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Glen Coles & Meryl Lee – What Are they Doing?

Do you know what Glen Coles & Meryl Lee are doing to progress water ski racing? If so, support them with your comments (insert them below) because I and many others have no idea what they are doing.

In July I approached Dusty Schulz and asked him to recommend to Glen Coles that he resigns ‘gracefully’ as Racing Council Chairman after over 25 years as Chairman. Dusty refused.

I then approached the IWSF Racing Council at our meeting at Long Beach in July and proposed that Glen Coles steps down as Chairman. I actually asked them all to think hard and put their hands on the hearts when they voted. The majority felt that Glen was doing a great job of running the sport. So my proposal gained insufficient support.

After 9 years on the Racing Council, my view is that Glen Coles and Meryl Lee are the people who really need to be removed from the IWSF Racing Council. I have resigned as it is almost impossible to make and radical changes with people like them at the helm.

The survey that was originally started has been attacked by someone who can vary their ip address and vote many times. But people still have ample opportunity to express their views by taking this vote by posting comments below and including their names.

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