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At the end of Round 3 of the 16th Worlds

Yesterday (Friday) in Antwerp saw a long day of racing. The reason for such long gaps between racing is due to tides and the availability of clear water. i.e. commercial traffic has to be stopped for the races and that is all tightly pre-scheduled with the local authorities.

Those who follow the racing via the Twitter feed will know what happened but basically we saw the emergence of two new Junior World Water Ski Racing Champions in the morning when Jack Houston and Yolien Bormans proved to the world that they are indeed the best Junior water ski racers on the planet.

The Women’s race was stopped after about 15 minutes due to extreme weather conditions consisting of rain, thunder and lightening. As less than 51% of the race was completed, it was deemed invalid and will be re-run today at Viersel at 2pm over a shorter 30 minute duration.

The Men’s race at Antwerp was another outstanding display of racing between the two guys who have now created a league of their own in water ski racing. Wayne Mawer and Todd Haig, both former World Champions had the thousands of spectators on the edge of their seats as they battled it out right up to the chequered flag in a hard but fast chop. Chris Stout sat comfortably in 3rd for the whole race and Dimitri Bertels did the same in 4th.

Cameron King put up a sensational display and although challenged by Steven Van Gaeveren, he hung on and secured his 2nd win of the week. Daniel Cotton of Australia took 3rd.

More photos and videos of round 3 should follow later today. Things went onto towards midnight last night so it was a long day.

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