a host of others.

Whilst the the excitement builds for the big event, please spare a thought for the man who pulls this event together. Click here to learn more about Ken Vaughan and his fight against cancer.

More at

Please Support Ken Vaughan

I was sat at the Maya last night and Wendy Feros joined us for a drink. That’s when we heard the news that Kenny Vaughan has cancer. If you don’t know, Ken organises Catalina and before him, his dad did the same. Below is a message from Catalina Water Ski Race Committee.

As many of you know our Catalina Water Ski Race Director Ken Vaughan is fighting cancer. This struggle has been very difficult for him both physically and financially, State Disability Insurance only goes so far. Ken would never ask for help himself, so his family and friends are going to ask for him. If you could please donate some funds to help that would be very much appreciated.

Donations can be sent thru PayPal to

or checks sent to Peggy Vaughan, P.O. Box 5968, Garden Grove, CA 92946-5968

Also we will have a box for donations at the Catalina Water Ski Race, look for it at registration, drivers/observers meeting and trophy presentation. Thank you,
Catalina Water Ski Race Committee

Terrible Herbst Catalina Documentary

10 minute documentary of Terrible Herbst Motorsports Racing at the 62nd Catalina Water Ski Race. By Sinister Film Productions.

Catalina Ski Race 2012 – Entry Form

The 2012 Catalina ski race will take place July 21st at the Hotel Maya Long Beach California .Download the entry form HERE

Mike Bemis Passes Away

Ski racing has lost one of its great characters, namely Mike Bemis from the USA.

On 23rd Septemeber 2008 reported on Mike Bemis’s condition

Sadly 3.5 years later we are reporting that on Saturday 21st April 2012 Mike Bemis passed away.

Mike was a US National Champion on multiple occasions. He was a lively presence on the beach and along with his skis, binding, handles, rope, tape and other accessories, will be missed by many.

Mike was a long-time member of the Lake Arrowhead Water Ski Club, a former World Speed Barefoot Record Holder, and was a fixture of US Ski Racing manufacturing his own racing, training, and fun ski’s. He was also part of an episode of the TV Show “Baywatch” back in 1990 where they did an episode on the “Avalon Ski Race”, a re-creation of the Catalina Ski Race.

He will be greatly missed. There will be an open house gathering on Saturday, May 5th at Mike’s sister’s home in Rancho Cucamonga.

Sincere condolences from the around the world go to Mike’s family and friends.

Catalina 64 – July 21, 2012

Ken Vaughan has published the poster for the 64th Catalina Water Ski Race which will be held on July 21, 2012.

The host hotel is Hotel Maya at Long Beach, CA.
Click the image below to open the PDF. More details to follow.
Official site:

Official site:

1950’s Waterski Races at Lake Washington USA

Thanks to Geoff Watson for sharing this great piece of archived (silent) footage from the 1950’s

Official 2012 USA Race Calendar

The American NWSRA has published its official 2012 Water Ski Racing Calendar for 2012.

Click here to download it

USA 2012 Preliminary Schedule of Races

The USA’s preliminary schedule of race events for 2012 is shown below:

Down to the Wire – The 2011 Worlds

Courtesy of Scott Atkinson, Editor of ‘The Water Skier’ magazine published by USA Water Ski, below is a PDF of the “Down to the Wire” article which appeared in the November/December 2011 issue of ‘The Water Skier’ magazine.

2011 US Open Ski Race Photos

Daren Van Ryte has captured the most amazing photos from the US Open Ski Race that ki

Pete Mitchell Passes Away

Ski racing’s Pete Mitchell tragically passed away on 22nd September 2011 while at Parker, Arizona, USA. Official news on the exact circumstances around the event are being awaited.

Photos Captured – 63rd Catalina Ski Race

The Worlds greatest ski race has been captured by photographer Scott Shanklin & fellow shooter partner Daren Van Ryte. Between them they have captured over a 1,000 images. A few samples of the images shot by Scott & Daren

Vote here for Wakeboarding to be one of the Sports @ the 2020 Olympic Games

Click here to vote !

Which sport will join the Olympic Games programme?

With the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently announcing its shortlist of sports vying for inclusion in the 2020 Summer Olympics, SportsPro is asking its readers, which one of the eight contenders will be added to the programme for the 32nd Olympiad?


