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Belgium Bids for 2009 Worlds

On 19 July, Belgium submitted its bid to the IWSF to host the 2009 World Water Ski Racing Championships. This meets the deadline date that was set by the IWSF Racing Council in May in New Zealand.

The detail of Belgium’s bid will now be considered by the IWSF. Note that this is only at bid stage and it does not constitute a confirmed event. Further news will be provided when available but in the meantime, here are the proposed venues and dates:


Sunday 19th July 2009 – Round 1 – Gent
Tuesday 21st July 2009 – Round 2 – Genk
Thursday 23rd July 2009 – Round 3 – Viersel
Sunday 26th July 2009 – Round 4 – Viersel

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