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Bullet Boats, Under New Ownership, announce the Release of the New 1950 model

* Press Release..
BULLET BOATS hold numerous records and awards, they have achieved more in their history than any other similar vessel.
This makes Bullet Boats the thoroughbred and leader in ski boats and ski race boat innovation, proving over their long history that they are still the best designed boat available today.
Bullet Boats still holds a world water speed record with a 1750 tunnel deck bullet called Bullet One.


A new factory on the Gold Coast signifies an exciting new era for Bullet Boats.
Visit our website for more info & build specifications or call us on 0417 173 257

All Bullet boats are manufactured on the Gold Coast in our new factory using only the best materials and latest design construction that is second to none.

All Race models in the bullet boat range hulls will be constructed by the way of vacuumed infused, this is the latest technology in boat building that gives maximum strength whist keeping the weight at a minimum.

The new owners of Bullet Boats and Bullet Racing have a strict quality control system in place.
A new hand picked boat building team is in place that has extensive knowledge, Passion and experience in creating custom built
race boats.

This puts Bullet Boats at the fore front of the industry and with the above mentioned this means our product has unbeatable build and strength quality. With unmatched attention to detail we intend to exceed our clients expectations.

These are exciting times for bullet boats and bullet racing with new models to be released this year.
Bullet Boats was established in the 1970’s and have been the benchmark for Ski Race boats and Ski Boats throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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1950 Bullet release

Bullet Boats Pty Ltd

Factory Address:
6/2 Gateway Drive, Coomera,
Queensland, 4209

1950 trailer

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