While baseball still remains as popular as ever in America, the IOC clearly deemed it to have less appeal on the world stage when, in 2005, it announced that baseball, like softball, would make its final appearance at the 2008 Games in Beijing. Despite making the latest shortlist, the sport is unlikely to be chosen so soon after being excluded, but will the IOC be convinced enough by the new bid to perform an uncharacteristic about-turn?


Softball’s high proportion of female participants may be its advantage over other sports in the list, mainly because the IOC is looking to increase female involvement in the Games. In fact, while the IOC noted the sport’s lack of global appeal for its exclusion from the programme, many were shocked by its decision, considering its well-publicised commitment to gender equality. Though softball has the support of Australian Olympic Committee president, John Coates, will the sport gain enough backing from other members of the board to see it reinstated on the Olympic roster?


The International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) was recognised by the IOC in 1967 and, since then, it has grown to include over 90 member nations and organise a number of international competitions. Of the eight sports vying for inclusion, wakeboarding is the only watersport and its popularity is growing worldwide. IOC president Jacques Rogge said the sport “provides great entertainment for the spectators and adds further youthful appeal,” but will that be enough to see it included in the 2020 programme?


Squash’s campaign for a place on the 2020 sports programme has been led by one of the sport’s legends, six-time World Open champion Jahangir Khan. President of the World Squash Federation (WSF) until 2008, Khan believes that, while squash has been trying for inclusion for several years, it should be included “on merit.” Now, the WSF has turned to Vero Communications, run by public relations strategist Mike Lee, who previously worked on the successful summer Olympic bids for London 2012, Rio 2016 and the Qatar 2022 football World Cup bid, as well as the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Having narrowly missed out on the 2012 and 2016 Games, will it be a case of third time lucky?

Sport Climbing

While many in the climbing world doubt whether the sport will actually be included in nine years time, merely being considered by the IOC is widely regarded to be a huge step forward for the multi-discipline event. In 2007, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) was recognised as the world governing body for the sport, giving the newcomers the necessary organisational backing in the face of widespread criticism. Amongst other things, huge costs to build venues, a lack of popularity and doubts about broadcasting appeal have been outlined as reasons why the sport will not be included come 2020. However, despite its opposition, the sport remains popular in Europe and is growing rapidly, so will it be chosen when the IOC meet to announce the winner in Buenos Aires, 2013?

Roller Sports

In its review of roller sports’ previous bid for Olympic inclusion, the IOC cited the sport as having relatively low worldwide reach, little media appeal and small revenues for its failure to include it in the London 2012 programme. On the plus side though, the sport would cost little to stage, as it requires no new facilities, and would appeal to a younger audience. Roller speed skating, one of the sport’s sub-disciplines, is currently present at events like the World Games, the Pan-American Games, the Asian Games and the Mediterranean Games, but will roller sports win over the Olympic committee skeptics?


Despite being put forward, along with squash, to the final two in the selection process for the 2012 Games, karate missed out on being included due to receiving just a third of IOC member votes, well short of the two thirds required for inclusion. Over the years, the sport has been championed by Ticky Donovan, who helped Great Britain to five consecutive World Team Championship victories. According to him, “it’s the tenth most popular sport in the world and there’s 50 million people training now. We should have been included in the Olympics many years ago – it’s long overdue.” Do you agree with Donovan?


As taekwondo is to South Korea and judo to Japan, so wushu is to China. Based on traditional Chinese martial arts, wushu is a full-contact discipline and would make for interesting viewing for foreigners who haven’t ever seen any action. But, despite the sport’s novelty factor for many, its obscurity and vast array of styles and judging criteria will most likely see it overlooked by the IOC, especially with the better known karate in the running. One proponent of the combat sport is film star Jet Li, himself a former Chinese wushu national champion. According to Li, realistically wushu will not be included for many years to come, but will the IOC take a gamble on the lesser known martial art?

*source – Sports Pro Media

About SportsPro Media

SportsPro Media provides a range of multi-media communications for the B2B sports industry.

Our team delivers the latest news, insights and analysis from the international business of sport, principally through our monthly SportsPro magazine, the DailyDeal e-bulletin and via our website:

The SportsPro Daily Deal website offers details of every broadcast, sponsorship, personal endorsement, infrastructure, sports property and agency deal done in sport with a value of more than US$500,000.

