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17th World Water Ski Racing Championships

The 2011 World Water Ski Championships are being held in Moreton Bay Quennsland Australia September 10-17t.

Over 350 competitors from 12 countries throughout Europe, the United States and New Zealand are expected to make the pilgrimage to Queensland to go head to head against the very best Australian ski racers to what is arguably the most picturesque venue ever to hold this prestigious event. It is also the first of its kind in Queensland.

Throughout the seven-day period there are four full days of competitive world championship racing with scheduled lay days in between, allowing teams adequate time to recuperate both skiers and machinery to ensure peak performance throughout. There are six main classes of competition including the premier F1 men’s and women’s classes, F2 men’s and women’s classes and junior boys and girls all competing for the illusive world championship crown.

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