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IWSF Racing Council to Raise Funds

At the IWSF Racing Council meeting in July 2008, the Racing Council agreed to create a raffle which would raise funds to help cover the costs incurred by officials, and to help event organisers.

This is a superb initiative and whilst no details of the raffle have been publicised yet, the IWSF Racing Chairman Glen Coles will naturally ensure that actions agreed and minuted in July, will be performed and communicated within the sport.

Extract from IWSF Racing Council Meeting Minutes

The idea is this, to create a raffle for a round trip for two to the Belgium 2009 worlds etc. or take $5000 in US dollars. Each member of council will sell 15 tickets, which would bring in $16,500 and remaining balance is $10,000 after expenses.

The council could use the money however they deem necessary for travel expense or to federations events. The whole idea is to have the council stand alone and the money could be put to good use for the federation or organizers of the event to not have pay officials at the specified events and put it back in to encourage them to put on a World event. Any number of things could be done with the money to help with research development etc.

Robbie Llewellyn thinks this is a fantastic idea. This needs to somehow be shown that this is going to help competitors in the long run.

Glen Coles states that it runs in many places there are some complications. Every country is going to have difficulties with procedures.

Robbie suggests solution to have US – Pan-Am to run this promotion since it is legal in the states.

Dusty asks how to move forward with this proposal. Do we advertise how many tickets are sold, or keep it open so you could sell more. Extra money raised would be given to each federation for a ski school and junior development. Do this every two years as a regular theme. The key to make this grow is to get outside ski racing. Suggestion out there to do a 50/50 split for the donations and public relations from the council to raise money for the competitors. Right now the council only gives their time.

Greg Dutton suggests to double the amount of tickets required to help raise more money.

Jules Leysen would like to make contracts with sponsors for the IWSF to help offset costs. Pay the organizer to help the council set things up at particular events.

Possible to work with sponsors for the top three races around the world and set them up at each event. VIP areas. Do you forget the raffle and just do that. Jules Leysen suggests that you do both raffle and sponsor arenas.

Start with the raffle for 2009 worlds and then lead to getting sponsors for the 2010 Diamond R ace as a start. As a summary everyone is on board to start with raffle and work towards starting the process.

Kick off the raffle and show what council is doing for the sport. Put a ceiling on the amount of tickets of 300. The money needs to be divided evenly to every region and designate how and where the money was spent. An accounting report needs to go back to the council.

IWSF Racing council should be able to set up our own account and submit a Treasurers report to the IWSF.

Accept proposal that the world racing council set up an account for the raffle and each council member will sell a minimum of 15 tickets.

Motion: Dusty Schultz
Second: Mike Waterman

The split is a 50/50 split for all proceeds. They are going to target the 2010 diamond race with sponsors.

Dusty will facilitate and organize raffle and name it WRC Development Fund and start a non-profit company with an account set up. It is agreed that council will sell 165 tickets. But could sell up to 300. The expenses stay the same and the 50/50 split gets larger. Then with the split we will entertain that they can apply for grants for the ski school. Should be at an international event.

Athletes rep. Ann Procter will pull the ticket out for the winner at the Southern 80 in February 2009.

Robbie suggests that if all tickets are sold, start another raffle after.

Download full copy of minutes here

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