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Team Nordic sweep 63rd Catalina Ski Race

Carlos Rosas has provided a link interviewing Men’s overall winner Todd Haig and Ladies winner Erin Saunders from Team Nordic 63rd Catalaina Ski race champions

Catalina 2011 – Full Official Results

Thanks to Ken Vaughan, below are the full official results from the 2011 Catalina Water Ski Race.

Prestige and wackiness at Catalina Water Ski Race – LA Times

Link to LA Times story from Catalina 2011

Link to LA Times Pics from Catalina 2011

63rd Catalina Ski Race Top 3 positions

16th July Long Beach to Catalina Island and back. The 63rd Catalina Ski Race .66 boats on the start grid. Weather conditions perfect.As the engines started to roar a shiver went down my back..

Catalina Live Feed Cancelled

13 July Update:
River Dave has confirmed (on the unfortunate cancellation of the planned live feed for Catalina 2011 and writes …

“We have everything set in motion, and this Carmageddon deal with the 405 freeway happened. Long story short we have everything in place and ready to go, but we can not get a frequency from the FCC to broadcast from the Helicopters back to the Hotels. No frequency = no live feed. It was suggested that we record the race and broadcast it, but again with no frequency, the announcers can’t see the race for the audio etc..

I would like to say, this isn’t one of those we threw in the towel deals. SpotonDL has fought, clawed, bribed, borrowed, and begged to try and make this happen. A frequency is never impossible to come by, but with this news deal, every news agency in town is here, and the LAPD took the rest of the frequencies.. We even went so far as to talking to main guy at the FCC for the west coast, and tried to run it in a 2 hour window to no avail.

It is completely out of our hands at this point. All sponsors of the feed will be refunded their money, checks returned etc.. Any additional costs will be absorbed by CSR and myself.”

28 June Update:
The long beach boat and ski club are proud to announce the catalina ski race will be live on

Projected start time for little boats at 8:53am

Announcers Sandy and Rick will be bringing the action with their amazing commentary.

Good luck to all competitors.
Ken Vaughan


24 May:
The 2011 Catalina ski race will be broadcasted live via the internet . The infamous broadcasters Sandy ” The Sandman” Schwartz  &  Rick “Parker Oil” Fuscardo  are yet again in the hot seat for the 63rd Catalina Ski Race.

Scott Brooks Live from the Catalina Water Ski Race

Follow Scott Brooks at the Catalina Water Ski Race From Wednesday 13th July with all the up to date events as it happens . If you can’t be at Catalina and want to know what is happening this is the place to watch it !

USA World Team & Web Site

The USA has announced their team for the 2011 World Water Ski Racing Championships.

News release

63rd Catalina Ski Race – Entry Forms

63rd Catalina Ski Race is taking place at Long Beach CA July 16th

63rd Catalina Ski Race 16th July 2011

The 63rd Catalina Water Ski Race

The 63rd Catalina Water Ski Race will be held on July 16th, 2011.

The official poster is shown below and the official web site for the great event is at

World Titles Hospitality & Social Events Booking Form

Please find attached the Hospitality and Social Events booking form for the 17th World Championships.

Confirmation due by July 31st 2011.
* Please refer to the PDF for prices. *

VIP Corporate Hospitality

Enjoy this unique event and it’s racing up close and personal and in style with our VIP Corporate Hospitality.

Located on the waterfront you will have the ultimate viewing of the racing for the 4 racing days.

Our VIP Corporate Hospitality package includes, buffet lunch, soft drinks and water, tea and coffee in the comfort of the VIP marquee with inside and outside seating.

Beer, wine and spirits will be available at bar prices.

You will also be treated to guest speakers attending the VIP marquee throughout the event and free pit access.

* Bookings Close 31st July 2011

Final Presentation

The official final presentation of the 2011 World Waterski Racing Championships will take place on site at Pelican Park.

Enjoy a sit down buffet lunch on the foreshore with official proceedings closing the event.

Buffet lunch included with ticket entry fee, drinks at bar prices.

Competitors and teams entry is free, however booking is essential. (Competitors and teams will need to produce their event credentials at the venue to gain free access)

*Friends, family and guest passes available via this form.

**Competitor and team passes are strictly non transferable.

* Bookings Close 31st July 2011

Official After Party

The 2011 World Waterski Racing Championship Official After Party will be held on site Saturday 17th of September, 7pm to 12am.

Unwind Saturday night after the inaugural World Waterski Racing Championship in Queensland.

You will be treated to finger food, soft drinks and water, live music, entertainment and more!

This event will be held in our VIP Corporate Hospitality Marquee on the waterfront.

* Bookings Close 31st July 2011.

World Event Booking Form 2011

Confirmations may be faxed, emailed or posted to the below details.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact:
Southside Promotions Pty Ltd 5 Woolboard Rd, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Ph: 03 9646 6922 Fax: 03 8612 3623

World Titles Marquee Garages Booking Sheet

World Titles Marquee Garage bookings are essential.

** Limited number available.**

Marquee garages are powered, have lighting and enclosed.

Allocation of garages will be on a first in first served basis.

Marquee garages will be available from Wednesday7th September to Sunday 18th September.

Garage Marquee booking cut off date is 31st July 2011.

Please fax, email or post in your booking to Southside Promotions on the attached details.

Southside Promotions Pty Ltd
5 Woolboard Rd Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Ph: 03 9646 6922 Fax: 03 8612 3623

World Titles Marquee Garage Booking Form 2011

Debbie Nordblad Honoured At The Waterski Hall Of Fame

The American Water Ski Educational Foundation’s 10-member Hall of Fame Selection Committee has announced that former water ski racing athlete Debbie Nordblad of Claremont, Calif.,will be the 2011 AWSEF Water Ski Hall of Fame inductee. The 29th annual induction ceremony took place April 30 at the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida

Official Hotel information for the 17th World Championships

The Official Hotel for the World Championships is the MON KOMO, located on the beach at Redcliffe. 99 Marine Parade Redcliffe.

This is a 5 minute drive from the race site.

The Hotel consists of hotel and multi room apartments.

OAKS MON KOMO fact sheet

All bookings need to be done through Peta Smail her email is

Rick Love says ‘ I cannot express how much I think it is important for the whole Australian Team to stay together.’

‘ There has been a lot of discussion regarding accommodation, there is an Official Hotel and all Team officials will be staying there as well as International Competitors. To create a great Team environment as we had in Belgium I think it would be great if we were all in the same location.’

Mike Harker Passes Away

American Mike Harker suffered a massive stroke and passed away April 8th in St Martin, French West Indies. Mike in his mid-60s wa about to sail from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.


Britians  Jake Frame Junior 2010 British Champion is looking for a ride in this years Catalina Ski race.

A Tribute to Byron Whipple

On Sept 5, 2010, America’s Byron Whipple passed away in Lakeport, USA as a result of a boating accident – more.

Below is a great selection of racing shots to remind us of Byron’s career in the sport.

If anyone who knew Byron well would like to write a tribute that could be included here, please get in touch.

Racer of the Fortnight – Cameron King

20 Year old American Cameron King lives at Manhattan Beach, California, and when he’s not ski racing, he’s studying Architecture at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.

Congratulations to Robbie Llewellyn & Gabriela Jesztrebiova

Robbie & Gabi were married on Saturday 26th February at Zbiroh Castle 

1938 Catalina Island to Hermosa Beach Race Video

1938 race from Catalina Island to Hermosa Beach, California.

1955 New York to Atlantic City 110 Mile Water Ski Race Video

Archived footage of the 1955 New York to Atlantic City Water Ski Race. The race took 8 hrs over 110 miles.. Many thanks to Geoff Watson for digging this up.

23rd Annual “Austin Dam to Dam Barefoot Race”

The 23rd Annual “Austin Dam to Dam Race” will be hosted by the Austin Barefoot Ski Club on Saturday, November 6th at Steiner Ranch Lake Club, Lake Austin, USA.

2010 US Open – Results

The U.S. Open Water Ski Racing Championships took place recently on the Colorado River’s Parker Strip in Parker, Arizona. Titles in 20 divisions were fought for and won.

America’s Byron Whipple – Celebration of Life – Oct 9

Update: Sept 11, 2010 – by Lauren Dunsmore
Fellow ski racers – please send 1 or 2 of your most prized photos of Byron Whipple and yourself… along with a favorite story/ funny moment/ or a crazy time with Byron to share with his family at his celebration of life on Oct. 9th, 2010.

Please forward to Casey Whipple as soon as possible: or mail to 4765 Lakeshore Blvd. Lakeport, CA 95453 USA.
Byron’s family has asked in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to brighten the streets of Lakeport by contributing to a Lamppost that will be named in his honor in downtown Clearlake.

Donations can be sent to:
“In memory of Byron Whipple-Lamppost donation”
C/O City Center Reality
975 North Main St.
Lakeport, CA 95453

Rest in Peace Whip, you are missed so much and will never be forgotten…too many great memories shared with great friends and family!

Until next time….Ski ya later!

Catalina Compilation by Sandy Frey

Sandy Frey put together a great compilation of shots from this year’s Catalina.

Ariel Shots of Catalina 62

Catalina organiser Ken Vaughan has sent in a couple of great ariel shots of the weekend’s big event.

Ken wrote;

2010 Catalina Ski Race Results

Thanks to Ken Vaughan for the official results of the 62nd Catalina Water Ski Race. I know that Ken has put so much into this event and I congratulate him on what I’ve been told was a tremendous event.

Peter Procter & Lauryn Eagle Video Interviews

Courtesy of Carlos Rosas of CR Productions, below is a video of the interviews he did with Pete & Lauryn after the race.

Catalina photos Courtesy of Daren Van Ryte

America’s top ski racing photographer has kindly provided a selection of great shots which he took at Catalina. See and order all Catalina photos by Daren Van Ryte at and

The first shot is a photo finish between Todd Haig (closest) and Peter Procter (you can just see his ski) and it goes to show how incredibly close the finish was.

Peter Procter & Lauryn Eagle Win Catalina

After a nail biting race with 9 time Catalina winner Todd Haig, it was Peter Procter & the Warpath Team that became the winners of the 2010 Catalina Water Ski Race today.

Catalina 62 – Today at 8.53am Long Beach Time – wind forecast is low

17 July Update: Teams will get up very early today (Saturday) in Long Beach to get to the start line for the 62nd Catalina Water Ski Race.

9:00am Long Beach time is:
5:00pm in the UK
6:00pm in Central Europe (Belgium, Austria, Spain, etc)
2:00am (Sunday) in Sydney
4:00am (Sunday) in Auckland

The schedule is as follows:

8.53am – Start between Islands White & Grissom in Long Beach Harbor.
Split start – minimum 7 minutes apart (weather permitting)

  • 8.53am: 1st flight (21ft boats)
  • 9.00am: 2nd flight (all other boats)

4.00pm Prize Giving

Weather Forecast at Avalon:
Wind at 8:00am: 3 km/h East
Wind at 11:am: 6 km/h West
Click here for latest forecast

Weather Forecast at Long Beach:
Wind at 8:00am: 2 km/h South
Wind at 8:00am: 6 km/h West
Click here for latest forecast


2009 Catalina Island Video Footage

Watch 2009 – Catalina Island Video footage.

Catalina Go-Kart Fundraiser

Cameron King is organising the Catalina Ski Race Go Kart Tournament – Region 2 Fundraiser.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010 at 18:00
K1 – 17221 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA

Before the big race on Saturday come down to Irvine to find out who is King of the track. Everyone is invited and all profits will go towards local ski racing and getting new skiers into the sport.

You can sign up as a single driver, $50, or as a team of 4, for $175.

Teams will be awarded points for each finish a driver makes, like the 800 point system (1st-800, 2nd-600, 3rd-450, etc…).  The further a driver moves on in the tournament, the more points a team can receive. Only 60 drivers can enter so hurry before all the spots are taken!

Even if you dont want to race, come out and support friends that are racing. Hope to see you all there!

Send this to anyone that would like to attend and see the Facebook page for the event

You can send entries to

Todd & Amy Haig Expecting

Todd Haig’s mum Susie has announced that Todd and his wife Amy are expecting a baby around February 5, 2011.

Haig, Wendt & Tyler Clean up at Clear Lake USA

Todd Haig, Katelin Wendt and Tyler Murray secured overall wins at the Clear Lake Marathons in the USA on 22/23 May. Complete race results will be delayed until at least June 3rd and published at

GB’s Russell Cox Seeks Catalina Boat

Britain’s Russell Cox has been racing since the 1970’s. A GB Champion in his younger days, Russell is looking for a team to tow him in this year’s Catalina.

GB Racer Seeks Tow for Catalina

18 year old Will Newland of GB is looking for a tow in this year’s Catalina, ideally in F2.

Dawna Patterson Brice Enters Hall of Fame

On January 30th, 2010, Dawna Patterson Brice was inducted into the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame (Riverside California). She was recognized for her contributions to the city of Riverside as well as her athletic achievements. 

3rd Karl Brooks USA Memorial Golf Tournament

The 3rd Karl Brooks Memorial Golf Tournament in the USA takes place on Friday, April 16, 2010 at Temecula Creek Inn

Hang on – Out Now!

America’s top ski racing photographer Daren Van Ryte has now published his book; “Hang On”.

US Open a great success

The US Open was a great success with over a 50% increase in participants from 2008.  

Puddingstone Fun Day Photos

The USA had the Puddingstone Fun Day on Saturday, Sept 26th which was another entry level event with beginner classes for those looking to get their feet wet in our great sport. Andy Anderson said; “it was a success.  Several brand new ski racers got their feet wet for the first time.  There is some video and pictures up in the ski racing secton of

US Open – Parker Arizona – Oct 9-11

The USA has the US Open which has been moved to the Parker Strip on the Colorado River in Parker, AZ instead of San Diego for this year.

F2 Outboard @ Catalina – and Video

The start of the 61st Catalina was a challenge for all the smaller boats to get out the breakwater into the open sea. Some skiers fell which caused a delay to the start of the bigger boats, which started 9 minutes later.

Catalina Photos by Daren Van Ryte

Daren Van Ryte was at Long Beach on the weekend capturing the action under glorious Catalina sunshine.

Final Catalina Results

Thanks to Ken Vaughan, below are the full and final results of the 2009 Catalina Water Ski Race.

Note for Photographers at the Worlds

There is a growing number of photographers doing some great work and it’s excellent that you share your work with the ski racng world.

Todd Haig Wins 9th & Kim Lumley Wins 7th Catalina

America’s Todd Haig won the Catalina Water Ski Race today at Long Beach California for the 9th time. Britain’s Kim Lumley won the Women’s for the 7th time and took 3rd Overall and broke the all-time Women’s record by 5 minutes.

The 2009 Catalina Ski Race

As the 2009 Catalina approaches, many of the world’s best prepare for the 61st event. Even with the Worlds starting in Belgium on 19 July, the likes of Kim Lumley, Todd Haig (both 2008 winners) and others will be heading to Long Beach to participate in the great race, before flying to Belgium in a bid to secure more World titles.

Below are a few photos of the Hotel Maya. The host hotel for Catalina 61.

Bill Simpson Passes Away

Keith Brice has just written to say that the great boat racer Bill Simpson sadly passed away on 14 June 2009.  He was the owner of the GN ( grand national) Kilo record setting boat the “Tub of Fools”. It was the last boat Dawna Brice ever raced behind.

USA Worlds Team

The team to represent the USA at the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships in Belgium is:

America has a great ski racing forum at

A Puddingstone USA Success

Andy Anderson reports: On Saturday, May 9th NWSRA Region II hosted its “Puddingstone Fun Day” sponsored by Goldsmith Construction. The event was designed to encourage entry level participation and incorporated some fun races similar to what are typically run by the Lake Arrowhead Water Ski Club.

Puddingstone Fun Day USA – 9 May

On 9 May, America holds a Puddingstone Fun Day sponsored by Goldsmith Construction with some social races geared towards entry level competition and just having a good time.

Karl Brooks Ski Training Camp Report

The Karl Brooks Ski Training Camp took place recently at Lake Mead near Las Vegas, USA. Karen Brooks has published this report.

Nads Vs Formula 2 – US Movie Footage

Jeff Barrus of Goldfinger Racing Productions has once again produced an outstanding piece of water ski racing footage in this 4 minute reel of movie action captured during a recent US F2 race.

Karl Brooks Ski The Dream Training Camp – Lake Mead

With just over a week to go – Karen Brooks , Martin Brooks, Kurt Brooks, Scott Brooks, Scott Gibbons, Sam Clapson, Jack Lynch, Daryl Tyndall, William Newland, Billy Smith, James Smith, Kristian Bartley, Alex Benny, Amy Clarke, Lucy Gale are all off to Las Vegas!

Parker USA shots from Daren Van Ryte

12 superb shots by Daren Van Ryte from the recent racing at Parker USA. See Peter Proctor, Lacey Nordblad and others captured in action.

Ski Racing’s Mike Avila to enter Bike World Championships

As most people in water ski racing know, Mike Avila has achieved a lot in the sport of water ski racing. He’s been on the ski and in the boat at the highest level and accomplished a lot in both roles.

Nads Vs Nads Ski Racing

Nads vs. Nads Racing from Jeff Barrus on Vimeo.

American Fundraising Event – 19 March

America’s Andy Anderson has announced a fundraiser night to promote “Puddingstone Fun Day”  – a day with entry level races and a unique racing format.

Who was the guy talking in the video?

Jeff Barrus has published a snippet of footage of the 2008 Catalina DVD which is scheduled for release on 15 Feb.

Who’s voice was on the video and when?

Howard Haig Passes Away

14 Jan update

Services for Howard
Saturday, January 24 @ 2:00 pm

The River Christian Reformed Church
459 E Highland Ave
Redlands CA 92373
909 798-2221

Gathering following:
Redlands Country Club
1749 Garden St
Redlands CA 92373
909 793-1295


Many will already have heard the terribly sad news that Howard Haig passed away on 9th January.

Howard was returning from a trip to Miami and was taken ill whilst at the airport. An ambulance took Howard to hospital, he was stabilized, but then passed away.

So many people will be saddened by the loss of this most charismatic and friendly member of the water ski racing world and my thoughts go to his sons Todd, Michael and other family and friends at this difficult time.

2009 Update on Kev

3 Jan
– Hello and Happy New Year,
Thought I would give another update on Kevo. The new year brought special meaning to our family as Kev was coming home. He now is resting at home under the care of his wonderful wife and looked in on by all of the great people that love him and have missed him so much. Kev is in no way brand new yet as he is still weak from the horrible test that he has been through. He still has two drains coming from his side and the vacuum for the cut down the middle of his tummy. He still has weeks of drugs to take for the infections but the great news is they have worked and are working to get them out of his body all the way.They say the cut for the surgery will take a few more weeks to close up and then time to heal from there.

My sister and Kev got to have there Christmas and I know for her it was the best one ever as she recieved the present sent from heaven. I do know that all of you wonderful people that prayed for Kev or just wished him well that it worked and it continues to work. I will never be able to say thank you enough for helping to stop our family from loosing Kev. He was so close at times to leaving us but your prayer and wishes kept him here. Kevo fought like a Sparten for his life and I am so proud to be a part of the love and friendship that has surrounded him during his fight. All of you that helped with your prayer and hope should feel so proud as well as we have saved a life. We have helped one of gods gifts to stay here and continue to give his love and support to everyone he touches because that is who he is.

This will be a great year for our family and for all of you that believe that it is not what you have in your life but who you have in your life, it is not about how hard life will fight you but how you fight back. If you have the love from friendship and the love of family there is not a battle you cant win.This year will be so hard for many with the way the World is today, with jobs becoming less and less and money harder to make. We all need to remember that this is just one of the fights that life brings on to us and how we fight back is what is important. If you have your health and you have your friends and with the love of family you can take on anything.

I believe in my family and my family of friends and with that all of the fights that life will bring on to me are no more than bumps in the road that I will get over and be better for it.Kev has proved this as well, he will get past this and be better for it. Remember when you feel like the world is pushing you down look into your heart and push back !!

I thank you all for being there for my family and I truly love you so much for it.
– Mike

24 Dec
– Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone, I thought I would give you all an up-date on Kevo. He is getting better a little bit each day and stronger each day the same.He is now is a room upstairs from the TCU unit and can get more rest there. His temp and heart rate have been holding for 4 days now and seem to be going in the right direction to get him back to normal. He is now taking walks 3 and 4 times a day and eating solid food. The best news is that the infection seems to be on the run out of his body ! and if it keeps going he will be off the IV’s maybe in a couple weeks. He has a bunch of swelling from holding water but they seem to think that will go away once he gets stable with the diet and walking more and more each day. We are so thankful for all that have been wishing and praying for Kev, we believe that it has made him get better. He is not out of the woods yet but like I told him today ” the trees are getting smaller and smaller and we can see the way out of the forest” we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know its not another train coming our way. Kevo has fought like a Hero and I am sure he will keep fighting as this fight has a long way to go yet. Please have a happy and Merry Christmas and when you sit and pray before you eat please add this wonderful man to your prayers. My family thanks you very much for that! – Mike Avila

Polar Bear Catalina Ski Rally – Today 10 jan

The 2009 Polar Bear Catalina Ski Rally is getting close and a great way for those in the US to enjoy some off-season time on a race ski.

2009 Karl Brooks Memorial Golf Tournament USA

Following on from Justin Frank’s announcement on 2nd Oct, he writes …

Carl Johnson Recovering Well

America’s Carl Johnson dropped me a positive note this week with the great news of his recovery after the accident he suffered recently.

He wrote …”Hi Robbie,  I just wanted to write to say thank you for all the heartfelt letters I have received via your website. Our ski racing community is truly amazing. To update as to my progress:

I was taken of the ventilator last Sunday and have started to recover quickly.  I have been sent home to recuperate there. Overall I am doing well and look for a speedy recovery.

Thanks again

Don Brice Passes Away

America’s Don Brice recently passed away and many old timers will be saddened by the news. Don’s son Keith said; “back in the early 70’s, we had the Macmanus family stay at our home. This was the first year the Aussies came to the states!”

US Open Video – San Diego 2008

Check out the 5 minute movie of the recent US Open at San Diego

US Open shots by Daren Van Ryte

Daren Van Ryte was at the US Open taking shots of the event and managed to grab a few nice Bunny Hops that he will send in shortly. Here’s one of the Cole brothers for starters.

Cole Water Ski Racing

Cole Water Ski Racing

Lake Elsinore USA Results

Peter Procter, Mallory Nordblad and Marshal Cole enjoyed overall wins at the Lake Elsinore Marathons in USA on 20/21 September 20 & 21 and full results are now available at the NWSRA web site here:


Photo below from the weekend by Daren Van Ryte
Skier : Brad Rayne

Mike Bemis’s Condition

Many people all over the world know America’s Mike Bemis. He has been in our sport for decades. Mike is now suffering with a brain tumor which has grown to the size of a half dollar.

On Wednesday there is a preop and next Tuesday is the surgery at Loma Linda.

When Nikki Yedor last spoke with Mike, he was in good spirits.

I am sure that many people share my wish that Mike gets through this quickly and with as little suffering as possible.

You can send messages to Mike via or in the comments section below.


Randy Davis & Ross Wilson (Nordic Boats) Interviewed

Chris Davidson of Performance Boats magazine interviewed Randy Davis & Ross Wilson of Nordic Boats, Lake Havasu City, USA.


Randy Davis (Nordic Boats) Interviewed

Chris Davidson of Performance Boats magazine interviewed Randy Davis of Nordic Boats, Lake Havasu City, USA. As many people reading this will know, Randy is Todd Haig’s driver, with Dennis Hall in the observer’s seat.


Catalina 60 – who will it be?

The 60th Catalina Water Ski Race is just around the corner and some of the best teams in the world are preparing for the event that has drawn skiers from all over the world for decades.

Peter Procter Wins San Francisco Bay Race

Courtesy of Chelbe Kinslow, the results of the new San Francisco Bay water ski race held on 14th June from Pittsburg to the Brothers Island Bridge and back are:

1st place: Peter Procter

2nd place: Chris Stout

3rd place: Carl Goldsmith

4th place: Jason Walmsley

5th place: Marc Avella

6th place: Roy Frey

7th place : AJ Herrera

8th place : Janine Seaton

9th place: Craig Elder

Karl Brooks Jnr. Ski Clinic – USA

Justin Frank writes …the first Karl Brooks Jr. Ski Clinic was a great success! We had junior skiers of all ability levels participating over the weekend, some who have only competed in one race and others who have been racing for most of their lives. The common goal that the participants shared was that everyone learned something new.

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